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Breitbart’s Obama Harvard Tapes to be Released in 7 to 10 Days

from Jackohoft:

Filmmaker Steve Bannon told Sean Hannity tonight that the Breitbart group is going to release the Obama Harvard tapes in a week to ten days. Andrew Breitbart announced at CPAC that he was given tapes of Barack Obama from his college years that would be devastating.

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10 comments to Breitbart’s Obama Harvard Tapes to be Released in 7 to 10 Days

  • John

    Does anyone believe that they will be the actual tapes?

  • Derek

    Well when the fake birth certificate was released last April, Osama bin Laden was conveniently found and shot dead to deflect attention from the ovious fake birth certificate of Barry Soetoro.

    So what are they going to do soon to deflect the attention of the sheeple this time when the videos are released? I pray it is not war with Iran.

  • Travis

    The tapes will mean nothing – guaranteed!
    The public are fairly forgiving as they have short memories and they are stupid.
    Obama will just promise people free stuff and come up with simple catchy slogans. He’ll write off the tapes as being frauds or state that “we all do dumb things in college”.

  • Briver

    I personally don’t care about the Certificate. I understand it is against the law but come on let’s be serious. I care more about all the criminal Activites that this administration have been involved including all the Anti-constitutional policies it has passed by congress. So a Certificate a this point is pointless. Do you think the Vice-president is any better? let’s be serious!!!



  • Ulrick

    Why are they waiting 7 to 10 days to release the tape ? If you have them, release them now.

  • HS

    This video must be released soon before somebody else in breitbart group got killed.

  • HS

    My gut is Andrew was given drug(s) in his drink (without his knowledge) that silently triggered heart attack…this kind of drugs exist.

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