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ELECTION Fraud? Why Did ABC-TV Post Illinois GOP Primary “Vote Count” 24 Hours Early?! A “Test”?

by SGT:

On the eve before the GOP Illinois primary, one might ask:

How the hell does SGTreport have election “results” for a Republican primary in Illinois which has yet to take place?

We have long argued that the fix is in, but this… um… leaves us speechless. We don’t believe these numbers will represent the “actual” results of Tuesday’s Primary, the question is, why are ANY results, and a clear winner shown here? And why is Ron Paul shown with only 3% of the vote?

Posted on – MONDAY NIGHT, March 19th – on the web site of Chicago ABC News Affiliate WLS-TV are the following election results, clearly labeled as “Illinois Races, Federal Offices”. If we have this wrong, please let us know why this information exists in ANY form. Or, if we are indeed living in a banana republic, copy that. You now have our blessing to move out of the country.

The time stamped screen shot from my computer, on Monday, March 19, 2012 at 11:29 p.m. CST is posted below.

**UPDATE: Some time around 12:40 a.m. CST on Tuesday morning the web page (original link below) with the election data you see here was removed from the WLS-TV website.

Original Source (Now Offline) @

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112 comments to ELECTION Fraud? Why Did ABC-TV Post Illinois GOP Primary “Vote Count” 24 Hours Early?! A “Test”?

  • Jason

    Voting DOES NOT WORK!

  • Gavin

    Great, this way we don’t need to go vote. Real time saver this is.

    • SGT

      Guys, here’s a big picture look at how the mainstream media is actively involved in stealing the GOP elections.

      The MSM Elections Fix: This Hoax Affects Everyone

  • Son of Liberty

    As a programmer, the only explanation that I can think of is that someone was testing this page with fake data and forgot to reset it before going live with it.

    As a Ron Paul supporter, I know that someone from the Ministry of Truth is about to get fired.


    • LaFayette

      Yes this I hope is the best answer to it all.

      That way we can still be hopefull of a fair election… Did I just say that? I must have eaten some magic mushrooms….Forget that last sentence. Shall watch the figures when they eventually come out.

  • elizabeth

    Great Story! Yes, we are all speechless at the Daily Paul. I will forward your story on to other medias to see if they will report this. What an outrage, but unsurprising!

  • Juan Pablo

    Are we talking about “a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it” ??? (Woodrow Wilson)

  • davepa

    Freudian slip ? I really hope its real, just think of the ramifications …. Oh wait, slap me stinkin silly, the elite are above law.

  • silvermike6000

    11:55pm billings. Web site has been moved or deleted. You now have my permission to leave the country. But where do we go? My conscience and my constitution says I must stay!

  • Brian

    SGT/All Lots O info can be found here.

    Page went offline around 2241 PST

  • smitty


    THE ROTHSCHILDS ARE FREAKING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • wethesheeplez

    I copied their page and saved it, just before it was removed.
    It will be interesting to compare the vote counts…

  • DT

    After Maine, I decided not to vote. Costs a lot of money from where I’m at for postage and is a bureaucratic mind riot to participate in.

    It’s finished. The techno-dystopian Fourth Reich is here. The spiritual is all that can save us now.

  • Aja

    I emailed them, got this response (he claims it’s routine):

    Not the future…just test data…
    The numbers you saw were routine test data from  the Associated Press. That feed last week was  for members to test election data display.  They are always zeroed out several hours prior to the closing of the polls on election day.  The links to the LIVE election data are then published across every page of the web site.
    With feeds of results going to so many different locations on election night it’s important to be sure all systems are updating properly.  We certainly apologize for any misunderstanding, but please rest assured we will not have any election results until the polls actually close in Illinois on Tuesday March 20, 2012.
    Kevin Carpenter
    Manager of Online Operations

  • Josh

    I love how the webmasters automatically refreshed the site while I was reading the so-called results, and voila!…Page Not Found.

    Brought to you by the same people shorting the COMEX.

  • Byron

    well now they will have to change the numbers a little. We really do need a solution, they have just made up their minds to do what they want. They don’t even care if we know anymore, and its more like they are just boasting saying look at this and you can’t stop it. This whole thing could be fixed if we just had one honest mainstream media company. RT does a good job, but it seems like they have even backed off from this. Pressure? Bottom of the ninth and the bases are loaded… do americans have enough of the founders left in them to stand up to this?

  • StormJackal

    This is how people think…Friday I went to dinner because it was my mother’s birthday. At dinner my brother-in-law said, “I think Mitt Romney would make a good president”. He probably didn’t do any research to make such a statement. He works full time as a pharmacist. I think people are too caught up in being busy. They really have no time to do any research and anything they say is not really their OWN opinion but something they heard through the MSM. According to MSM, there are only 3 candidates (Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich & Mitt Romney). Ron Paul is barely ever mentioned. I was ridiculed at the table for any thoughts that I had.

    Went home to my mother’s house and was able to show my dad and brother a few coins. They still didn’t get it. My brother was more interested in purchasing a few proof coins but disregarded the silver content as the valuable part. I gave The Creature from Jekyll Island as a gift to my mother. More ridicule from my brother-in-law. It was obviously no one cared to look at the book or even read a page from it.

    So how do you appeal to people who are caught up in such busyness? They don’t have the time to listen to 30 minute interviews or even do some independent research. A 5 minute video might appeal to them. But what would you say in 5 minutes that would convince them that their world view differs from the truth? Also what could you say that would not brand you a conspiracy theorist, crazy or “preparing for the end of the world” type of guy?

    The people I see and even my own family speak another language. And not just that, I seem to speak a language that doesn’t exist. That is how far off the understanding is.

    Even though I agree Silver and Gold is important, it is secondary when compared with needing Christ as portrayed in Mark 2.

    • SGT

      Are we long lost brothers? Sounds like we have a family in common. Or maybe your Chris Duane’s brother? He’s had the same problem.

    • Brian

      Welcome to the Matrix brother! I feel and share your pain and conundrum. Those who just ridicule me get no more of my time. They will be road kill as Duane puts it, its sad but true.

    • Scott

      “Welcome to the matrix!” Very Nice, could not have said better myself. You are not alone bro. Hang in there, seek truth, and above all… Pray.

    • Freedommom

      Hang in there with family! My spouse was “institutional” since birth (military and teachers) and is finally awake after almost 3 years. I play dumb, starting with “Oh, obviously you’ve done lots of research on who you will vote for. Please tell me more.” And then … “I spent quite a few hours reading Ron Paul’s positions and voting record, because I want to be an intelligent voter, and I’d like to find out if I missed something. What have you studied about him, and where did you read it?” This works- not right away, but over time… soldier on!!!

    • River

      hahah I had to laugh when you reference a 5 minutes video. I got a similar response from my buddies when I posted a 1/2 hour video about Ron Paul and the Fed. their reponse was something in the line of ” I am not watching a 1/2 hour video unless it is funny”. You can see where people priority are right now. I am afraid that we will need another 4 years before the rest of the mindless people awake. and I am afraid that it might be too late. nothing is going to happen or change as long as the people still get their Welfare, food coupon and/or unemployment checks.

      • WideAwake

        “nothing is going to happen or change as long as the people still get their Welfare, food coupon and/or unemployment checks.”

        Are you kidding me? What does Welfare, Food coupons and/or unemployment checks” have to do with the stupids that refuse to wake up and see the truth about the evil Elite that are destroying the country and our constitution and our lives? I know plenty of people that are on “food coupons” as you call them and get unemployment checks that know the truth! Why do they know the truth? Because they are on unemployment or “food coupons”. How does that make sense? Because they realized the reason they are on “food coupons” or unemployment is because they lost their job and there are few descent jobs left! Who put them in their? The greedy Corporate Scum who shipped their job over sea’s and the bankers and the wall street scum that are running the deficit up and trashing the economy! Most of the close minded ignorant that are in the “U.S. is fine fantasy land” have a job! They are the ones with the money and the cell phones and the big TV’s and the brand new cars that refuse to come out of their comfort zone and see who the evil in this country really is and what the are really doing. They’re the ones that are the problem, not the poor! Let me ask you this are your buddies on welfare? Let me ask the other people that are complaining about there friends and families that refuse to wake up and see the truth. Are they on welfare? Food Coupons? Or Unemployment? I willing to bet they’re not. So why do you insist on blaming the poor? Especially when it was the rich elite who put us in this nightmare!

        • K

          You have hit the nail on the head. I am the pastor of a church that has a soup kitchen, homeless shelter, and free clothes closet. The town where the church is located has a 49% unemployment rate. Yes—-you read that correctly—not 4 point 9 percent, FORTY NINE percent! Most of the people who live in this town do not have the ability to move elsewhere—even to look for work. People who were able to get out, got out long ago. There COULD be a factory making, say, baseball caps in this town, or maybe plastic porch furniture. Many of the unemployed could be trained to run the machines to do this kind of manufacturing. However, that might bump up the prices 25-50 percent. People would flip out. Why should they have to pay $25 for a plastic chair made in the U.S. if they can buy a plastic chair for $12.50 made by a child in China? Oh yes, the corporations are to blame for wanting to maximize their profits, but so are the American people who have become so addicted to cheap goods from Asia that many American companies can’t compete—-even if they were willing to forgo excess profits. It’s a vicious circle—-sort of like the whirlpool you see as water is going down the drain.

    • Jeff

      Have you considered the possiblity that you may, in fact, be nuts? Or that perhaps it’s YOU who’s being manipulated by the internet? If you haven’t seriously considered it, you should. Not saying that you are definitely nuts or gullible, but as Aristotle said, “the unexamined life is not worth living.” Try reading a few tings devoted to debunking the creature from Jekyll island and the illuminati or whatever is cureently floating your political boat. Just give it a read and challenge your views, like you’re asking others to do.

    • allen heart

      People who cannot or will not listen to or seek out alternative information would also be afraid of taking responsibility to act differently than intended by the programmers. Compliance with societal norms keep people self-policing themselves to avoid conflict with “massah”. This response is taught at home, at school, at church, and in the media. Some people hang on to this established “frame of reference” with a white knuckle grip because it has become their identity. Stepping outside the frame of reference requires uncommon courage and a well-founded self image. In the early 20th century the Tavistock Institute found that only 13% of the population could think independently and critically. The 87% majority look for “authorities” to help them make decisions. You are one of the few humans who can stand apart from “group think.”

    • Sandy

      What can you do in 5 minutes? Rather than making assertions, try showing them Judge Napolitano’s 5-minute show (can be found on YouTube under various titles) in which he asks many questions which pierce the veil. Napolitano’s questions touch on the (lack of) accountability in our elections and vote-counting system. Titles for the video relate to “How to get fired in 5 minutes” and “The Last Freedom Watch Show” among others. Many copies of the same thing, to prevent its disappearance. Questions can get the grey matter lit up unlike any amount of assertions.

    • Mare

      It’s not that people who appear to be in ga ga land are thick in the head, I think some people are so scared stiff of hearing the real truth that they will do anything to keep it at a distance. They would much rather kill the messenger, because then they won’t have to deal with the gravity of the situation. Those people are to be pitied because they have not one shred of courage to face the truth even when it’s staring them in the face.

  • abc7chicago

    The numbers you saw were routine test data from the Associated Press. That feed was only for members to test election data display. The numbers are always zeroed out several hours prior to the closing of the polls on election day. Links to the LIVE election data are then published across every page of the web site.

    Because the feed of the results is going to so many different platforms (Web, mobile, apps, etc) on election night it’s important to be sure all systems are updating properly.

    We certainly apologize for any misunderstanding, but please rest assured we will not have any election results until the polls actually close in Illinois on Tuesday March 20, 2012. At that time the link to real data will be turned on…and the actual data will begin to update across our platforms.


    Kevin Carpenter
    Manager of Online Operations

    • Tony

      Tests are done as tests they contain alpha numeric text& sometimes graphics… data as a test doubtful.

    • Brian Eargle

      This was test data, as Mr. Carpenter of WLS-TV explained.

      But putting it on the LIVE website of WLS-TV was NOT part of a test… more like a big, bad mistake.

  • Sean

    Not surprising this coming out of Chicago

  • Rosco1776

    Ouch! Thanks Sarge, but now they’ll have to change the results! I finally convinced my wife but the rest of my family are deaf blind mutes, no offense to any deaf, blind mutes that do any actual critical thinking on their own!
    Good luck folks!

  • LaFayette

    If it was only rough then why take it down? Nah it is certainly indicative of the US as a banana republic. Good thinking taking the screen shot. Now my hopes of Ron Paul ever winning is dashed to smithereens. 🙁

  • Chris

    Why would Perry be given any (more)) votes. I thought he was out.

  • CCorsair

    All i can say if the Primary number come in and Match there going to hell to pay from some one.. Maybe it an inside leak of the truth..who knows but it’s going to be interesting to see the numbers.. I just don’t want to see Santorum, win..

  • johnqpublic

    It was a test that accidentally went live- it happens often, and, c’mon- Newt with 28%? HAR! (lol)

  • Hman

    Move along .. nothing new here, you all have seen this before when we announced building 7 collapse before it did.

  • ML

    I sent a copy to the Ron Paul Illinois Office!

  • Ofus

    If web programmers really rigged elections I guarantee you that Rick Santorum would not be winning.

    • alex

      that is a ridiculous statement. No one in the word is saying web programmers rig elections. That is pure garbage and used to distract people from the real issue. Do you work for ABC? Web programmers may be putting up the FAKE results but they sure as hell didnt make the decision to start this widespread voter fraud.

      • Brian Eargle

        “This widespread voter fraud” – and to which instance of voter fraud are you referring, alex? More than an isolated few here recognize the WLS page as test data used to format the chart, which was posted on the LIVE website by mistake.

  • Kip Day

    Why is Perry still being listed? He quit the race months ago.

  • B

    Did you get axed yet Kevin?

  • nomad1420

    I sent two emails out today… one a couple hours ago to a group of friends and family about this outrage. Then just a few minutes ago after the coffee entered my bloodstream and after a calming drive to work, basically trying to save face and acknowledging that they were probably testing and accidentally posted in the live environment instead of the test environment. It of course doesn’t diminish my personal belief that this crap goes on (and who knows… I still think it possibly could have been a serious mistake on their part and it was NOT just random test data) BUT I am frustrated that I jumped the gun on that first email… should have waited to see how the primary numbers go today. You tend to lose credibility with friends when you run with this stuff hastily. Even if it IS legitimate proof… if their alibi is believable, sometimes I think it is better to just let it go and wait for better proof where there IS no alibi.

  • Judy Heffron

    don’t they use test servers for these kinds of tests. I don’t believe anything they say, they’re all liars! I’m in Chicago (suburbs) and I’m going to vote now for RON PAUL and his delegates. Sean keep doing what you do, I really appreciate it.

  • Ruben

    Very sad…everything you were ever taught about the USA is stinking LIE. This is how my life and your life are being manipulated and steered in the direction the global elitist c***s***ers want it to be. A REAL man of positive change is Ron Paul and he has a lot of support; much more than the 3 fakes running against the people’s will and choice, but the “controllers” cheat at every opportunity. Voting IS necessary and valid and if not for the voting system, how would we NOW know what is really going on behind the scenes?

  • mike

    This is also a bit of conjecture, but:

    a. If they had a test server, they would use it
    b. If they don’t have a test server, they would use a dummy URL
    c. It’s very likely that is not controlled locally, but on a central ABC server that aggregates and distributes the news via folders, in which case this was done at a higher level.

    • mike

      My point was that it doesn’t have to extend to their outlets, but is probably centralized at ABC, which is owned by Disney, btw. And to your point, I think any fraud would actually have to be top-down and not bottom-up. Also the GOP is not the only interested ‘party’ in the GOP primaries. This election has the interests of the entire world at stake.

  • acuriousbeast

    One thing surprising, all the Independents that ‘won.’

  • Texas Dave

    The voter turnout seems too high in comparison with turnout in other states. Probably right about a tech mistake but what a doozy….

  • jeff

    Do you think I and many others are stupid or what? I remember Richard Daley and Chicago politics quite well. NO, I’m not speaking of R.D. Jr. I mean his daddy. 40 years and nothing has changed. Except this fraudulent Hydra has been exposed by the WWW for the evil it is.
    What are you going to do when the masses finally wake up? Your lies no longer work with freedom loving thinkers who have resisted the brainwashing of the MSM Puppet Shows.

  • snowmover

    I have to go with stephan b on this one. Sounds like a test run to me.There’d be too many involved to pull that rig off.You guys should know more tonight.

  • snowmover

    Where did stephan b’s comments go ? i just read them–this site isn’t rigged is it ?

  • dallas

    Why would any news organization enter false information concerning an eminent upcoming election on a server that spewed that faulty information to the public? I can find no plausible and justified reason for such a mistake. Sure any organization can make a test of it’s internal systems, but no news organization should ever enter false election results to the public, especially the night before an election. It’s has to be intentional. The majority of news organizations are so hot to have Santorum beating Romney that they put up a false election results.

  • la-la land

    This is noting new for the crime capitol of the USA…Illinois, and the Chicago led mobsters. It’s always been corrupt and will continue to be corrupt. It’s so deeply ingrained in their DNA. Normal people haven’t a chance. I hate that place and am glad I moved.

  • Hawaii4RonPaul

    Only 899,000 people voted in the Republican caucus in Illinois in 2008. There’s no way they would even attempt to report that 3 candidates all got that many votes in 2012. This really is nothing more than a test, and SGT has jumped the gun to claim something more sinister is occurring.
    Don’t get me wrong, though, I do believe that the elections are being rigged. I just don’t think that this is sufficient evidence to prove so.

  • Rob

    I’m sure the official explanation will be that is was “merely a test page that was accidentally made live.” That might actually be the truth (as a developer/designer I have created plenty of test pages over the years,) but that doesn’t mean I will have an faith in the “real” results when they are released “officially.” I may have been that naive once, but not anymore, especially after the blatant fraud that has already been exposed in Iowa, Maine, Missouri, etc.

  • A047

    Yes the system has got to be rigged. We are going to get screwed hard by having that banker puppet Obama reelected or mitt, newt or rick as next potus. My Ron Paul hopes are being crushed as well. I am really believing that no matter how many of us go out and vote for him they will not ever let him become the next prez. This sucks for America in a big way. The founding fathers are rolling in their graves.

  • Robbins Mitchell

    Kevin Carpenter’s hoss $h!t notwithstanding,this is the “Chicago way”,SGT….so whaddya expect?…what the Illinois Combine wants,the Illinois Combine gets

  • nomad1420

    I know I seem to be in a minority here but I am holding out for Bix’s theory to pan out. I know if anything can wake up the sheeple it will be the loss of a 401K or IRA. The fear I have there is that the ‘bad guys’ might be quicker on the draw and have their global currency ready just in time and the sheep might go for that instead of the real fix (Ron Paul).

  • nomad1420

    meant to add… that it would be in that ‘awakening’ we could see a big enough shift in public opinion to get Ron Paul the visible support he needs to overcome the media bias/blackout/outright fraud/etc.

  • comeon

    Do you guys really think 4,000,000 people are going to vote?

  • Dan

    Gingrich with 28%? Yep gotta be test data.

  • Bob

    Everyone, COME BACK TO EARTH.

    Reporting election results is a very tedious process requiring precision, often under heavy server load.

    Websites have been doing this for weeks- I think the Trib had “numbers” up last week.

    It is simply a test run- they are testing out the webpage and code, making sure plugging in numbers yields the right result, etc.

    It’s pretty obvious when Perry and Roemer (ever hear of him?) get a combined 166,000 votes. But regardless- the crazies won’t hesitate to declare “we are indeed living in a banana republic, copy that. You now have our blessing to move out of the country”.

  • Adam

    899,422 People voted in the Republican Primary in 2008 in Illinois. This is obviously just a test.. even if they wanted to fake the results they would not have the amount of votes go up by more than 3x the amount in 2008.

  • erik paul

    Great to see, you need how ever the date on it to hold weight if you ever want stuff like this to be held up in court.

  • SJ

    One minor problem with this story…I do not see a time / date stamp on the screen shots. I see a time in the bottom corner of the one screen shot but give me about 1 minute (if that much) and I can make the clock on my computer read anything you want it to read.

  • SGT

    Here’s a big picture look at how the mainstream media is actively involved in stealing the GOP elections.

    The MSM Elections Fix: This Hoax Affects Everyone

  • TwistedPolitix

    So, the fraud is obvious. Now, what can we do about it? We are also certain that the Attorney General Eric Holder is also corrupt. Does this mean a legal action should take place at the state level? Who will bring this lawsuit? Who are the defendants? There needs to be an investigation at the State DA level. What if that DA is corrupt? What higher power will see and hear the people’s grievances? Isn’t this why people are PROTESTING in the streets across the country?

  • birdie

    To SGT Report:

    If you are the entity breaking this story, I would like to know if you have called ABC news affiliate WLS-TV to ask for their official comment on this story. I think it is important and deserves an explanation so the public can trust the election process, and would also represent due diligence on your part in reporting this story.

  • Joe the Plumber

    Shiny side facing out.

  • Jeff

    When / if these results mimic the actual results, then you’ll know the fix is in. If you search ‘election fraud Maine and Iowa’
    you will see that this is not ucommon. I sent a message some time ago to both the GA GOP and my county GOP letting them know that if Ron Paul was not the eventual nominee, I would not vote in the general election. Last week, I received an application / invitation to be a delegate at the national convention in Tampa. In the Mafia, if they ask you to do a job in FL, you never come back……LOL!

    I am VERY politically active but act for the most part as a double agent pretending to be a sheep while working behind the scenes for our cause of Liberty. There are many of us. Trust me!!!

    Free or Die!!

  • hangtime55

    I think that all of the Manistream Media shold be charged with ” Election Tampering ” and sent to prison . Maybe a few will crack and become whisleblowers .

  • Analog_Kid

    >As a programmer, the only explanation that I can think of is that someone was testing this page with fake data and forgot to reset it before going live with it.

    I’m a programmer too. When I do tests like that, I make the data so outlandish (“Mickey Mouse,” “Donald Duck,” etc.) that it can never be confused with real “production” data. I think someone was being subversive and was able to leak that the results are predetermined.

  • Bob Butler

    In 28 years of programming, and about 13 webpage designing… I have never, repeat never .. used a live database or website for testing purposes… unless it was a unpublished website. For a local news station or for the associated press to use both a live database and a live website to publish test data is beyond “unbelievable”.

    The only logical example I can think of similar to this that actually happened… was when the Government and the news media CONCLUDED that 19 arabs with box cutters flew two planes into 3 buildings and the other two planes disappeared in the rubble…. while the dancing Israelis we’re just having fun, dancing on the roof of a van for no reason… and yes this conclusion was announced before there was any proof or disproof presented.

    Next thing you know they will be able to determine someone is guilty without a trial… oops.. that’s already happening too.

  • Eric Easton

    I think the best thing would’ve been to screen-cap the “results,” not notify the webmaster, and then wait for the actual results to post so you have a chance to catch them red-handed. This gives them the opportunity to make it seem like it was an honest mistake.

  • Grim Wisdom

    The Associated Press sends out dummy numbers before elections to test the software. It happens before every election. Everywhere. It comes over the wire and a lot of news websites accidentally publish the tests. It has been this way for decades.

  • LisaWay

    ATTENTION FOLKS, THIS PRIMARY DOES NOT INDICATE GOP DELEGATE ASSIGNMENTS (The news is doing this same FALSE REPORTING IN MANY STATES, as they did in Missouri! PRIMARIES DO NOT USUALLY ASSIGN DELEGATES! It does NOT tell us anything about whom will be getting how many delegates to go on to the national convention in August! Missouri only just started last week and has many levels going thru June 1st! It is NOT over as the News reported!) THEY WANT US TO BE FOOLED AND NOT KNOW THE RULES, BUT WE ARE INFORMED RON PAUL SUPPORTERS ON THE GROUND! “…All 69 delegates are unbound heading into the convention. While that is technically true, it is also a bit misleading. Tomorrow night those reporting the results will go out of their way to tell us who is winning the presidential preference vote. The only problem is that that vote is completely meaningless. That vote for Gingrich or Paul or Romney or Santorum will mean nothing to the ultimate allocation of delegates. That has something to do with the fact all of the delegates will ultimately be unbound, but that does not provide a full picture of the situation…”

  • NetRanger

    Finally! Here is a group my blog won’t be wasted on. Enjoy! -NR

    Great Grandpa And The Silver Dollars -or- How The Government Steals You Blind

    …a short fable about value and wealth.

    Many years ago there was a man named George Franklin (His friends called him “Frank”) who worked hard for his money. He was a machinist. He was highly skilled and highly sought after and, as such, was fairly well off. He and his wife had adequate savings, a nice home, some land, and several children.

    One day, late in his career, he had an idea. Frank’s idea was to take an entire months wages and give it to each of his first two great grandsons. He discussed this with his wife, Tina, and they agreed. Their children were all grown and married with either young children or expecting. It would take a bit of extra saving but nothing the couple couldn’t handle. The house was paid for, the kids were raised, the car was old but seldom used.

    Frank was paid a fairly handsome wage of $2 per day ($10 per week, $40 per month). It was high for a machinist but his skill and accomplishments rewarded him. So, over the next year, he and his wife set aside $80 for the two great grandsons.

    After they saved the first $40, Frank, while cashing his weekly cheque, withdrew $40 in SILVER DOLLARS and put in a small leather bag that Tina had made especially for the purpose. After they saved the second $40, Frank attempted a similar action. But, a strange thing happened: The bank was out of $1 coins. Since a dollar was a dollar, Frank just had the bank give him 4, $10 bills.

    The years went on. Frank and Tina aged. Frank never really retired but rather opened his own shop. I don’t think it ever made much money but it kept him busy. Frank died at the ripe old age of 90 and Tina followed the next year at 93. (Yes! Tina was a couple years old than Frank. SCANDALOUS in those days when they were courting.)

    When the will was read there was no heir for the “Great Grandson Money”. They had multiple great grandchildren, ALL GIRLS! But, one of the granddaughters-in-law was pregnant with Twin Boys! The entire family was excited over this since these would likely be the heir to the Great Grandson money. They all imagined it to be a great sum, as the amount was kept secret by the designated Executor of the Franklin’s estate.

    The twins were born and a meeting with the Franklin’s Estate Executor was scheduled. To the first great grandson was given the first bag of $40. To the second great grandson, born 4 minutes later, the second bag of $40 was given. As the parents opened the bags to see what was in them, shock and awe proceeded around the room! How could Grandpa Frank have been so unfair! So short sighted! …to give one grandson so much and the next one so little.

    Think of it: One grandson got 40oz of silver valued at current prices: $1600, the other grandson, who got 4, $10 bills. Total: $40.

    How could this be? Great Grandpa worked just as hard and just as long for each of the bags of money, right? The value should be the same. But it was not. Where did the value go? If he had given his grandsons most anything, Colt Revolvers, Barrels of Oil, Land, etc, etc, they would have been equal. But, with the dollars they are not. Why? Isn’t $40 always $40? No it isn’t.

    What happened was the value that Grandpa Frank put in each bag was the same, at the time. But, because the bag with the 4, $10 bills was of an item that had arbitrary value that was set by your government, they debased its value by printing more money. They, in effect, stole the value right out of the bag without ever having to touch it. Ingenious! Evil, dishonest and crooked, but, ingenious nevertheless.

    The values of gold, silver, copper and many other things are timeless. While their value may go up or down depending on conditions, their value has a MARKET VALUE that cannot be manipulated by a significant amount for long.

    If you have value that you need to keep, you need to put it in hard assets. Those assets, though they can be stolen and they can’t be eaten, will retain most of their value over time.

    As preppers, we must think about this. But, also, about balance. Don’t sink all of your available income into just silver or gold or Colt Revolvers. You need Food, Fuel, Cash, Ammo, etc to meet immediate needs. Don’t lock it all up in silver or gold. You may lose value when you are force to trade it in a pinch at a lower price because of your desperation.

  • LisaWay

    PS: There are general universal GOP rules, then below that, All states have slightly differing rules, and this cycle the GOP keeps changing everything they can, at the last possible minute- rules, dates, requirements, etc– KEEP AN EYE ON THE LOCAL GRASSROOTS REPORTING FOR THE REAL STORY AS IT DEVELOPS. Missouri, e.g., started at the local levels last week and continuing this weekend for Kansas City area and St. Louis area. There there’s district level caucuses in April, then the state convention on June 1st– only THEN will we know how the delegates will be assigned, AND IF THEY ARE EVEN COMMITTED AT ALL GOING INTO THE NATIONAL CONVENTION IN AUGUST. This is going down to the wire to be a so called “brokered convention”. Don’t listen to the MSM– they either don’t know what they are talking about, or they are just tantamount to a press release from the GOP– it is a DECEIPT MEANT TO SHAPE PUBLIC PERCEPTION IN ADVANCE OF THE ACTUAL DELEGATE SELECTION PROCESS! Some explanation per state here: on links per state, on the left hand side of page)

  • C.Davis

    In deference to the scientifically minded I would conclude that the simplest explanation is usually correct. The returns were real, but accidentally or intentionally leaked. I interpret this as a press release to the media subsidiaries so that they will have plenty of time to write their stories about the “results” before actual airtime. Someone at the affiliate was asleep at the switch or was either a closet RP supporter, or just a patriot who objects to the stealing of elections, and decided to let the public in on the “joke.”
    Fortunately our founders were wise enough to know that this crap would go on so they figured out the delegate system which put the onus on a representative small number of of delegates who all know who they are and who they support so the slight of hand tactics used against the general electorate can be foiled by these principled, interested parties. That’s why the caucus system is so vital to the security of the republic and the delegates’ elections are so critical for supporters of liberty to involve themselves in.
    This should be evidence enough that you can safely ignore the “returns” and should convince anyone of the legitimacy of electing a slate of delegates who support the real will of the people- RON PAUL!

  • Thinkasay

    Hello. What better way to distract people from the actual fraud than to create a ridiculous one and put it out 24 hours in advance. You all ran with it and played directly into their hands. You covered it up for them!

    How bout the ballots not fitting in to the machines. Each time a ballot was inserted and spit out creates a chance for fraud. How stupid do they think we are. So they tested the electronic results program, but didn’t test the ballots going through the machines. Give me a plucking break!!!

    • SGT

      In fairness, we’ve been ALL OVER all of the other blatant GOP fraud in 2012 as well.Throw stones if it makes you feel good, but look over this site in detail next time before you put your foot in your mouth.

      • Thinkasay

        Wasn’t trying to bash, and I don’t believe I put a foot in my mouth. Just wanted to put that possibility out there. No offense meant. Sorry about the way it sounded as this is all SO frustrating. Cheers.

  • JamesKL

    The voting booth no longer works. Time for the ammo box and a military coup.

    • Duke

      Yo, that is the final solution, ’cause there’s more of us than there are of them. But that is why they want to kill us off. I laugh when they say they are starting a war in some oil rich country to help out the citizens who are being mistreated by their governments. Just look at how they treat us, their own citizens and the truth is clear. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  • werewolf

    Bullshit election. Bullshit democracy.

  • LisaWay

    FOR THE RECORD: Missouri GOP local leader Shenanigans SO FAR and just to name a few
    1. GOP changed back to old caucus rules not done since 1996 reporting only to insiders;
    2. GOP changed date for K.C. area less than a week in advance, reporting change again only to insiders;
    3. GOP via mass media for long time MONTHS in advance continued to lead ppl to believe they had to be registered with a party to vote in the Missouri caucus– NOT so!
    4. GOP changed requirements to include hard original voter registration card, (in ADDition to picture ID and election board card), reporting only to insiders w/less than 24 hrs notice!
    5. GOP, at the caucuses suddenly discounted selected party leaders and scheduled speakers (slated according to GOP rules WELL in advance)
    6. GOP shut down caucuses early and even had at least one delegate leader arrested in St. Charles by local and area PD, for trying to explain the rules of reconvening to caucus attendees. When asked why he was being arrested, police said they didn’t know.
    7. GOP FAILED TO FOLLOW THEIR OWN RULES on the spot at many area caucuses, and when it was pointed out, they ignored them even more
    8. GOP BANNED CAMERAS AND RECORDING DEVICES, and called in local and area police and the Sheriff to enforce it
    9. GOP ignoring HUGE MAJORITIES voting on the floor

    MISSOURI STARTED local level delegate selection process last week– as you can see, it got ugly!, and continuing this weekend for Kansas City area and St. Louis area. There there’s district level caucuses in April, then the state convention on June 1st– only THEN will we know how the delegates will be assigned.

  • Howard Blancha

    There have been several weeks of “early voting” at the city halls of every town in this State. It’s possible the percentages were as shown, and some ditz did an extrapolation based on the number of people registered to vote (both living and dead), and assumed that the early voting was representative of what would happen on March 20. That’s just putting the best construction on what MAY have happened…

  • David Spencer

    With the official results now in, it is clear that SGT and the rest of you conspiracy theorists have egg on your face for jumping the gun, assuming the worse, and making false accusations. Anyone with any sense of election history would have known that the numbers listed by the local TV station were most likely false as they showed well over 2.5 million voters going to the polls. That would have been unprecedented for a GOP primary for a state the size of Illinois. You now have my permission to leave this “stinking” country, the sooner the better!

  • Esther

    Ron Paul will win, this is their way of trying to divert attention away from him.

    RON PAUL 2012!

  • Oldtimer

    It’s obvious that the joos will choose who they want and it will not be RP.

  • Fernando

    That’s why the former Pres. of CBS News Richard Salent said:

    “Our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have.”
    And Rubin Frank, former NBC news pres. quoted:
    “News is what someone wants to suppress. Everything else is advertising.”

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