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MUST HEAR! Ranting Andy Hoffman: $1000 – $4000 SILVER & the Demise of the Bankster Cartel

Popular writer and pundit ‘Ranting Andy’ Hoffman from Miles Frankiln precious metals is back to talk to SGTreport. In Part 1 we talk about the fall of Greece at the hands of the IMF banksters and Silver to $50 by summer (which will help to break the backs of the criminal banking cartel). And don’t miss Part 2: $6 Trillion in seized bonds and $1,000 – $4,000 SILVER!

Part 1:
Eurozone Nightmare, $50 Ag By Summer & End of the Cartel
Part 2:
MUST HEAR! $1,000 – $4,000 SILVER
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37 comments to MUST HEAR! Ranting Andy Hoffman: $1000 – $4000 SILVER & the Demise of the Bankster Cartel

  • JohnE

    Thank you both for bringing us this action-packed interview (it may just be the one that FINALLY convinces my Uncle to get some silver!)

  • Travis

    Another great interview. I like the fact that you take readers questions. Maybe a question for next time could be, other than Eric Sprott, why are we not seeing big players move into silver aggressively? The Hunt brothers tried and got badly burnt so others might be quite fearful but with the number of billionaires in the world if a few wealthy individuals decided to jump in then that would have to break the backs of the cartels…

  • antman

    when I see youve got an interview with Andy Sean, I cant wait, this site is the hub dude!

  • Paul Prichard (Paper Bear)

    The MF Global theft forestalled the end of the bankster cartel on silver but Eric Sprott’s call for silver producers to withhold product is bearing fruit and Eric Sprott’s PSLV offerings are causing them fatal damage.

  • Eagleeye

    Hi SGT,

    perhaps you can ask Andy if the US government is trying to keep silver price down, why are they selling so much silver eagle, why not stop the sales of silver eagle. Thanks

    • Eagleeye

      By there, love your website, many thanks for the great interviews & the persoanl time you spend trying to educate people.

    • bubba

      cause they need the money…the govt bastards need cash to pay the bills…just that simple, anyway to raise cash.

      Only honest thing they have ever done. (selling Eagles for fiat.)

  • Hman

    As usual Great interview..

    Eric Sprott is the new Hunt brothers, but in a more structured and sustainable way.

    Sean, your site has progressed to become the most dynamic and informative site out there. Thank you and your team for the outstanding work.

  • bob

    I love SGT – my favorite site. However, Ranting Andy is part of the establishment and should not be on your site. Also, seems like a conflict of interest – Miles Franklin a paid advertiser and then always promoting Ranting Andy. Listen to him at your own risk. Very disturbing – IMHO.

    • SGT

      Bob, you’re certainly entitled to your opinion and I’m glad you like the site, thanks. But as someone who knows Andy personally, and since you’ve attacked his character, allow me to set the record straight: To claim that ‘Ranting’ Andy Hoffman is part of “the establishment” is really one of the most ridiculous claims I’ve ever seen made in the comments section of this website. Ever. I wonder, have you read ANY of Andy’s daily ‘rants’ over the last few years? He’s been actively “ranting” against the establishment and tyranny of the bankers for nearly 10 years. And only within the last 6 months did he join Miles Franklin. He regularly speaks out against the criminal Federal Reserve System, the global banking cartel and the systematic plan – as documented in IMF documents reported on by Greg Palast -to enslave entire nations in debt which can never be repaid. As for Miles Franklin, you want to talk about honorable people?? David Schectman the founder and Andy Schectman the CEO have never, ever been anything less than supportive of our work here, which to their credit often means being associated with “controversial” posts containing content related to false flag terrorism, dangerous vaccines, GMO’s, and general fascism. To imply that Andy is part of “the establishment” is not only unfair, it’s either an ad hominem attack or at the very least intellectually dishonest. And as for Miles Franklin “sponsor” ad posted on this website, they pay a very nominal fee monthly which gives them ZERO control over anything we do here – and allows me to send a few ounces of silver every month the SJB for his tireless work day in and day out, posting incredible content on SGTreport for YOUR enjoyment and for YOUR education. ’nuff said.

      • Phez

        I have had a few chats with Andy via Miles Franklin’s and while I don’t agree with Bob, I did change my opinion of Andy to a more positive view on what he “rants”. I find that once you can chat 1 on 1 with a guy, you get a better idea of where he is coming from. I do agree with you SGT on your above response to Bob and I have come to give Andy some due respect….

    • rory

      Bob, first you make some strong accusations without showing any documented proof of your claim. To just randomly call out someone is ignorant and reveals a little something about yourself.
      Last year I made the largest exchange of fiat for money that I will probably ever make in my life. This transaction was handled personally by Andy Schectman. Not only was he fair with the premium the entire transaction was handled in a very professional manner. The fact that you are questioning Miles Franklin and Andy Hoffman–who David Schectman personally followed for several years BEFORE offering him the position as Marketing Director–tells me that you are clueless as to what you are saying. In the future, do us a favor and simply… If you don’t have anything positive to say at least back up your claims with facts. No facts = bullshit.

  • JonathanH

    We talk about the “end of the cartel”, but I just don’t see that happening so smoothly. I mean they know what they are doing can’t last forever, they know that eventually their system will fail, but when it does, I doubt they are just going to throw up their hands and say “Oh well, we had a good run.” So considering that, what is their next play? They aren’t just going to relinquish control. Rothchild isn’t going to just let it go like those people on the the “secret conference call” think. So whats next. Although I’m buying silver and doing everything I possibly can to protect myself and my family from the coming collapse(what other choice do we have) I sometimes feel as if we are just playing into their game somehow. Its the obvious and only real choice, but I feel like thats thats their plan. They have essentially forced us by design to hard assets(which is where we should have been all along), but I can’t bring myself to think they are just going to let themselves lose without positioning themselves for a future play… just my thoughts. As I said, what other choice to do we have? Any thoughts?

    • SGT

      JH, I often wonder the same thing, but has happened to so many tyrannical governments (and “systems”) before, when the tipping point of resistance is reached, the end comes very quickly to those so deserving of justice. Google Nicolae Ceausescu. People all over the world are waking up and the once near total control of the slave drivers is quickly melting away. As we like to say here, the toothpaste is out of the tube, and now millions of us can see the men behind the curtain. Truth on.

    • Jon

      Good question. The horrible thing is that they have plenty of cards left in their Illuminati card game – false flags, military lockdown, alien attack on the London Olympics and on the world (project bluebeam ?21.12.12), biological agent release (eg avian influenza – see movie, Contagion – the treatment is inhaled Zanamavir (not Tamiflu or oseltamivir) and avoid their vaccine which contains nano-RFID chips), and a new global fiat currency (called the Phoenix, revealed in a 1988 edition of the Economist, Rothschild owned). With the crash of fiat currencies there will be chaos, from which they are hoping they can create their type of order, but, hopefully, alot of this won’t work because a significant percentage of people will be ready for it, because of the internet and sites like this one. Hopefully too by then most people of the world will have got some type of gold, silver, copper, nickel, barter currency to do business with.

  • ib12541

    i wonder why everyone seems so enthralled when the $ price of gold and silver goes up. if you’re trying to accumulate you would want the $ price to go down so you could acquire as many ounces as possible.

    don’t get so fixated on your $ net worth going up. watch instead how your ounces keep going up.



  • Steve_D

    Great interview Sean, your right Andy was on fire right there!

    You and Stefan are doing something very special on this site, don’t let the detractors side track you from the goal.

    • AgShaman

      I agree. Stefan and Sean have become the GoTo source for many of us. They are “bonafide” game changers for people looking side-step the MSM brinwashing and garner an alternative that’s based on truth. I’m thinking of having some silver rounds fabricated….these guys are at the top of the list to get a sample first.

  • rich

    What kind of controls are there when you move your gold/silver out of the country using a private jet?

    • Steve_D

      Wasn’t this exactly what the Hunt Brothers did, they loaded a private jet up with Silver and moved it all over to Switzerland under armed guard because they feared confiscation by the Government.

  • Jon

    Thanks Sean for a great interview. Good to hear about the lack of correlation of COMEX silver short and price action; and that the cartel could be knocked out in the next smash.

    Interesting question from Tony about moving metals in a plane. I know that alot of people do it, and that there is no problem, but I don’t know about exiting the US. I would say that it depends on the particulars of the journey you are making, how much you are carrying and where you are going. But an idea would be to hire a car, drive to Canada, and exit from there. Prior knowledge of how each important location works would be essential for a trip like that. I have also heard of horror stories, like the guy who entered Mexico with alot of Kruggerands, did not declare them, and they were all confiscated. Also, the guy who entered Singapore from Switzerland with 80 Kruggerands, they were detected on a search and he was ordered to pay the import tax, but got to keep them (not a horror story!), but I am sure they also mark your record in a place like Singapore for that. I also know a gold dealer who carries Kruggerands wherever he goes in his belt (sewn in), and they are always seen in the X-ray and there is never a problem, although he doesn’t go near the US; he also moves gold with his job and never a problem (but not silver and not to / from US). Different issues with each country, and more problems with silver due to its greater size / unit cost. My 2c worth.

  • river


    i am wondering if some of you have noticed local Coins stores selling their Silver at $5 dollars over the spot price? and gold at $50 over the spot price. when I asked why, their answer was that the demand is high. 5 dollars seem a bit high since I used to pay 2-3 dollars over the spot price. what do you guys think? or could point me to a site that is competitive.

    now I am looking to buy online so I am calculating the shipping rate VS the 5 dollars over spot per coin, How many coins can I buy to determine what is cheaper (thing are getting tough).

    I still going to buy silver but I want to get as many ounces as i can.

    by the way, Miles Frankling sell their Silver and gold a bit high compare to other online Bullion sites like GainVille. I would be willing to buy from Miles (due to Andy), if they at least match price with their competitors. like I say before, I don’t have much money and all i am trying to do is to get as ounces as I can.



    • Phez

      Yes, premiums are rising quickly especially on Government issued bullion coins. Be prepared for that to continue. With this weeks action in silver, a guy might want to consider generic bullion bars of decent size that have low premiums to spot and use them to flip on the upside and convert the net profits back into numismatics. I’m already seeing $6 premiums on the new Silver Moose and now $7 on the Silver Cougars, which is up a buck since the beginning of 2012, and $2 since they were issued. These are local prices and some of the popular online dealers are following this pattern as well. I would be looking to buy come Tuesday……

      • JonathanH

        Numismatics? Why would you take the profits from selling silver(which isn’t exactly a sound idea…yet..maybe ever) and buy possibly the same, probably less amount of silver, but with nice artwork or low availability. I certainly don’t care about whether it is stamped with a Merry Christmas or an American eagle. And I doubt the millions of soon to be even more poor(er) Americans are going to care either or the companies that use it as an industrial metal either. They will just want silver in any shape or size. I would take that 7 dollars of premium and use it to buy 3 mercury dimes. Its the silver that matters.

        • Phez

          Buying generic bullion cost less and when you have a decent looking trend, you can profit from larger gains on let’s say 100 oz. bars vs. the higher premium on popular numismatics. Say you pay $3-$5 premiums on ASE’s or Maples, you most likely will not recoup your premium until you have a much larger gain in silver price above what you paid in premiums. Generic bullion a I can personally buy as little as .39 over spot and sell back for .15 under spot, much less of a dealer spread. Then I can take the gains and buy more numismatics or the things I need to survive everyday such as food, fuel, etc…I am what you could call a “perma bull” when it comes to gold and especially silver, but I sure the hell cannot eat it or put it in my gas guzzler. Point is I can add substantially to my stack while playing the trends. I purchase regularly regardless of the price and I look for ways to benefit short term which in essence helps me benefit long term. Don’t you need to survive daily? I do and anyone who says they buy and never sell either has enough “fiat” and does not worry or they are in denial and full of shit. Until we return to a gold/silver standard, it is realistic to support your family while in the process of protecting ones personal wealth or purchasing power, and right now I have my own strategy of doing so which never puts me in a position where I deprive myself of adding to my stack of precious metals. If you can buy and NEVER sell, good for you but if you think about what I have said, you can ultimately be adding to your position of metals. And lastly, if someone was really down on their luck and in dire financial trouble and they had a nice pile of silver, would you still think selling it “isn’t exactly a sound idea”? In my case, I am profiting from price swings and that isn’t exactly a sound idea either? Help me out here if I missed anything but you must not have to work for a living, eat, pay bills, etc…?? Last I heard a gain is better than a loss right? No foul intent, I would just like to hear people talk sensible and realistic when dealing with “today” cause no matter what anyone says, we have zero control over what “MIGHT” happen tomorrow…….

      • River

        Thanks Phez… I have been focusing on coins mostly but I think I will add bars as well. I will start looking at prices locally and online. Could you recommend an online site?

        Thanks again

        • Phez

          When I do buy online, I like to use Gainseville Coins. They ship quickly and have some really low premiums to spot but sometime Provident Metals have really reasonable premiums to spot on generic bullion bars also. I would stay clear of APMEX! They are way too expensive on everything! Of course try going to the most local coin shop or bullion dealer and if you don’t have close access to one, try asking a local Jeweler. They should have sources where they can point you to. I am thinking we will see a sharp correction in silver this coming week and I sold 100 ounces this morning with confidence I can buy back cheaper later in the week. We don’t want to see the parabolic move like we saw last spring and I’m reading too much hype on several blogs about “silver to the moon”, just exercise caution and be realistic. There is plenty gain in the highly liquid silver market….

  • ChainMailArmor

    Straight forward, to the point, Excellent Questions, Informative Responses. This is what SGT Report is all about. Keep doing what your doing Sean.. because your damn good at it.

    Question for next time:
    How do the bankers finally loose the ability to control the precious metals market? If they have endless supply of “paper metals” to trade then at what point does the free market prevail?

  • david

    Today is the first time i learned about the Charter ending in 2013, no wonder there is carnage and craziness in the USA!

    Dear friends, as I always keep my present and past friends including virtual in my thought, and in doing so I think this video could be the most important vid you will ever see, you should also look up the movie “Thrive” as well, it is come and coming fast and now I final know why, the FED charter ends in 2013!

  • mad man

    @5:29 2nd clip “and all of the sudden the Chinese will say we have 1100 tons of gold instead of 600 tons”

    i guess because china secret service have knowledge that it’s more worst than what the american telling… and more eager for gold than ever.

  • david

    I always appreciate Andy’s views…..stumbled across this today, and thought it was really interesting. Would have loved to substitute a year of college for a year at this place

    • Julie

      Man, I wish I knew about that place earlier! I don’t know if I could make it now, but I might have been able to go to it last year. But I’m going to tell my friends about it!!!

  • rich

    Ask Andy to pick this over on his show. Thanks.

    Silver Criticality

    Curiously enough it only occurred to us most recently that the drive up in price from the $26 oz lows $49.85, some 98%, could in fact be mostly down to the handy work of Max Keiser (plus Stacy) and his personal campaign to bring down JPMorgan. He has rallied the disenfranchised retail masses, angered by the banks (and possibly some large surplus countries) to purchase real physical silver with the hope of inflicting a Comex delivery default by JPM. This is a classic example of the power law of participation at work. Certainly a combination of King World News, and the others have played their part, but the evidence points to this one remarkable outcome.

    Max Keiser has skillfully availed himself of the credibility of these other men and exploited the ‘silver short(age)’ concept because of the credibility CFTC afforded to the subject, when they undertook to investigate the ‘egregious’ shorts in silver Comex. This investigation has possibly gone on behind closed doors, but this would seem odd in light of all the public interest.
    Individuals pursuing his call to arms, are missing the point they are potentially going to be victims of the behavioural aspects discussed earlier, namely, herding.

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