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GUEST POST: Ron Paul Nevada Election Result Is Likely Fraudulent

[Ed. Note: Nevada RECOUNT petition. — Daniel and I are both convinced that the election results in Nevada are a total fraud. Please read this important article. Without an honest election system, the people have no chance to take their government back.]

by Daniel aka ‘Vision Victory’, Future Money Trends:

Something Is WRONG with the Nevada Election Results. normally doesn’t comment on politics, but we have to mention this as there is definitely something wrong with the Nevada election results. First off, this was a very small election, so getting the results should have been easy. Yet for some reason, the Nevada State Republican party took 3 days to give us a final count of only 32,894 votes.

***No matter who you support, anytime we have something wrong with an election, it effects all of us, so we should all be concerned. Did Ron Paul Really Come in 3rd?

One clear trend in this 2012 election is that Ron Paul’s support is much larger than it was in 2008. For example, when you compare 2008 to 2012 vote totals, Ron Paul has increased his support in each state, significantly.

Ron Paul Vote Increase in 2012 VS. 2008:
* Iowa UP 119%
* New Hampshire UP 210%
* South Carolina UP 385%
* Florida UP 86% (He didn’t even campaign in Florida)

Now here is the part that makes no sense at all: Ron Paul who took second in Nevada in 2008 with 6,087 votes, only increased his support by 1.4% to just 6,175 in the 2012 results, despite all of the excitement, all the money spent, which was a lot more. In fact, the Paul campaign had brochures and volunteers almost knock on every door in Nevada this time around. Nevada is also very fertile ground for a candidate like Ron Paul, many people in Nevada just want to be left alone by the government, Ron Paul opposes taxing tips, seeing that they are not really income, but gifts, you would think this would go over real well in Las Vegas.

On January 31st, a staff member and his family were in Henderson, Nevada, at a rally. At this rally over 1,200 people showed up. Let’s say that out of that 1,200, only 1,000 were from Nevada, that would mean out of the entire state of Nevada, at just one of his many rallies over 3 days, 17% of his supporters showed up. If we assume that most of the 1,200 were from Nevada, then that would bring that number up to 20%.

Are we the only ones that are looking at this and scratching our heads?

Sometimes a picture can help put things into perspective. Regardless of who you are voting for, if we can’t trust the vote counters or the media to hold them accountable, then what is the point of even having an election.

The one caucus that was on live TV that was held special for Jews and Seventh Day Adventist was covered by CNN. Ron Paul won this one in a landslide, again we find this interesting because if Ron Paul is winning very religious people over in a landslide, we are willing to make a Las Vegas bet that he won the non-religious Las Vegas residents by even more. For people who just want to mind their own business and do their own thing, as long as it doesn’t harm anyone else, Ron Paul is really their only option.

You can go through all of the articles we have written, videos produced, and emails sent out, we are not a conspiracy site at all, 99.9% of our content is about future trends and economy.

So, here is what we are asking our members to do. If this Nevada election result bothers you, forward this article. Maybe this article will eventually get forwarded to the right person who does have the authority and integrity to look into this further.

Help us spread the ANTIDOTE to corporate propaganda.

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22 comments to GUEST POST: Ron Paul Nevada Election Result Is Likely Fraudulent

  • Eric

    Hey Daniel, its Eric, the guy who missed you out in NV. Anyway, i posted here at SGT on one of his other posts about my experience at the caucus. At my precinct, it was 18 (rom), 8 (paul), 3 (ging), 1 (sant). delegates went 4 paul, 3 rom, 1 sant. Based off my small sample, and the fact that ging didnt really campaign much in NV, I’d look at his numbers. The ron Paul campaign called a shit ton, reminding us to take a look at the vote results in our precincts. So they should have a good idea, assuming there was at least one paul supporter in each precinct. The campaign may have more info on this. or any other Paul supporter in clark county.

    I can’t say that I believe its rigged, but I cant say I believe it isn’t either. Its suspicious that they took forever on the votes, but also suspicious that they held that late caucus. The paul campaign let everyone know that the caucus was at 9am, and told them to get there early. So Im surprised that there were so many at the late caucus, as they already knew about the morning. I think that reflects the laziness of no getting out to support Paul. I dont know, thats my speculation, maybe I just dont have faith in my neighbors -which I dont really..

    I just think there is a lot of lazy people out here who kinda support Paul, but arent willing to go out and do anything. Most dont care about the election, except old people. I know thats a generalization, but from what I saw, there was a lot of romney support.

    • wafic

      I think Ron Paul supporters are anything but lazy. They are the most dedicated, enthusiastic group without reproach. We are fighting a machine that will lie, cheat, and steal, even kill to get what they want.

      • Eric

        I dunno, I have a few friends who arent all gung ho about politics, but when asked they like RP. Then I found out that they didnt register republican to vote for him in the caucus (even though I was shouting it out), nor did they even know the caucus was coming. Maybe thats my bad too. I dont want to poo poo on the parade, but I do have to admit that his support didnt grow from 4 years ago. That chart is very telling and sways me closer to the side of rigging.

      • sjm

        I too, a RP supporter, was at the nevada caucus and an assistant to a chairman who was also a RP supporter. our tally 20 RP 19 MR 2NG 1 Sant. Cant remember how many of our total 12 alloted delegates became delegates but i know it was more RP than MR.
        RP campaign made a ton of calls to go vote at the 6 pm caucus if you hadnt done so already. Thats why i think there was a large RP turnout at that caucus event.
        The inability to count the votes in a timely manner is ridiculous! All they had to do was open the envelopes, recount the already counted votes and get a calculator and add! A lot of RP supporters who said they were going to show up and help at the caucuses never did. Typical of people in general i would say. So this made the mornings caucuses a little more chaotic for some I guess.
        Cant really say fraud yet, as there really is a LARGE mormon group here. But having said that, you would think the counting process would have been more timely as well. I wouldnt put fraud past any one now a days as the main stream republicans sure dont want any constitutionalist in the office.

  • Paul Prichard

    The establishment do not want Ron Paul on the national stage but he is actually living it large on the international stage.

    • Roy T.

      Depends. In Norway, where I live, almost all international news stories are from AP or Reuters (both owned by the Rothchild family, btw). Ron Paul si beign ignored blatantly here as well, I’m afraid, but there is a core of liberty-loving people here that supports him!
      The feeling here is that Ron Paul is USA’s last chance to avoid turning into a full-fledged police-state, and continuous wars all over the world. Unfortunately, I fear the worst. It’s beyond me how incredibly naive large portions of the Americans are; how can they voluntarily vote for politicians who are for MORE war?! MORE deficit? MORE of the same? God help us all.

  • Spencer

    What needs to be realized is voter turnout. There were 25% less voter turnout this election. Thus, Paul pulled more percentage than he did in 2008. Though I was expecting the order to go Romney/Paul/Gingrich/Santorum I dont think that there is a conspiracy. I was shocked that he got less votes than Gingrich (Im surprised anyone votes for Gingrich at all) but once again, it isnt a conspiracy.

    • SGT

      It’s statistically very unlikely (nearly impossible given Nevada’s political leanings) that Dr. Paul would not have increased his total vote count in Nevada this year VS 2008 – as he has done in ALL of the the other states this year, and dramatically so. And that’s the point of Dan’s article. The awakening that has taken place since 2008 combined with the much better organized resources he had in Nevada this year, makes his flat numbers (VS 2008) highly suspect. And if you don’t believe in conspiracy, then you don’t want to get me started about the other voting issue which plagues us — the Diebold electronic voting machines. Watch the documentary ‘Hacking Democracy’ for the details on that issue.

      • Spencer

        Voter turn out went down 25% in Nevada! Dr. Paul’s support obviously went up. If you had a 2nd grade understanding of math at all, you would realize that obtaining ~6000 votes from ~33000 voters is much better than ~6000 votes from ~44000 voters. Romney got less votes in Nevada than last time as well. Paul went from I think 12% to 19%. That seems to be an increase… Correct me if I am wrong…

        • EnzoBrigantti

          Yes voter turnout was down in NV by 26% compared to 2008. In Florida voter turnout was down 14% and Paul still had 1.87 times the votes from 2008, with no campaign there.

          In Nevada, Paul had a ground game rivaling Romney’s yet only got 91 more votes (1.015 times) the total from 2008.

          Paul doubled his total in Iowa, tripled his total in NH, quintupled his total in SC and, like I stated above, nearly doubled his total in Florida with no campaign there.

      • buzz

        IMO…The most important issue we can address at this point is to educate the cattle.
        That was Ron’s intent from the get go. I am surprised he hasn’t had an accident yet.
        Perhaps his son will not be so lucky.

        With that said..

        I am still voting for Ron Paul using the rigged dibold voting computers.
        maybe our owners throw my vote in the trash only after they put me on shindler’s list. lol

        • Spencer

          I agree. Dr Paul said that he knew it was unrealistic to say he was the front runner. He wants us to learn what will work. He wants the populous to take his ideas to Washington, even if he isn’t going to be living in the White House. He is doing a good job, as the country’s shift is starting to tilt towards what Paul has been preaching for decades.

  • duke in vegas

    I was a caucus chmn in one pcnt, Only nine people
    4 Paul
    3 Mitt
    2 Saint
    No fraud tho that HS was understaffed. Others had to monitor more than one classroom.

    A bud at another HS was assigned 20 classrooms (pcnts)

    The whole thing was ridiculessly understaffed

    Friend was at a diff HS. Chaos. Only 2 RP, 11 Roms

    No fraud. Just understaffing and chaos

    The RP office staff are on the recount.
    Concl. same as mine

  • buzz

    Just bring on the new collectivist system already. The fraud is becoming too obvious to those who are awake.

    rigged Markets
    rigged elections
    rigged media
    rigged tax structure
    rigged military endeavors
    rigged buildings

    fraud…lies…corruption….deception….the majority can’t see it or don’t care not to see it.
    Back to MTV, NFL, IDOL, hollywood…etc.

  • Ubergrinch

    What a lot of you may not be accounting for is that there is a large Mormon population in Nevada who would have made it to the regular caucus & voted for Romney. So even though there is a big Libertarian/Sovereign kinda vibe in more rural parts of Nevada, there is a large mainstream population with a lot of Mormons. The same Mormons who passed Prop 8 in California (which just got overturned today, so HA HA).


    the modern age started with computers which means more data and info and so it will end
    watch yahoo corporation as it will break the news very soon, “just a hunch”

  • Mike Ayala

    Come on Folks,

    Remember Stalin 101:

    “Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.”

  • Ranting Dave

    duke in vegas
    If you are in precinct 1336 that caucused at Desert Oasis HS then that was counted correctly.
    All four campaigns had teams observing the count, no fraud.

  • david

    That Chart say’s it all, no need for debate, if you understand trends like I do in being a future’s trader, the chart say’s it all!

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