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The Ron Paul FIX is in: a SGT Micro-doc


from truthseekertimes:

[Ed. Note: For those who have not seen the incredible documentary “Hacking Democracy” featuring Bev Harris of, check it out. It explains HOW the integrity of our elections has been breached by easily hacked Diebold voting machines.]

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73 comments to The Ron Paul FIX is in: a SGT Micro-doc

  • Dav0

    Hate to say it SGT, but I was sure you would eventually come around to my thinking…
    Paul unfortunately has no chance. Events that are at the doorstep are about to spiral out of control and hijack the political process and the mind of the nation. As soon as Assad & Syria are dealt with (read the Muslim brotherhood installed) it is GAME ON in the Gulf. If you have the resources to move to either Australia or New Zealand, now is the time.

  • antman

    Sorry mate, but Australia wont be far away once all this happens. Our housing market is increasingly on the way down, unemployment rising and a government thats about as corrupt as yours, they are all kissing Obamas arse and supporting all of his warmongering.

  • Pip

    Yeah, I second the above Sean. I highly respect you but I couldn’t understand why you were “seemingly” putting so much hope in getting RP into the white house. My gut tells me that RP is a good man and in another era could have been fantastic for your country and for the world. But this isn’t another time and place and the rabbit hole is far too deep. It’s not enough to have a good man representing hope, HE has to have hope of being elected. He doesn’t. They say ideas can’t be killed, well I’m afraid everything around me suggests otherwise. Again, let’s not forget how deep the rabbit hole goes. As Chris said in the latest video you posted ‘we are not going to change anything from within the system’. We need to find several Achilles Heels: Silver, Gold, Organic Food From Your Garden, Alternative Energy, Occupying Our Minds, Real Education, Weapons, Community Resilience, ANGER……

    Lets Gets Started Shall We?

    Heart Felt Thanks As Always Sean

    • SGT

      Thanks Pip – and to all of you for your support – and for giving a crap about what we’re up against in this country, and in this world. It’s a giant mess, and like it or not, we’re all in it together. peace & †ruth.

      • Iguana One

        Maybe Newt will learn a little more from Ron Paul and if Newt wins the presidency he will replace Bernake with RP. Then the Fed doors will close for good.
        But alas, Newt is a Globalist. Dream on eh?

  • OldWiseAlien

    Seems to me that every vote for Newt Gingrich was really a Vote for Ron Paul!!! South Carolina was rigged bigger then SHIT! and since the Iowa Ron Paul supporter that blew the whistle there, you know damn good and ready they wasn’t going to make that mistake again! Such BS and the People know it, there finally waking up!!!

  • fayz


    Powerful video, really is! I think the best thing that can happen is to carry on the support of RP, in my view anything can happen, but look at it this way even if he doesn’t win, imagine how many people he could wake up along the campaign trail, once you have anything close to critical mass, this could easily snowball into a freedom movement that can change america from the bottom up.

    As long as we have God, there is always hope! the defeatist attitude is a sure victory for TPTB, lets not give them the satisfaction!


  • Tony

    Very Sad SGT, Unfortunately satan rules on earth and is working through this evil zionist power elite. all we can hope for is an Act of God which wipes us all out and we can reset, hope we get it right this time. keep the faith anyhow. peace.

    • Robert

      “Evil zionist power elite”? Typical anti-semetic Ron Paul Bot. You’re no better than Obama Bots and just as much the enemy. We will never allow the likes of you to have power.

      • Zionishell

        Gee, tell us something we don’t know, Zionist scumbag. Your ilk has made this world a living hell!!! YOU ARE THE ENEMY!!!

      • Raymond Reason

        @ Robert. So Robert, are you telling us you don’t hate Arabs? Because Arabs are Semites. I think maybe you are the anti-semite. The poster said “evil Zionist”, not “evil Jew”. Stop playing the race card, bigot.

    • JEORGE OF THE Jungle

      A act of god that wipes us all out, so that we ca re-start! You first, fella. Mind if I stand at the back of the line?

  • Bix Weir

    What if there’s another agenda Sean?

    I recently wrote an article for the Private Road explaining what is going on with our election and why. Yes, it is being rigged but for all the right reasons! The plan is to spread the vote in the early stages of the election process while continually teaching the people about Ron Paul’s philosophy. The rise and fall and then rise again of various candidates is all planned and orchestrated while Ron Paul’s message is spread. His power and influence grows and his message is solidified. At the same time not one candidate runs away with the votes but rather they are spread widely amongst the many. We are very early in the GOP nomination process. The “Good Guys” control the markets and very soon comes phase 2…the banking crash. At any moment in time they can crash the system and Ron Paul will be the ONLY candidate to both predict it as well as have a plan to fix it. I know it’s hard to see through the fog but we are VERY, VERY close to regaining our country. I will be posting this article to the public this week so everyone can see another potential outcome.

    Stay safe and warm and keep up the fight!


    • SGT

      I actually thought of you when I was making this one Bix. just didn’t really have time to get into your theories – which I PRAY are true – my goal in this though was to focus on the one thing that most anyone can plainly see now, which is we have a bought-and-paid-for mocking bird media in this country. But here’s to ya, and the ray of hope your theory embodies Bix!

    • rodjen78

      Bix, for rational reasons this cannot be, there are just some huge contradictions. For instance, we know the military sits on the gold, which keeps the military-industrial complex going by means of collateralizing the FED’s fiat paper operations. Now Ron Paul wants to 1) end the FED, then 2) hand the gold over to the people, and 3) drive the military out of work by bringing it home.

      By 1-3) he is attacking the most powerful entities on this planet, he wants to take all the power away from those who are the very hallmark of power. TPTB cannot have any interest in Ron Paul winning. Should Ron Paul nevertheless win and stay consistent, I expect him either being (ab)used to facilitate the introduction of a gold backed one world currency, or should he reject to join in, there comes a bullet as with JFK.

      WATCH OUT: The only plausible reason why Ron Paul would be officially ALLOWED to win would be to play a useful role in the SETUP OF A GOLD BACKED ONE WORLD CURRENCY. Watch every interaction between the establishment and Ron Paul with this idea in the back of your head. It is like a game of chess, one has to stay way ahead.

    • Dav0

      The purpose of this coming war with Iran is to break nations economically, financially, militarily, socially, spiritually etal. This will not happen in 8 months, but will run for years. Not sure that I can see Ron Paul riding on a white horse to save the world in 2012 as president just yet. That is the job of the 12th Imam is it not, when a new system of money, government, religion, and economy is introduced? Please help me, but I think that this guy was supposed to be ruling the world from somewhere in the middle east wasn’t he?

  • Tony

    Sorry Robert, but “the truth hurts”

  • Hman

    The fix is in since the federal reserve was established in 1913. Since then, anyone who challenged or opposed them was assassinated. But today the internet is the spotlight chasing them and exposing them. The rats are running around trying to cover their tracks and act as if noting is going on.

    The light will grow brighter and they will work as hard as they can to extinguish it, only Ron Paul will save it. If he does not win, the net will join MSM.

  • 500ounces

    These types of videos is where you shine brightest, SGT. This is one of the best videos you have posted in a while, IMO. Thank you for putting the presidential race into perspective.
    I hope Bix is right and I hope this becomes a reverse divide and conquer, which would allow Dr. Paul to gather in the necessary votes. However, I have to agree with Turd in that the fix is in and romney will get the nomination and Dr. Paul will forced to run as a third party candidate. The electoral college is not designed for a third party it is only designed to handle two parties.

  • Hillbilly Bill

    It is painfully obvious that we are under the controll of a CORRUPT government. As in times past it is time that good followers, follow a good leader, whether elected by a rigged voting system or not.

    I went to one of the Iowa events here. Ron Paul spoke and after he left, so did everyone else. There is no way … NO WAY … that he lost.

  • Bobby

    I can only hope bix is right but I don’t think so…

    Most of America are zombies and do not care about really important issues…and because of that the country will get what it deserves…

    Great video but most people would rather watch a mindless Kim kardashian video unfortunately…

    • johnnybee

      Bobby I agree, most Americans are zombies. I live in a 55 or older community where everybody has manicured lawns and little white picket fences, and all that these morons are worried about is who is in first place in the bocce league. Most of these people never heard of the NOW, or fractional reserve banking, or hypothecation. When I explain it to them they look at me as though I am on lSD. They either change the subject or excuse themselves and walk away from me. What I see is this, as long as these events don’t affect these morons at the current time they are quite content living the American illusion. America is going to get exactly what it deserves, a lesson in humility.

  • Lenovo

    Ron Paul’s candidacy is an excellent example of MSM distortion, omission and abuse – the obviousness of it all is very hard to ignore. I have decided that showing people this media abuse is the best way to “help” them see 9/11 – If they can be persuaded that the MSM is not playing honest then maybe, just maybe, they’ll see the truth of 9/11.

    I would have forwarded this excellent video more than I did but the 9/11 material would have shut-down the holdouts – as soon as 9/11 is broached they stop listening.

  • TheVirginian

    Excellent microdoc. There is no doubt a fix… for the question is “what Newt Gingrich fervor?” In Virginia, we have Paul and Oba..Romney on the ballet (our Governor unfortunately supports Romney). My brother, working for the GOP in Richmond (and a big Paul and Alex Jones supporter), came to me in early December asking me if I would join him on gathering Gingrich signatures for the primary. It’s 10,000 signatures required in Virginia and Gingrich didn’t have much time left. The deal was, Gingrich sent a GOP supervisor $80,000 to get signatures: 1$ per signature, 50$ bonus upon a completion of 100 signatures, and various bonuses to the supervisors. I was tempted, only to turn the money over to support Ron Paul’s campaign, but declined to do so. After all, it is globalist blood-money. Either way, my brother ran up and down the state, stopping at Wal*marts, et cetera to gather the signatures, but as he said, there was very little interest in Gingrich. I don’t believe he was even paid for the signatures he did collect.
    The only signs I see are for Ron Paul and, because we are a college heaven, Obama 2012 stickers from a few of the students. North in Warren county, all you see is Ron Paul signs, and in some places it is every house displaying support for Paul.
    As the Romney ads display from Google on your sight says “Romney, Let’s fight for the America We Love,” it is indeed true. Those in charge are going to fight for the America they love: the debt-based, interest bearing currency, the military industrial complex warfare-state, the welfare-state, and leading to the change of power over to NWO. And those who are fooled, will fight for the America they love: the trickle down recipients of the war and welfare machine. To our fortune though, there is the ever increasing awakening, especially in the youth, of the ideas of liberty, self-sovereignty, and the rugged individualism. Each slap at Ron Paul awakes more and more.

  • rodjen78

    Hi SGT, thank you for the great documentary, and don’t be frustrated.

    Fayz is right, a substantial change is bottom-up. If Ron Paul was unfortunately defeated, this would just show how much needs to be done, and how big the supportive base must be to make a difference. I think everybody here knows about the magnitude of the problem, it is huge. I would be quite surprised if Ron Paul won and one could get rid of this pile of decay, fraud and criminality so easily. A sin has to be adequately worked off, and a solution must be stronger than the problem it attempts to remove.

    One fact one should be aware of: reactionaries never work, this is proven by history. A reactionary is someone who defends the idea of installing the old state that existed before the collapsing paradigm, please look up the definition of “Reactionary” on Wikipedia. Going for the idea of “restoring the Republic and the Constitution” makes one a reactionary. And maybe there is a good reason why reactionaries fail: Since there is evolution, nature rejects to write off an entire paradigm as useless and failed, as if there was nothing to be learned from.

    If Ron Paul cannot win, we should ask why the old state he defends (Republic + Constitution) couldn’t withstand in 1913 the banksters plans in the first place. Because this is a weakness that should not be employed again, alright? What is the point in restoring a state that failed to compete with the current paradigm we don’t like? Systems are like weapons, if you lose a battle using one weapon, why not questioning the effectivity of the weapon? Maybe something new and substantially improved is needed.

    Believe it or not, the setup of the monetary system is a weak link of the Constitution, because the “constitutional moneys” gold and silver were not strong enough to withstand the attack of the FEDsters. Also: Learn from the enemy. What can we learn from the banksters that made them so strong? They were an organized network that offered credit to the broad population. So we learn that the absence of networking and credit are weak points of private hard money. An unconnected populus holding private hard money will eventually lose when competing against an interlinked banking network that works with pools of credit.

    Nevertheless, what Ron Paul is doing cannot be appreciated enough. After decades he is the first true statesman, a dedicated, warmhearted and intelligent gentleman of integrity and honor.

    All the best … O.

  • Sandor Bors

    The one thing that the MSM and the establishment has is the power of perception. For those of us who have awakened to the game it seems ludicrous to send support to anyone but Ron Paul but we get so bombarded by deception that it creates doubt in the mind. And, as research has shown, what is created in the mind becomes manifest in the world. TPTB can use every stratagem in the book to create doubt because what they are trying to do is, not just fix an election, but kill an idea. The IDEA of freedom is so powerful because it changes paradigms. Victor Hugo was right and the establishment knows it and they are trying their damnedest to kick the can down the road in hopes of creating more doubt.

    Bix Wier has channeled a “no doubt” scenario – something we all must do.

    And as Tony posted above, citing Bill Hicks, its just a ride. Enjoy it and have no doubt that the idea of freedom will resonate beyond the illusion.

  • Scott Sando

    I see alot of positives in this, for the first time millions of people will be seeing first hand how the MSM manipulates the news to get a desired outcome.
    Think of the millions of Ron Paul supporters out there who are witnessing this first hand, and who are having to change their paradigm of how the world actually runs.
    This is running in freedoms favour!

    Great work SGT! We will overcome!

  • Scott Sando

    Remember it only takes 3%, this time there will be alot more than that.

  • Julie

    Why don’t we get organized and get PHYSICAL validation of the electronic voting? It would have to be voluntary, of course, but don’t you guys think that most Ron Paul supporters/voters would be GLAD to put their names (and other contact info) down on a piece of paper, with pen and ink?

    Imagine what would happen if a precinct reports 300 votes for Ron Paul, and there is an independent verification booth set up outside that has a list of 700 NAMES, ADDRESSES and TELEPHONE NUMBERS of people who explicitly stated they voted for Ron Paul. I don’t see how they could silence this.

    Now this won’t help if it’s just ONE PRECINCT with a 400-vote discrepancy, that won’t turn the election. But if it’s HUNDREDS of precincts, spread all across the USA, we’d have the makings of one heck of a class-action lawsuit!!!

    I personally can’t comprehend how we are ending up with all of these wholly-digital voting machines, with NO physical record of the vote. This in an of itself should be challenged as absurdity. What if there is a lightning strike and the computers get fried? You have no pieces of paper to re-scan so you can count what has occurred.

    Considering the fraud that goes on with busloads of people being taken to several precincts to vote, I think we should also do what they are doing in the Middle East, when you vote your thumb gets stuck in some blue dye that is HARD to get off. That would make the multiple-precinct voting a lot harder to pull off…

    Without some PHYSICAL verification of the vote, we are indeed screwed. 🙁

    • chainmailarmor

      Julie has a good idea and I have pondered this myself on occasion.

      If we give up, we give up on our children and their children.

      SGT you’ve done a great job on presenting a case that the elections are rigged which is a reality that no one including myself wants to believe is true even though I’ve had my suspicions.

      But where do we go from here?

      This is not endgame. Yet. It is time to make some kind of stand. To spread some kind of message.

      I would be willing to record all Ron Paul supporters at my precinct prior to voting if they would be willing to come forward with their information. Maybe we could set it up online so people could pre-vote for Ron Paul fro each precinct. We are not SHEEP. We are smarter than these assholes.


      • chainmailarmor

        The person willing to give their information at the precinct would need to hold up their ID and their voting preference for Ron Paul and have a picture taken of their face. Would want to make sure the ID’s in the picture were clear enough to read. These pictures could be stored as evidence.

        • chainmailarmor

          This method could also be used after the fact in states like SC to garner evidence of voter fraud. It’s all about spreading the word. Getting a single precinct to cooperate and then releasing the message may encourage others to follow suit.

        • Riverab

          I agree… Most people that support RP would volunteered to record those people that vote and give their names. I would do it my pricint as well. How can we this started?

          • Julie

            I don’t know – maybe contact the Ron Paul campaign camp and see if they will help? I know that you have to be VERY careful around polling places, not even mention candidates names out loud in many (all?) cases. There is a perimeter of some set amount where you aren’t allowed to discuss the candidates, and I don’t think you could set up a booth inside such a perimeter.

            I would worry about voter fraud in ANY case, but since Ron Paul’s campaign is the most likely target for not getting its votes counted, it has the most at stake this election.

            Also, if Ron Paul doesn’t get on the Republican ticket (which is looking less and less likely by the minute) and he won’t run as an Independent (he said this already), then I’ll be writing him in on the ballot. I can’t vote for anyone else without puking. So, what’s the deal on those silly Diebold machines with write-ins? How are THEY counted?!?!?!?

          • chainmailarmor

            It would need to be done in a way that was not able to be manipulated. If it was just signatures then anyone could walk up and sign then claim later that they never signed, discrediting the whole system.

            That is why I brought up the taking pictures idea.

            Any other ideas that would be foolproof?

            Maybe we could start by making a video after the idea was firmly established.

            • chainmailarmor

              If we did the photo idea then I think it could possibly be done online prior to the actual voting and thereby not interfering with the actual precinct voting.

              The key here is to positively identify any persons actual vote.

              I know, i know its a mug shot… but what else is foolproof?

              • Briver

                an Online Voting will not catch all voters but at least it will give us an idea of how many people are voting for Ron Paul. I am also concern that people will vote online but not show up at the voting boots. Therefore,it might sound crazy, i suggest asking RP supporters/voters to take picture of their ballots and submitted online.

                • chainmailarmor

                  Good point about persons possibly voting online but then not showing up.

                  I like the idea of taking a picture of the ballot. How will that work for the machines though? Some of them give no paper record. Could they place their ID on the machine screen then take a picture? Do the machines even give a confirmation screen after voting?

                  I’ll look some info up on the machines and see what I find.

            • chainmailarmor

              Ok, I just watched a video on you tube called Hacking Democracy. You must see this movie. Here is the link:

              I have also found out from the movie that there is an organization already dedicated to exposing voting fraud. Their website is

              Rather then try and reinvent the wheel I am in the process of figuring out what ideas they may already have to positively identify individual voters votes.

              SGT, if you think the video “Hacking Democracy” is relevant to your site please post it on the main page. It really is an eye opener. People need to see evidence of the corruption we are facing and this video provides it.

            • ChainMailArmor

              After briefly reviewing some of the information at this is what I have found:

              There is only one way to immediately find out whether Scytl/SOE(voting machine) reported the right results*, and that is for members of the public to capture evidence of reported precinct results when polls close tonight. Think of it as a giant neighborhood watch.

              Precinct results should be posted at each polling site. In addition, during poll closing the public has a right to be in the polling place watching and videotaping what goes on.

              Here is a four-minute video showing exactly what to do:

              Please watch the video and be there at your precinct to record the poll tapes. This only requires one dedicated person per precinct as opposed to trying to get all Ron Paul supporters involved. Of course if the individual machines are rigged to start with then this does nothing as seen on the the “Hacking Democracy” video.

              • Julie

                chainmail – I watched part of that video, but there is STILL a major flaw with that process. You are counting on the poll tapes to print out the correct information. Where does the poll tape come from? A COMPUTER. What happens to computers? They get PROGRAMMED and they can be HACKED.

                Our bigger problem is not that the poll tape of the computer might not be reported correctly for the precinct. It’s that the VOTES might not even be COUNTED correctly. And there is NO WAY to double-check that since there is no physical record of any votes. It’s just buttons pushed on a touch screen resulting in a computer program “tallying” the vote. Once the buttons are pushed, a person could walk out of the voting booth thinking the voted for someone by hitting button “A” but the computer inside is programmed to start tabulating “A” votes as “B” votes every 5th sequence after 1000 votes. Or something weird like that. And you can’t verify ANY of this without a piece of paper that physically exists outside of the computer, and is not GENERATED by the computer.

                Frankly, I think recording the poll tapes is next to useless vs. what we are up against here…

                • ChainMailArmor

                  Your right, if the individual machines or memory cards are rigged before hand then it doesn’t matter about the poll tapes. I did mention that at the end of my previous response.

                  One idea that would work is for each person to Take a Picture of their vote with their ID on the machine or on the ballot. Then upload those pictures to a website to track. This is what Briver originally had mentioned.

                  Another idea would be to take a picture outside your precinct voting area holding your ID and something that says “voted for Ron Paul”. Then submit to a website to track.

                  Both of these ideas require a lot of effort for each individual voter.

                  Similar to your idea Julie, we could also have someone at each precinct performing an entry poll of sorts. Or at least thats what we’ll call it. (the media does it). We can get the word out before hand and ask that voters look for the Poller. The Poller would have to check ID, then write down the information of the person then have them Sign their signature. OR, the poller could just take the persons picture holding their ID, and a “voted for Ron Paul sign”.

                  A single person would have all of the information for one precinct which could then be uploaded to a central location. This method is the least amount of work for the individual voter and requires no technical skills.

                  We could make a video explaining it and hope it goes viral.

                  Any other suggestions?

                • Julie

                  Either an “entry” poll or “exit” poll, but the names, addresses, and phone and/or e-mail information for each voter who wants to be recorded would have to be taken down. That way they could be contacted for verification if it becomes a court case/class action lawsuit.

                  Yes, we both agree – if the machines themselves are compromised, the poll tape recording is useless.

                • ChainMailArmor

                  I am going to be posting this on to get feedback. If you can think of any changes then let me know otherwise my next post here will be a link to the posting of this on the forum.

                  Have an Entry/Exit Pollster keep a written physical log of individual voters votes for a specific candidate at the precinct level in order to ensure no discrepancy exists between the actual vote cast by the individual voters at their precinct and the vote recorded by the voting machine(s)/tabulator(s).

                  Each voter that wishes to participate when Entering/Exiting their precinct polling location will need to voluntarily show their ID to the Pollster, have their information written down including Drivers License number, Full Name, Address, and be required to sign to confirm that their information is correct and that they have voted for that particular candidate.

                  The Pollster will then use this information to cross reference the final voting results released from their precinct. If there is no discrepancy then no further action is needed. If there is a discrepancy then the Pollster will need to contact the Campaign of their Candidate to assist in resolving the problem.(There are many possibilities here)

                  With this solution a discrepancy will only exist if the total number of people that voted for a particular candidate in the final voting results released by the precinct is less than the total number of individual voters that signed the Entry/Exit poll for that particular candidate.

                  In addition if it were possible for a second person to count the total number of adults that Entered/Exited the polling place this information may also be useful to determine the estimated total number of votes that should be cast at any particular location.

                  What this will accomplish:
                  It is a deterrent for any person/group that intends to miscount or otherwise commit voter fraud. It would also serve to make people aware of discrepancies in vote counts thereby furthering the knowledge that a problem with the voting system actually exists.

      • SGT

        Press on, fight on, speak up, speak out. The awakening has only just begun, but given the million that support Dr Paul, it’s spreading like wild fire.

  • cyrus

    Once again you have produced a great video. I say this hesitantly but feel that it is true, I think we will have open conflict in America sometime after the election, no matter which of the mainstream choices is elected. I think Dr. Paul was our last chance to avert this. Good job.

  • FiveThousand

    Great work Sean.

    Have to say it but it is MHO that Bix Weir and his Road to Roota theory is a plant from TPTB.

    Don’t let your guard down folks!

  • davepa

    My Family discussed this rigged outcome the next evening at dinner. Its sad to see my children, 13 to 20, trying to wrap their heads around scope of the coercion and fraud controlling their FUTURE. I, as a Father, an individual, can’t do much to change the wicked control, but waking my Family up, is IMPORTANT.

    The movement is growing, people are amassing. (A united effort halted SOPA and PIPA) We do have the power “UNITED” to make a difference. Keep talking, and educating folks, plant the seeds of change.

  • davepa

    John Kennedy would have taken down the “Establishment”

  • Zyll

    Great job, once again, Sean. Love the railroad clip at the end…Watsonville is near the Army National Guard base in Santa Cruz. That’s a lot of tanks.

  • mad man

    Ron Paul is just one of the people armor, the next one may differ.!.

  • Joe Brilla

    Ron Paul….. You’re the MAN. Watch every debate on TV and read the scandals and news in the papers. I wish that the commentators would give you the same time and chance to offer your answers to all of us. But, we know, that you are a true, honest man and in the end you will be OUR, Next PRESIDENT.

    Congressman Ron Paul You’re working hard as always and wish you the best. Keep up the good work. We’re for YOU

  • ML

    Sgt, Bix, ANYONE that can contact The group Anonymous, they need to hack the DIEBOLD machines and fix it in Pauls favor, if they can do it that way …we can do it this way!

  • B.Greenwood

    Here is someone who thinks Ron Paul is sponsored by Soros??!!
    How do you deal with this Bible Belt mentality??

    This is just more sick RP progaganda and sour-grapes because he LOST
    and for darn good reason! Web sites like this are equivalent to Move-on. org
    and ought to be banned!! Neo-Con this and Neo-Con that…wouldn’t surprise
    me if Geo. Soros isn’t the money AND organization behind the RP campaign, just
    as he was/is behind Obama, ACORN and all the other anti-American organizations
    out there, trying to bring down the USA!!
    There is no stinking “fix” against RP. That’s just the propaganda Soros and his
    “community organizers” want people to believe. I’ve said it before, the man is
    incredibly off the deep end and could not run the country if he was the last man standing.
    He is a “stick man” for Soros!! If you think Obama’s policies are destroying the country,
    Ron Paul would NOT be an improvement, and the ship would most assuredly go down faster
    which is what Soros wants to see happen. If you have the time, do the research. I’ll bet
    you would find the connection between RP and Soros.

    Instead of gleening information from anti-American sources like, try looking at
    and see what’s really going on in the world and understand why Ron Paul is
    wrong for America and wrong for the world! You won’t find any war-mongering or rediculous
    consiracy theories there, just the facts regarding the real threats we face in the future.

    • SGT

      You may continue to give up your Liberty in exchange for your perceived security, while living your life in fear BG, the choice is yours. May God forgive you for the bombs, guided missiles and depleted uranium dropped on innocents, that you so willingly condone.

      “May your chains rest lightly upon you and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.” – Sam Adams

    • deepsoulradio

      If you have any rational arguments to make, then we’re all ears 🙂

    • mad man

      B.G, tell me what justice is?! or should i say tell me how you see justice.!.

  • Travis

    @ B Greenwood, the fix is in and if you can’t see that then you need to take off the blinkers. Rather than bag out sgtreport why don’t you actually watch the videos where Ron Paul and supporters gets censored by the MSM. Look at the campaigns of Gringrich and Santorum (who have both been caught out being corrupt) they had no true support. I mean the grinch went on to be a corporate lobbyist, cheated on his wives, Had eighty-four ethics charges filed against him during his term as Speaker and was reprimanded and fined $300,000 by an overwhelming 395-28 House vote. The entire top echelon of Newt Gingrich’s presidential campaign resigned in july.
    Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) had Rick Santorum as most corrupt politician of 2006. He barely had a campaign before Iowa and was fairly unknown. Both support attacking Iran, who are for the most part minding their own business.
    Ron Paul has the most consistent voting record I have ever seen. It’s crystal clear where he stands. There is no dubious connection with Soros and the assertion is nonsense. Soros is a socialist and globalist, Paul is the opposite.
    I could go on but won’t. The fix is obviously in.

  • Steve_D

    SGT Report is so massively Pro The American ideals rooted in the constitution and bill of rights, and very much Anti The corrupt corporate mafia America. IMHO.

    Looks like you hit a nerve Sean, you take the most flak when you are directly above the target.

  • deepsoulradio

    This really hit me hard today. Really hard.

    I’ve known, intellectually, for years that the System is full of fraud. But when it hits you in the chest, slams you in the gut…it is not pleasant.

    No, it is painful as shit when your knowing that WE’VE BEEN HAD translates to really feeling it. All the lies, all the deceptions, all the violations against the Good, the True, and the Beautiful…it is so SAD.

    Chris Duane’s got it: the Silver Bullet, and the Silver Shield.


  • Scott Sando

    Here’s a great article on why we should be positive about current events.

    Ron Paul Will Win In The End

  • david

    Good vid…i didn’t know Gingrich doesn’t have any followers lol…my faith in the American people is rising.

    On another note, gold has broken the 1700 mark and silver the 33
    Ladies and gents, buckle your seatbelts cause wes goin for a ride

  • Scarecrow

    Good vid, and hopefull we can expose al of the blatent vote rigging early in 2012. This also plays well with This Bit from Pelosi….

    Pelosi: Gingrich Will Not Get The Nomination, There Is Something I Know

  • Tony

    on a lighter note WAR FOR THE WHITE HOUSE!!! Diebold accidently leaks 2012 election results

  • M Gregory

    Great video !! I hope it helps others see whats going on.

  • Tony

    Search Ron Paul on google but don’t hit enter. He is the only candidate that has a “remove” hypertext after his name in the auto search. I find that weird too

  • Tony

    Gore could never sell 911 they needed bush and his broke back mountain tuff guy persona to sell it to the american people & proceed to fufill his fathers NWO sick plan.

  • mad man

    yes, the fix is in:
    do not expect less…

  • John

    I’ve been following Ron Paul for about five years now, the internet allowed me to do so much research.. when I started researching all this, I was feeling so enlightened.. I haven’t watched TV for about five years, unless I visit others that are still in the box, like my siblings..

    I differ with the naysayers here, I think there is a massive awakening going on now.. And if Ron Paul does not win, there will be a revolution.. Our entire government and fiat is all a hoax, and people are waking up to it.. How much bloody government run by the banks, based on pieces of monopoly money, are the people going to put up with? The end is in sight..

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