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[SGT micro-doc] RED ALERT: First NDAA ‘Indefinite Detention’, Now Our Right to Bear Arms

by SGT:

If you thought the NDAA S.1867 was a nightmare, now they want our ammunition, and by proxy – our guns. This is the line in the sand. The Second Amendment is all we have standing between the people and devastating tyranny.

Read the NRA article here.

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26 comments to [SGT micro-doc] RED ALERT: First NDAA ‘Indefinite Detention’, Now Our Right to Bear Arms

  • Lentenlands

    SGT, I agree with you 100%. It won’t be long now.

  • Mike

    “The Second Amendment is all we have standing between the people and devastating tyranny.”

    I disagree. An informed constituency is far more important. Ignorance is a far greater threat to this Republic. And I read a lot of it on this site.

  • Brian

    Good Vid SGT, working on this from another angle. “The Law”. Who is the government acting upon? US Citizens or The People? Some might say both. There is a distinct difference. They are acting upon US citizens as they only have civil rights and privileges given to them by Gov. (hint: 14th amendment citizen)
    Look at this nice table:
    Now look where this table was derived from:
    (footnote 37 page 1006-1007)
    This guy has a very interesting take on all if this I highly recommend his last 3 videos. linked herein:

  • Steve_D

    An unarmed citizen is a compliant citizen. Time to make a stand America!

  • Tony

    Ring of Power ~ Empire of the City ~ Full Movie

  • 500ounces

    Time to stock up–use cash, no trail. I originally thought they would “nationalize” or “militarize” ammo, but just banning it has the same effect. Great work, and thanks for the heads up. Your work is always timely, informative and much appreciated. SGT, a true American with America at heart.

  • davepa

    this guy understood how governments roll. spread his ideals.

  • Phez

    You are going to need more than that Sig there SGT! I would get yourself an AR-15, and don’t ever underestimate the importance of owning a 10 or 12 gauge shotgun! Then get yourself a few signs to hang around your property, TRESPASSERS WILL BE SHOT, SURVIVORS WILL BE SHOT AGAIN……

    • rodjen78

      Yeah Phez, you’re right, it must be a 12 gauge shotgun, slugger ammo 76 mm Magnum, semiautomatics with a red dot mounted, this gives you a good broom to clean up the mess. You just need to get used to the ladies fat recoil.

  • Eric

    I tried to post in youtube, but you guys ALL need to get your training, Im gonna try to go in two weeks
    A Taste of Front Sight
    I remember when Alex Jones was promo-ing this guy (they gave away a free gun with a training session at the time, wish I took advantage), but this is a great offer too. I dont work for them, I just came across it, and think its relevent to this story and weapons in general.
    Save a Shitload -sign up for his newsletter, and its $150 for a 5-day handgun course

  • Eric

    And SGT if you come out for it sometime, Ill try to come out the same time (I live in Vegas), I’d love to meet and talk silver

  • Stacker

    They can have my Saiga 12 when they pry it from my cold dead fingers. Nothing says F-U like a semi-auto 12 gauge assault shotgun with 20 round drum mag.

  • Bob

    Damn, I’m glad I took my concealed weapons permit course. I now have to wait 60 days. Hope this doesn’t ruin my chances. I do have my 12 gage and stocking up ammo every week. And hiding it. They won’t find it. I’ll be getting a glock this week in anticipation of my permit! Good thing I live here in SC and not in those godforsaken states that took away your right to carry. Eeeks.

  • Mr. Cheddar

    I don’t see what SGT is seeing. 

    It appears the pending NJ legislation is not about a general gun ammo ban, but on those particular types of ammo that would make confrontations between government “law enforcement agents” wearing Kevlar and “property rights defenders” a closer match. 

    Where is the harm in framing this issue in a more honest light?

    • SGT

      Mr. C, did you actually read the article? I will provide the link again below. Here’ an excerpt:

      “The measure actually opens the door to a sweeping ammunition ban by an unelected public official by executive fiat. Common hunting, target, and self-defense ammunition would be subject to ban, along with BB’s, airgun pellets, and non-metallic ammunition like plastic airsoft pellets, if the Attorney General decides that they pose a threat to the safety and well being of law enforcement.”

    • Brian

      Chedder, your letting the camel’s nose into the tent. Once in it never ends until nothing is legal. Think about it. Think chess and not checkers.

  • davepa

    hmmm … Mr. Cheddar … Swiss cheese has been in the news recently because the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) created new guidelines that regulate the hole size of domestically produced Swiss cheese. The USDA reduced the standard size of the holes by half because new cheese-slicing machinery got caught on larger holes.
    Who knows what the establishment will do with bullets. Take off your blinders.

  • Mr. Cheddar

    I don’t know, SGT. I read the salient parts of New Jersey Bill A588 at this linked web address:

    And here’s the statement at the very bottom, which, it seems, is consistent with the details of the bill, above.

    “This bill would make the possession of a new generation of handgun ammunition which poses a special threat to the law enforcement community because it has a capacity to breach or penetrate body armor a crime of the fourth degree.

    “Under current federal and State law, hollow nose or dum-dum bullets are prohibited, as are bullets which are Teflon-coated or which have specially hardened metal jackets or cores.

    “Police officers recently encountered a new and highly destructive bullet. The SS190AP ammunition for the Five-seveN Tactical handgun is uniquely designed. It is a full metal jacketed bullet, but utilizes two metal inserts. The tip of the bullet has a steel penetrator which is followed by an aluminum core. The weight relationship between the two metals causes the bullet to tumble in soft body tissue, resulting in massive and, in many instances, deadly wounds.

    “But it is not just the substantial body trauma these bullets can cause that makes them a special threat to the law enforcement community. When fired from the Five-seveN handgun, the SS190AP bullet can penetrate 48 layers of Kevlar (the protective material used to make many types of body armor).

    “This bill would prohibit individuals, other than law enforcement officers and other statutorily exempted parties (such as members of the Armed Forces of the United States and licensed dealers who sell these type of ammunition to the military or law enforcement agencies), from legally possessing ammunition designed and constructed like the SS190AP bullet that can penetrate body armor. Violators would be guilty of a crime of the fourth degree. A crime of the fourth degree is punishable by a fine of not more than $10,000; imprisonment for a term of not more than 18 months; or both.

    “Cognizant that future technological and scientific advances might give rise to a new generation of equally dangerous and destructive ammunition, the bill prohibits the possession of any ammunition which the Attorney General, after testing, determines to be a threat to the law enforcement community because its design, composition, construction or formulation makes it capable of breaching or penetrating body armor by a person other than a law enforcement officer, member of the armed forces or licensed dealers who sell them to the military or law enforcement agencies.”

    This is just me, Mr. Cheddar talking, but I see nothing “evil” in this bill, though I lament how it could end up serving to rebrand many good people, who would just wish that others left them alone, as “criminals.” Armor piercing ammo technology is changing such that the legislation has to evolve with the technology. The NRA’s professed belief that *this bill* represents a “camel’s nose” or maybe a “slippery slope” that would eventually lead to the criminalization of b.b. or airpellet ownership strikes me as pure histrionics.

    The first half of your video was fantastic. Authority is much less legitimate than it once was, and getting progressively less so. Nonetheless, how can a state’s desire to protect its enforcement employees from bodily harm be viewed as unreasonable?

  • Gary

    Couldn’t resist not posting this link:

    Canadian and USA police force training, and the difference between the two… so far… for now…

  • davepa

    Jerey is very tough on guns, they are tricky business. The state police DO NOT hesitate at all with gun law. If you travel through the state, better have it locked in your trunk, or you will be in jail, no questions asked.
    Jersey is part of the main artery of drug trafficking on the east coast. This is an extremely sensitive state when it comes to gun law.

  • JB Campbell

    Not good enough. Asking politicians to help? How do you think we got here? Cops do not fear us, which they must do if we mean to be left alone. The policy-makers behind the dictatorship laws need to be punished harshly.

    jbcampbellextremismonline .com

  • freedomone

    Brave soul SGT, we need more of your kind; 300 million more to be precise. So wake up all the sheeples who blissfully are led by the lead sheep media to the slaughter.
    As a proactive measure I suggest you start a petition collecting signatures, like they legally can and often do so in Switzerland. It should read something like this:
    We the people of the USA declare the actions if this congress, senate and Obama Administration as unconstitutional and illegal and consequently the entire political oligarchy as unrepresentative of the people and therefore as illegal.
    We the people now declare to possess the constitutional right to petitions to repeal any existing laws and propose laws and political decisions, and the right to referenda on all new proposed laws by petitions and a newly elected parliament representative of the people.
    All campaign donations to anyone running for any office at any level in the USA will henceforth be illegal by any corporation, individual or any entity whatsoever.

    Of course there will be many more measures required to clean up the political process from bribery to the influence of Wallstreet and corporate America per se.
    But this is vital to take back the political process and away from the crims on WS etc.
    Good luck and keep up the good work!

  • Zyll

    Isn’t the whole purpose of a bullet to penetrate tissue and inflict deadly wounds? Gee whiz, law enforcement doesn’t like armor piercing rounds. Well I don’t either in the hands of the gestapo.

    Only the tyrannical state gets to play with the best weaponry, and we’re only legally allowed to defend ourselves with kid gloves. I agree with you SGT, this is a breach of the 2nd amendment.

  • molanlabe1776

    Well then they will have to outlaw bullet prof vests too!! cause if someone try’s to break into your house and just so happens to be wearing one then i guess its just oh well for u, Cause your ammo wont penetrate lol.

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