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Israel Warns Time is Running Out Before it Launches Strike on Iran

Growing body of opinion suggests that Iranian response to an attack would be muted

by Kim Sengupta,

Economic sanctions by the European Union and the United States can only be allowed a limited time period to prevent Iran from attempting to acquire a nuclear arsenal before a military strike must be contemplated, Israeli leaders have declared.

The tough public stance from Tel Aviv comes amid conflicting reports on the readiness of the Israeli military establishment to carry out an attack on Iran.

One account claims that Israel’s security agencies have concluded that the turmoil predicted from a strike, and the likely response from Tehran, has been widely exaggerated. However, a senior British official told The Independent that the hierarchy of the intelligence service, Mossad, and the armed forces continued to have deep trepidation about conflict in the region.

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16 comments to Israel Warns Time is Running Out Before it Launches Strike on Iran

  • Loren

    Israel is making a BIG mistake. Its words are an act of war. Threatening any nation is an act of war and the U.S. and Israel have been the biggest loud mouths out there. I would not be surprised if Israel is taken out preemptively by Russia or China. Either way, events will run over Israel. There are many approaches to diplomacy but Israel and U.S. chest thumpers only know how to threaten to scare. Well the world, governments, and people no longer fear the bullies. In the end bullies become the bullied especially when they are debtors flailing in their last shows of force before the economic and financial implosion. Be careful what you think you will achieve via your threats, you just may be on the losing end. In today’s world there are few places to hide. U.S. and Israel against the rest of the world looks to be a losing proposition?

  • Anon

    I must agree with “Loren”, who wrote: “U.S. and Israel against the rest of the world looks to be a losing proposition?” ABSOLUTELY. I think the Central Bankers in the ‘City’ of London (London’s Financial District), and in Europe (ECB, IMF) have long harbored the belief, that they can profit from chaos, at a distance – unfortunately, these BABYLONIAN-era goals (such as for a ‘New World Order’) – don’t necessarily make any sense AT ALL, in a NUCLEAR AGE !!! HELLO! (ANYBODY ‘HOME’?) Not only are people around the planet waking up, but AMERICANS are FINALLY beginning to stir from a mental-death-like slumber – question is: Will enough of them awaken BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE? Or, will they stand around in bewilderment, when the ‘elites’ (Western Central Bankers)(are totally cornered by the Iranians, Russians, Chinese, and India-ns, trading bi-laterally, and with GOLD), and begin to become severely DRACONIAN vs. Americans, in order to protect themselves, as foreigners leave the ‘petro-dollar’ – thereby leaving ONLY AMERICANS to dominate and subdue, as chattel.

  • Anon

    THIS is why Ron Paul may be the ONLY Presidential Candidate worthy of a vote in 2012. Not that anyones’ votes will count anyway – but, at least an individual voter’s conscience will be clear. DIEBOLD has no doubt pre-programmed the 2012 (S)Election results, already. Mitt Romney is the biggest receiver of Central Banker Funding, and so, is clearly THEIR CHOICE for President in 2012.

  • Michael Rivero

    The fastest way to stop a dog from chasing cars is to let them catch one. In other words, it is time we let Israel start a war … then let them have to finish it themselves.

    • zonie

      Spot on.
      Lets see how tough Israel is when they pick a fight with someone other than unarmed civilians….babies, old men, women and schoolchildren.

      Hey congress…..pssst….
      Interminable, emesis provoking standing ovations are a really stupid way to get off your knees….

  • Lili

    I don’t care what Israel does as long as my tax dollars do not have to pay for it. If I get an increase this year of even one penny for Israel’s stupid warmongering, the IRS and I are going to be freaking done with each other.

    I don’t mind paying for parks, cops,nurses, firemen,or repairs for roads- but threat-giving, back-stabbing psychotic bullies that can NEVER fight their own battles? Nope.

    Give me my money back and I’ll put it to the city I live in. The federal government can’t be trusted with my cash.

  • S.W.P.

    Ron Paul is the only sane choice for 2012 and the movement for the long haul.””Mitt Romney is the biggest receiver of Central Banker Funding, and so, is clearly THEIR CHOICE for President in 2012″”.Yes they have poured in Millions to install him as the next man on strings to dance for the populace.But for one determined patriot all it would take is two dollars of copper and lead to cut the strings and end the dance.Israel needs to be put on a very short leash and kept behind a high fence to keep the junkyard dog attitude in check.And as a American I have to say our Government talking heads need a rag stuffed down their throats and left there.This is not going to end well for most of us if the fighting starts.There could be streets paved in glass before this is over.

  • Andy

    Israel has been slowly digging it’s own grave since 1948. When the time comes for them to occupy their self made grave mankind will not shed one tear. In fact we will probably throw a global 12 month party to celebrate the demise of the world’s spoilt little brat!!

  • Cold Wind

    The US and Israel co joined like malefic twins in this hateful enterprise to bring misery and death to all who might oppose abject slavery. Surely the world will not stand for it? Christ set his heel against such vipers and so too must we!

  • Daniel

    The US supports endless wars for Israel, it all started a decade ago after a false flag attack.
    9/11, US and Israel:

  • Peter

    When war starts it would the about the same results like Lebanon 2006 …. where Israel is USA and Iran is hezbollah.

    while USA trying to invade Iran would see the defeat of USA, Iran too cannot attack US forces. So a long long haul is in the making with statemate.

    Iran can declare victory just by being able to hold on to US assaults plus finishing off US ME assets…

    Come these guys can’t even take on Talibans fighting with AK47s and rpgs and these same gusy want to fight a nation of 80 miilion having prepared 10 years of arms and modern infantry weapons. … a perfect asymmetric warfare.

    So if US expect to bomb Iran and go bome for dinner and bed, think …very carefully.

    At the end, this impasse will end when Iran gets the nukes… like NK ..untouchable.

  • Paul

    If anything good could come of this it could be the final destruction of Israel.

  • Just George

    The world community must place sanctions on both the US and Israel. Of course, most politicians do not have the testicular fortitude to say such thing out loud let alone implement it, yet it would be a neat, bloodless solution. You can have foreign goods and services, or war with Iran, but not both. Pick.

  • Johnny

    Maybe the USA will do a “false flag” on Israel, nuke the sh*t out of it, and blame it on Iran!

  • zonie

    Move into into a neighborhood, do a home invasion and procure yourself a house and you will likely be immediately surrounded by “enemies” as well.

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