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Fox News’ Christmas Card Tells the Story: They Think Their Viewers Are Sheep

by SGT:

The alternative media is buzzing today about the Fox News 2011 Christmas card. The card features a sled race in which a “Fox” is outpacing it’s rivals, ABC, NBC and CBS, as CNN and MSNBC look on from the sidelines.

Curiously, instead of being pulled by sled dogs or by reindeer which would be appropriate for the season, all four sleds are being pulled by… sheep. It’s just another example of how the mainstream media’s disdain for the American public continues to grow by the day. And what’s truly remarkable is, they don’t even try to hide it any more.

According to The Cutline blog on Yahoo, the Christmas card was distributed to media journalists. You can read more about it, here.

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9 comments to Fox News’ Christmas Card Tells the Story: They Think Their Viewers Are Sheep

  • Paul Prichard

    And we all know what a sheep’s lot in life is, to be sheared and to be slaughtered.

  • Paul Prichard

    Mexico drug war deaths over five years now total 47,515
    The cost in violent killings of keeping certain drugs illegal keeps mounting.
    And there is the cost to non-violent drug users of being branded a criminal when in fact they need medical help to cure their addiction.

  • Tony

    Once the media propagandists have completed their job for the Global elite they will be sheep too

  • wauhoo

    The only thing that they got wrong is that the sheep should be behind and pushing the sled.

  • AC_Doctor

    Screw the MSM and their Zionist horse they rode in on.

  • Troy

    I work with sheeple. On lunch break they talk about sports, phones, Monster drinks, American Idol…ya know, typical sheeple.

  • ReachWest

    We added an excerpt and a link back from this story to our RNN YouTube silly video series. (Hope that’s ok).

  • Michael Sears

    “All we like sheep have gone astray. We have turned away, every one, to his own way…” Isaiah
    “Feed my sheep…”, as Yahushua calls us, so we ARE rather like sheep. Think about it! New Testament.
    “My sheep hear my voice” “I am the Shepherd of my sheep”, Yahushua says. That is why we need to listen to Yahushua and not any NEWS propaganda, as far as getting the truth into us. Our problem as a country is not an economic issue. It is a moral issue and a constitutional issue. Remedy those two and the economic prosperity will naturally follow. Let us fight and pray for Biblical morality and a restoration of freedom. All other issues pale in comparison to these. Where is the army raised up against abortion? Where is the army raised up against pornography and homosexuality? Where is the army raised up against evolution? Where are the soldiers of this army?

  • Ace

    thank you for pointing out that it’s the entire corporate media that sees us at sheep and not just Fox News as many liberal publications spun it.

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