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CHAPMAN: WW3, Iran & Why Real Men Love Ron Paul

Bob Chapman of The International Forecaster is back to talk with us about the war drums beating to attack Iran – which may lead to WW3. And why real men love Ron Paul.

Part 1:
IRAN, WW3 & RON PAUL: “What Have We Allowed Ourselves To Become?”
Part 2:
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27 comments to CHAPMAN: WW3, Iran & Why Real Men Love Ron Paul

  • silvermike6000

    Thank you Sean for your courage and tenacity over these past few years. Although I agree with 99% of Bob’s statements & views, I can’t help but feel that he has either lost touch or does not fully grasp the situation at hand. Coins & bullion YES, shares…I’m not so sure.
    Third party risk is a major concern for many of us trying to protect ourselves . For Bob to suggest that we can profit from this makes me think that he either underestimates TPTB or we need to subscribe to his newsletter to best them.
    I’m in the camp that keeps my wealth at home, thanks Sean.

  • deepsoulradio

    Excellent again fellas.

    who said it: war is the greatest failure of humanity ?

    I was sitting with that the other day. So evil, so vile, so over-the-top…


    The Propaganda Matrix is powerful; once you get out things are clear. But until then, it’s difficult to understand what water is when you are a mere fish.

  • SGT

    Thanks Frank. I will try to remember to ask. In the meantime though, if you’re wondering why the “controllers” seek to centralize their already massive power, two words: TOTAL CONTROL. Watch this piece I edited with an AJ speech, & posted a while ago:


  • deepsoulradio

    RE: share risk

    check out recent Keiser report w/ Krieger. Krieger is suggesting MF Global as a false-flag (Chapman has a similar take). Specifically, as an attack on the futures market; and being terrorism, this is to instill fear in that sector.

    My take: if you want in on stocks, then get yourself a good broker; someone you Trust. And go ahead and participate.

    Betting on PM’s is betting that reality is going to take over at some point. There is something similar there in stocks in that you are betting true valuation is going to take over.

    As far as nationalization…I will try to keep my Spidey senses on.

    • bubba

      reality always takes over…history reveals this. brokers get paid whether they make you money or not…win or lose take the responsibility of playing the game yourself.

  • deepsoulradio

    everytime you get in the car you’re taking a risk. just sayin’.

    PAPER is HUGE. It’s all over.

    What would happen if everyone at Scottrade (or whatever) lost their $&it? I doubt the red button pushers could even handle it. That would wake up even Mr. Fluoride Head. Game Over (for the Elites).

  • deepsoulradio

    When Rockefeller gets in the car he doesn’t want to get in an accident either.

    Destroying the Stock Market (by way of all out theft) would be like nuking the entire highway system.

  • Earl Manchester


    I’ve done some searching but have been unable to find Ron Paul’s speech that you use at the end of part one. Would you be so kind as to post the link for me?

    I’m glad to see how many sites and blogs have picked up your interview with Bob Chapman already!


  • rodjen78

    Hi Frank,

    I think your point is very essential. I think there is always an elite, but the question is how the elite thinks and behaves, whether it is constructive or destructive. A clever elite recognizes that open and total tyranny is not at all optimal, it costs too much, it is stupid and destroys personal compassion and innovation, thereby creating a world of poverty and violence not worth living in, not even for the elite.

    Socialism in the former Soviet Union did not fail so much because the people demanded freedom (actually they demanded it for a long time, in the outer rim openly since 1968, but it was nevertheless useless), but because the elite itself was sick and tired of the miserable and depressing state of infrastructure, technology and the economy. The elite allowed socialism to end, the “revolution” was none, it was just kind of “OK, we are tired as well, let them take down the borders”. Socialism ended because it was boring and not optimally profitable, neither for the people, nor the elite.

    Freedom is a very strong driver in humans, and a psychopathic elite that messed up so much that it is forced into the role of dumb tyrants working against freedom has more or less lost the game. One has to see: Even among the elite, there is no homogeneity of ability, opinion or moral. They are also good guys, for instance free entrepreneurs in the elite do not like the world government idea at all, it cuts in on their action to build new businesses and to support innovation, creating new and interesting jobs for young people.

    Now if you see people in the USA, in Europe and all over the world becoming aware and starting to revolt against the tyranny track, the part of the elite that dislikes total tyranny will take advantage of this movement in a constructive way, and it will try and most possibly succeed in displacing the sick psychopaths. This is why I don’t believe in the sustainability of tyranny. An open tyrant is already a loser, he may impress for a while, but he has already lost.

    Concerning the shares: Be the change you want to see. For instance I like the idea of shares because I like the concept of a company going public, offering partial ownership to indifferently EVERYBODY by issuing shares, and I like the idea that these shares are traded by a hopefully free market, so the company valuation is kind of democratically determined. In my opinion the issuance and public trading of shares is a very libertarian concept. A hallmark of hardcore dictatorships however is the absence of publicly traded stock markets.

    Now, if you like the concept, there is no way to make a better world by staying out. Not participating means giving the crooks a handle, this is like saying: OK, the elite has rigged politics and the ballot boxes, I don’t vote anymore. Staying out of the market because it is allegedly rigged would be exactly the same failure. Therefore I say: yes we participate, but we make sure we protect the concept of a free and fair stock market as best as we can, with every thought we think, with every action we take, by taking some risk because we cannot win by staying at home.

    Means: Take delivery of the certificates, or find a broker which does direct name registration. By pulling out of the stock market, you make it easier for the psychopaths to control you, because you give up the possibility to own parts of companies. Well, this was Mussolinis dream: merger of state and corporate power, means no public ownership of companies. The worst nightmare of a psychopath is a society of free, brave, educated and determined people, who OWN indstead of being OWNED. The same holds for the stock market, which is just another battlefield. We don’t want to lose it to the elite, we want to get it back! If you take delivery of a certificate, this share cannot be shorted anymore, think about that!

    Honestly I am not happy with people like Ann Barnhardt: She gave up. Giving up is no way, no way! If there is a problem, do it better, find a solution, work around it, identify and eliminate the crooks, but don’t give up. Just look at what she did: She let her customers go – into a market she said is rigged. Wouldn’t it be better if she kept the business and raised hell to protect her customers, if necessary with her pink M16 instead of just posing around with it?

    So here my opinion: The well capitalized gold juniors are a killing, go for it, take delivery of the certificates if you can. In the best case you will become rich, in the worst case you will have tried to support the concept of public ownership of companies and a free and fair stock market. Either way, you gave your part, it is a win-win situation, you get either the money or the honor. And my experience is that brave and well minded people taking calculated risks get both, money and honor, but wimps don’t because they trade freedom for security, thereby lose both and become poor.

    Here is what I do: I have a substantial part of my stock portfolio allocated in excellently capitalized gold juniors. And I accept the risk of losing everything. I know this can happen, but I don’t see the point in not participating. Just like in a battle: if you fight for the right thing, you know you can lose your life, but you will not pull back unless you are a wimp. The gold juniors are totally undervalued, this is an unacceptable state. I just have to buy them, because no person with a sense of value can walk past a piece of gold and not picking it up, it would be a sin, and sins are punished by the Almighty.

    Risking for the right reason means you cannot lose. Even if you lose the money, you still fought for the right idea, for the right value, and this will become handy the next time you make a value decision. Once you start to betray personal values, you are done my friend, there is no way back, and the only thing waiting for you at the end of the road is a seat among corrupt fellows. I have seen it happen with many people, they were born as originals, but they will die as copies of a system.

    Sorry for the long post, but I felt a stand is needed 😉

    All the best … O.

    My request to SGT: Why not thinking about the concept of the stock market free of all the rigging? By stacking physical only and shunning shares, we are losing the stock market. Do we really want this? Is our power so small that we cannot afford the risk to restore market integrity? In other words: Is the battle so hopeless that we have to expect meeting the enemy in front of our house, in the left hand a silver coin, in the right hand a gun? When watching Ron Pauls series of successes and how people become ready for rising to their best selves, I believe there is much, much more possible. You know what? If they confiscate the gold mine you own, just occupy it!

    • SGT

      I don’t disagree with you, there is more we can do. But first we need to start by taking our country back from the criminal cabal that controls it. Which means we have to get Ron Paul elected. With the SEC and the CFTC in the pocket of Wall Street – documented fact, not just conjecture – we CANNOT make the stock market a fair place for the little guy. High frequency trading alone accounts for 70-85% of the daily trading volume. They have made the common man powerless, and his money inconsequential. Until we get our government and the rule of law back, we need to realize what we are up against and “invest” with caution.

      • deepsoulradio

        Yea Sean, but part of why we get into the PM sector is that we “know” reality is going to, ultimately, smash the HFT algorithms. All the rigging is a tweaked form of central planning; we’re banking on the free market taking over.

        And I certainly agree that “getting our gov’t back” is healthy and necessary although I think that can only be a step toward a truly free society–one that is NOT ruled by force (Gov’t).

      • Zyll

        The “Red Baron” Manfred von Richtofen, in his private audience with the Kaiser, said “do you know why my Jasta has been so successful? I only take my men into fights I know we can win.” I believe much more in the short squeeze of physical silver than in proving my manliness by storming the Gallipoli beaches we know as today’s stock market.

    • deepsoulradio

      Epic post Rodjen78! I completely agree with you about the shares.

      Would publicly traded stocks arise in a free market system? Absolutely. If anything, young companies need capital; they need investors.

      I too see getting into shares as part of the same fight that stacking the Phyz is in; same arena though more complicated in successful execution.

    • bubba

      try to hand anyone a paper certificate for anything…land, eggs, ammo, a firearm, clean water, a cow, etc…and see how they react!

      People survived and did well without the bs of the stock market and the paper shuffle.

      • rodjen78

        Yes, bubba, you’re right. However, there is another side as well. Paper is not disgusting per se. It is just a convenient form of casting agreements between gentlemen into contracts, these are typically in written form and signed, so there is clarity about the content and the way affairs are settled.

        The problem is not paper, but how people treat paper. Our problem is that there are too many crooks out there who engage in counterfeiting of paper using the fiat money structure and unlimited amounts of credit. We want to avoid doing business with this system, because it is exploited by too many fraudsters and parasites. Avoiding business with them does not change the fact that written contracts between gentlemen – meant to be fulfilled – are a good thing.

        Therefore, it is not the share that is bad, but the counterfeiting of shares using unlimited leverage by potentially insolvent parties: commercial banks, brokers and central banks included. You can easily avoid that by taking delivery of the certificate and so pulling the share out of the rotten system. I really believe that the boards of successful companies are occupied by gentlemen worth doing business with. If providing these people with your working capital, you just don’t want a crook to be your middleman, that’s all.

        By pulling the physical share, the crook is out of the equation. If everybody insisted on the delivery of their shares, we would witness a spectacle of epic proportions. I think it would be even more spectacular than a gold or silver squeeze, because it would be so broad scaled You would see the stock market acquiring properties of a currency pool, i.e. shares would be recognized as delocalized, decentralized forms of money in free competition against each other, and at prices multiples higher than what we have today.

        In my opinion the situation in shares is technically exactly the same as in precious metals. The official price has not necessarely much to do with the underlying value because there is so much credit flooding the system that it is distorting price information by means of leverage and naked shorting. If you stick to the value, then you don’t care about the official price, you pull the share and thereby starve the financial beast.

        • bubba

          You to are correct, however…when the shtf, things will become local, damn near overnight. Tangibles will be the only way that you will get anything to survive.

          I don’t believe in any paper. In fact, I use it as fast as I get it to get what I need for the future…getting tangibles with fiat is a f$%king screaming deal right now…especially silver, gold, brass, copper and lead! I bought heirloom, hand picked and graded garden seeds the other day for under $100. I have enough seeds saved and stored for use and sharing with others for years to come…the food value is a 1,000,000% profit over that 100 pieces of crap.

          I’m all for starving the financial beast…and I’ll do it by controlling and having my assets where only I can reach them.

    • JPSerino

      Evil is the subtlest art. Men like Fu Manchu and Genghis Kahn had elaborate philosophies on it. Your point that some elites can be good, or not all that bad, is a rare exception, perhaps even a mutually exclusive proposition.the reason is, that, by definition, elites seek absolute domination and power, ie, control over their ‘competition’. These people who reach that point to be able to dominate global politics, finance and economics are on the dark side…period. Theirs is a split from reality, but not the reality we like to think of, of money, resources, infrastructure. Theirs is a reality of other men, of control of minds and wills…a spiritual reality that they seek to dominate because their nature is, in reality, like all humans who rebel against nature, against God, and seek to be their own gods. Their reality is that they worship the false god of materialism, which is controlled by the original rebel. As Dr. Stan Montieth so eloquently states, ” the battle for survival will be reality, not illusion or delusion, that will win for humanity to survive”.

  • Jack Sparrow

    Great interview with Bob Chapman. Thanks to you and Bob, i have sold all of my stocks and bought phyzz gold, land and phyzz silver. On one of Bob’s articles and on your site, I saw, what a great resource. The site saved me a few dollars on my last order. Is it your site or is it Bob’s? Either way, thanks for providing great insight to the coming collapse and great resources for gold and silver!

  • vinny

    SGT and friends,

    Half of my friends and family are all on board. they love silver, ron paul, the whole thing. But after I woke up from all the crap, I feel like I dont like tv, news, or any other entertainment. My gf came over to hang out and she does not care for any of this stuff. she’s still asleep. so I tried to watch snl with her and I can’t get into it. I just fall asleep and cant watch it. then afterwards we talked a little about politics. she votes for whoever her dad tells her to vote for. she talks about how her dad likes romney because ron paul can’t beat obama….and she doesnt care really cause her life is still good and the economy hasn’t hurt her family yet, anyway I’m just venting here, I just feel frustrated and wanna know how other people deal with their sheep family and friends, and how they woke them up and deal with them when they don’t wanna wake up.


    • bubba

      vinny…dump her and move on. If you are focused…stay focused. Being alone is how you learn about who you are, or find someone who gets it.

      sounds like you are under 25…I’m double that with 3 small grandboys. you and them are the future…be your own man, stand alone if necessary…being part of the crowd is bad unless they are on the side of liberty, freedom and self reliance.

      That is why many of us are here a sgtreport…if you haven’t clicked on Shawn’s link to …you should.

    • bubba

      and while your at it, go thru the sonsoflibertyacademy…it’s free by clicking on the Ghandi link if necessary…since your not into tv anymore. You will NOT be disappointed.

  • waz

    you talk about what Ron Paul needs to do… Bob is right that he needs to challenge the other candidates but he also has to start engaging the public… challenge them when he is interviewed. As the people if they are ready to accept what is going on… he needs to strike more of a cord with people and that is how you do it.
    When you are at any of these motivational seminars… (which I don’t go to…) but they are forever asking people questions… how many of you want to make more money… how many of you want this or that….

    Ron Paul needs to directly engage the people when he is interviewed and be direct about what the others are truly about…

    I must say though that he is getting better and better… The problem is that most people are too dumb to understand what he is talking about because they are too concerned about how many digital friends they have on their facebook accounts…

  • Zyll

    I have had some luck talking to them about what the Fed is- five minutes starting with jeckyll island, and ending with nixon’s gold window and legal tender laws. The fed must end or we’re doomed. If they respond to that, then they might understand why they only hear slander about Ron Paul. Best of luck my friend.

  • tricky rick

    the brainwashing of the American people has been non stop and complete for decades … from the news media to the entertainment industry. all those ‘wackos’ that are and have been discredited and disgraced… they are the ones we should take another look at.

  • mad man

    yes only forward, don’t look back……….”you don’t understand…there will be NO shire, marry”

  • mad man



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