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by SGT:

I just finished listening to the most gripping, honest and frightening interview that I’ve heard in years. With credit to James Puplava at, I’ll share some of it with you here.

It was with this shockingly candid letter to her clients and colleagues “The Entire System Has Been Utterly Destroyed By The MF Global Collapse” that Ann Barnhardt closed down her commodity brokerage firm Barnhardt Capital Management two weeks ago. Citing what she calls the “unprecedented, unfathomable and completely and totally intolerable actions of the CFTC, SEC and the CME following the MF Global collapse”, Barnhardt now lays it all out for those with the ears to hear.

If Pastor Lindsey William’s many warnings about the dangers of holding paper assets hasn’t convinced you of the risks, this probably will. Barnhardt pulls no punches referring to Jon Corzine as “one of these criminal Oligarchs”. In this lucid, articulate and dramatic rant, Ann Barnhardt carefully outlines the now absolutley dire state of affairs in the United States:

“You have to understand, people like Jon Corzine, these are evil, evil people. You have to stop thinking that these people are just misguided, or there’s some sort of difference of opinion on economic theory. These people are nefariously trying to destroy everything in this country. It’s called the Cloward-Piven strategy. Go in and destory and collapse the entire economy, everything. And then re-build a new Marxist Socialist Fascist State out of the burning rubble of this destruction. This is not a function of incompetence. It’s a function of malice of forethought and conscientious theft and destruction.”

At 25 minutes into this exceptional interview, acting as an honorable Watchman at the Tower warning her fellow Americans, Barnhardt warns:

“Get the hell out. Get out of all paper… This is going to cascade through everything. It’s going to get into the equities, it’s going to get into 401K’s and IRA’s, it’s going to get into pension plans. Total systematic collapse. Get out. I don’t know how I can be any more plain about this.”

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54 comments to **RED ALERT**: Ann Barnhardt Says “GET THE HELL OUT. GET OUT OF ALL PAPER.”

  • Troy

    I take my paycheck every two weeks, and buy things. I just got paid today. I order lots of things on Amazon. I ordered two 35 lb pails of Handy Pantry organic hard white wheat, and a Victorio hand grain mill today. I have been working on my “list” for three years now. I buy shoes, pants, socks, underwear…no shirts, I have tons of them, Himilayan sea salt, hundreds of canned food, pastas, Mountain House and Wise Foods long term food, silver…of course, some gold, guns, ammo, propane, propane heater, latern, grill, candles, toothpaste, floss, toothbrushes, an emergency water filter, bar soaps, toilet paper, kleenex, organic seeds, hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, laundry soap, Bragg vinegar for mixing with water and drinking, vinegar for cleaning,2 generators,and always 100 gallon gasoline supply. And when I have finished my “list”…I will buy even more silver than I’m buying now!

    • SGT

      Wow Troy, you are more prepared than me, more prepared than most. Well planned.

      • Phez

        Hey Sean, I listened to this interview and read her letter she put out a few weeks ago, very eye opening to say the least. I’m having a very difficult time with something and I would like to hear a few thoughts/suggestions on how to approach the issue and that is my wife’s 401k. It has been dropping like a stone for weeks now. She now understands the importance behind the massive quantities of precious metals I have bought over the past few years and she realizes that is our “savings” or “safety net”, that took a lot of explaining of the markets which she does not follow. She’s also an Engineer and has no common sense to the meaning of sound money and protecting your assets in horrific financial times like we have never witnessed before. She still thinks that markets will rebound and her 401k will come back and blah, blah, blah. There is also a close friend and co-worker who is absolutely “dumb founded” trying to convince her to move her allocations into bonds because this person claims to be making a killing with their 401k. yea, sure thing. I have her talked out of that one as my wife is not that blind to see paper assets are at severe risk but she won’t budge on her 401k?! I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place here. She understands my concern but won’t close out her account and pay the tax, and she fears she won’t have a retirement account, I tell her there is a good chance she won’t have one anyhow so what’s the difference. What should/could we do here? I try to tell her let’s cash it out and pay the taxes before it goes lower or to zero but no such luck. Any suggestion? Should we close out her account? I closed mine out and only have a SEP Roth with not much in it but like I said, I have my gold/silver as our financial lifeline that will not be touched until the last possible worst case scenario. Oh and to give you a little more insight for anyone with suggestions, she has a big chunk that is in “Safe Harbor non elective” which we cannot move and reallocate anyhow. Any suggestions and opinions would be greatly appreciated as I know I’m not the only person who is struggling with these decisions.

        • The Mad Ape

          If she wont cash out can she invest her 401K in foreign resource-based currency such as the Canadian dollar? Still fiat but it should hang on a bit longer than the US Dollar.

          How about the Sprott Silver Trust? PSLV Sprott Gold Trust? PYHS Not as good as physical but the metal is out or reach of the banksters in the Royal Canadian Mint and it is audited brick by brick.

          How about other consumable commodities? Wheat, soy, or corn for example. There will always be a demand. Mining stocks? Your stock means you own a piece of the company.

          I have stopped preaching to my friends and relatives because they told me that I have become to radical. I agree because I see the end game playing out and they refuse to accept it. It is just to far of a reach to think that this evil is pervasive at the upper echelons of power. They are still stuck in the left-right paradigm.

          I tell them about Ron Paul and I get ‘Ron Who?’. At some point I just took it upon myself to try and look out for them too. Hope I have enough to get us all through.

          If all else fails you should just keep acquiring the physical for both of you.

        • SGT

          Hey Phez, I can’t legally give that type of advice, but for me personally I’ve been cashing out my 401K in increments over 4 years, and plan to take out another chunk if we can get past December 31st without a total meltdown. I can’t take it all out in one lump sum w/o HUGE tax implications – and yet I very much take to heart what Ann says in the interview. Time is running out IMO – also, I have minign stocks and you know the different shcools of though there. So this subject is a very personal decision, tax-wise and for other reasons. Don’t panic. Would she be willing to cash out a percentage of the total?

          • Phez

            Thank you for your insight and to Mad Ape too. I realize you cannot legally give advice on the issue and that’s not what I was looking for. We have taken loans out against her 401k plan, all repaid back now but we still had to pay the interest to borrow it. Personally I really have a bad feeling about being in any paper assets whether it be stocks, bonds, commodities etc. Fortunately I am married into a large farm family so those hard commodities are of no real concern at this time but I still think farmers are at systemic risk as well. If I want to buy beans, corn, wheat, or Durham, I don’t have to go very far. lol. How does a person go about cashing out in increments? Yes I do think she would cash out a percentage of her total, she did stop her contributions last year and the only money going in is through her employer. The real fubar thing for me is I have spoken to the “professionals” and looked for some guidance on my concern but I get the same dumb founded reply from all of them. I even have a close relative who is a financial consultant at BofA/Meryl who thinks I’m nuts for wanting to cash out. The questions you asked me are things I will have to look into as I’m not sure exactly how the 401k plan was structured. I would much rather have those funds out of the system all together. I’m a little shy of my goal for my silver holdings, a lot shy of my goal for gold holdings but I’m comfortable as is. I continue to buy the metals on a very regular basis regardless of the price because if and when the manipulation ends, and I believe it will much sooner than anyone can imagine, it will not matter what price a guy buys at as long as he buys. Anyone who thinks that a total financial meltdown is a “radical” assumption should probably have there mental status checked. It is ugly right now and with the recent stunt by the worlds reserve banks, it just got a whole lot uglier. The MF global debacle got the ball rolling a little faster down hill and the events that are following are personally scaring the shit out of me. Especially the Iran headlines! I just don’t know what to do anymore without my wife looking at me like I’m a raging lunatic. Ironic thing is my hair turns more and more “silver” everyday! not gray, it is silver and I do find irony in that! Anyway, thank you for your insight and I will have to check into your suggestions to see if it is even possible to cash out a percentage. I was not aware that was even an option with a 401k, but I do know the “safe harbor non elective” cannot be touched which makes no sense to me either!

            • Julie

              Hey Phez – If she is still working for the company, usually you CAN’T “take the money out”. You can probably only take a loan against it, but you usually have to set up automatic payments from her paycheck.

              If *I* was in your shoes, I’d take out the BIGGEST loan you could, and the LONGEST repayment time (lowest payments). If everything falls apart, she will lose her job. If she cannot repay the 401K, it then gets treated as a withdrawal. But if we are there, WHO CARES? You should have enough resources to pay the tax hit (I’m guessing 25% taxes plus 10% early withdrawal penalties). That’s a loss of 35%, but if it stays in there how much are you going to lose?

              I’m telling everyone I can to get their money out of the stock market at the very least. Even if someone can’t take the $$ out of the 401K, they should at least be able to move it to a “Cash Fund” so they are not in ANY market stocks or bonds. Then they would just be vulnerable to inflation or hyperinflation. Last minute warnings might afford time to get some out, or by then they will probably have no job and the 401K would be accessible (you usually can’t withdraw while you are still working for the company).

              Good thing me and my hubby both lost our jobs in 2008, LOL!!!

              • Phez

                Thanks Julie! Yes she still works for the firm and we have already drawn loans from it, all paid back now and we did have the auto payments set up like you described. I had thought of doing exactly what you suggest by taking a loan out for the max with the minimum payment for the longest allowed loan plan. Even with taking a loan out for the max allowed, I can easily double if not triple that amount on my own in a very short period of time. I have several “plans” I could execute if I could only get my wife to see it through my eyes, that’s my main issue right now. I have looked over her plan several times and I just don’t find any benefit in any scenario having this money tied up in the system. The whole purpose of these “retirement” accounts has been simply shot to shit and I find it un-just that we cannot “bail out” ourselves with our own damn money, yet we have to put up with bankers and politicians stealing it right in front of our faces! Grrr, very frustrated!

    • The Mad Ape

      Good job dude! With recent events in Washington you may be labelled a terrorist. 😉

  • RandyJ (Biggman1611)

    Wow……..just dadgum wow. What an interview…..I generally don’t care for Puplava, but I can sure tolerate him to listen to this Lady! I love her intelligent yet plain spoken manner. No muss, no fuss, just get to the point and speak plainly. Fantastic.

  • Rahul S

    I listened to most of this interview. You’re right. This interview is amazing.

  • The Mad Ape

    While I commend her for what she did for her clients and for the truth she speaks here, this women concerns me. Why? She has a bunch of YouTube videos chastising all Muslims and the Koran.

    She actually burns pages.

    Don’t get me wrong there are some bad Muslims and yes some of their holy book is sickening but the same is true for Christians and the bible, which is rife with horrendous acts too.

    Most religious people are moderates and tend to stick to peaceful co-existence with others.

    My concern is that the truth movement is going to look to her as a respected spokesperson and her credibility will be shot the first time she goes mainstream thus slapping us in the face and giving more legitimacy to the MSM in the eyes of the sheep.

    Be careful people!

    • Phez

      No disrespect intended toward you here Mad Ape but we are talking financial liability/vulnerability and the explanation behind Ann’s decisions which are indeed very noble. Financial collapse and robbery by the world governments does not discriminate against religious views, we all lose!

      • The Mad Ape

        None taken. I just want people to beware of how this women could be built up into something larger than life and then shot down because of her extremism.

        Her message of financial doom is bang on and I applaud her for it.

        Think I will blog on this over the weekend. Call it preventative maintenance.

    • Mark

      The Bible tells us that horrendous acts happened.
      The Koran tell its followers to do horrendous acts.
      Big Difference

    • Valverities

      She doesn’t just burn pages, she uses bacon as bookmarks, and is generally a bigoted psychotic nut. I fail to understand this anti-Islam obsession some “Christians” have. The world could use less bigotry, not more.

      Sure, I’d say she’s right-on about heading toward a collapse, but I don’t need a bigoted psychotic nut to tell me that.

    • Ulrick

      The Mad Ape

      Islam does not tolerate any other religions, freedom of speech, freedom of thinking, indivual freedom, modernity. Islam is about war and violence. They exterminated the Jews and the Christians in the Middle East, Nord Africa, Turkey, and the buddhistes in Afghanistan and Pakistan. They recently burnt the locals of a famous satiric newspaper (Charlie Hebdo) in France because they published drawings of Mohamet.

      It takes a lot of guts to stand up and speak out again this intolerant and totalitarian cult. I wish more people were as courageous as this woman.

      • Valverities

        Over generalizing declarative statements without any supporting evidence to back them up. Typical reasoning for the Anti-Islam, pro-Militant Christian crowd.

  • Frank

    Just proves that we are now living under a Kleptocarcy!

  • Schmederling


    I do not want to sound negitave…. but does this not all sound much the same as the Y2K scare….

    • SGT

      Here’s the choice: A criminal Kleptocracy starting unnecessary wars and stealing everything that isn’t nailed down, or a computer glitch scare? I’ll take the computers not working all day long brutha. Facts are facts, and these guys do appear to be stealing everything now.

      • Tony

        Speaking about kleptocracy, it’s been on the news tonight that the IMF asked the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and the eurozone to “ease up” the process to help* (bailing out) the eurozone by printing more fiat notes, and prevent a major crash in the stock market. Like all of the interesting real news that one only passed once and lasted about 15 seconds. I watched the french CBC later in the evening, and it’s like it never aired… the news is gone into the abyss. Sounds like global QE to me.

  • NjoElectric

    For those invested in mining stocks, should we keep or sell? That is a difficult decision. Some say keep, some say sell.

    • Phez

      There was an article released a few weeks ago called “Peak Oil” and I cannot remember who wrote it but I will look for it and post a link. Basically it goes into great length and detail explaining what peak oil means and how it effects the mining companies. Once I read and re-read the article several times, it occurred to me this could be the precise reason why the mining stocks have been beat down so hard and helped me in my decision to sell out of everything I owned. I cannot explain to you in a way that does the article justice, it may be on the silver institutes website or you can google “Peak Oil” and you should be able to find it

      • NjoElectric

        Phez – Thanks for the insight dude, I’ll check it out.

        I find it crazy how silver and gold prices are high and yet mining stocks are slacking big time!

  • Schmederling

    Yeah I hear you Sean… and not in disagreement…. just thought I would through it out there… I am getting ready myself… perhaps not to the same extent as some but never the less I do not want to be left holding an empty bad of NOTHING,,, LOL

    Cheers – keep up the great work… chris

  • Khesph

    SGT still in paper?
    With everything you know?

  • shaw

    As I look at my bill to my internet provider(which will be paid)- reminded of 9-11 I know where I was and all the initial confusion and wonderment-work ceased(telemarketing) but the chaos didnt–with NO INTERNET for however long would make for a scramble to get additional preparations and of course our social communications wouldnt be deliberately disabled would they…? thanks for posting this interview – out of the mouth of 2/3 witnesses let every word be established….

  • Lucky Phil Downunder

    This woman, (sorry, Ann Barnhardt,) has “Hutzpah”. She says exactly what I have instinctively known for the last year, but she says it with knowledge, passion, intellect and guts.

    The last year has been a watershed for me. I’m nudging 55, and I’m pissed off with myself for being such a dumb-ass for so long..

    To quote Shakespeare, “there’s something rotten in the sate of Denmark” would be the understatement of the millenium. Now we all know exactly what the problem is. No if’s, but’s or excuses. We’ve been screwed, ever so subtly, for the last hundred years or so. And it’s about time some heads began to roll!!!

    I’m quietly working my way OUT of the system and trying to wake up as many as I can.
    Good luck everyone.

    Keep stacking, and may God (the real one)be with you!!!

  • Mike


    I just sent this interview to some of my “semi-awakened” friends who I know have significant money tied up in 401K’s. Thanks for posting. Also, I wanted to mention that I’m a former brainwashed neocon sheeple that just happened to click on one of your Woody O’Brien interviews back at the beginning of the year. Countless hours of reading and 11 months later, I can now actually understand Ann when she’s ranting about the Comex and the CME. But, most importantly, I’ve now successfully mobilized my family and a group of friends to get educated and start taking action to prepare for the storm that coming. You’ll be the first person I thank God for some time in the likely not-so-distant future when my family is eating despite collapsed currencies and chaos.

    • SGT

      Mike, thank you. To be able to have helped even one person wake up makes all of the effort worth while, all of my work now is a just a record for my kids that their dad tried to do the right thing when the chips were down. Now that the criminally insane ‘Indefinite Detention’ Bill has passed, please do keep the truth tellers in your prayers. I have no desire to “disappear” into one of the Goldman Sachs controlled gulags.

  • Daniel

    HEAVY HEAVY STUFF!! No tsunami could hold this lady back — she is such a blessing!!

    Be prepared and keep stacking Brothers and Sisters!!

  • John

    Sean, thank you for linking the interview. You have to love this woman. I hope we hear more from her in the future.

  • fayz

    Party round troy’s house!


  • JavaJunkie17

    Of all the interviews and articles I’ve read, this one scares me the most. Wow!

  • hoser

    Keep adding to your PM’s, food pantry, water (source), guns and ammo. Why would the government have built 800 FEMA camps scattered all over the US? Somethings coming people. I feel for the sheeple. It’s time to end the FED and cut-off the free money to our political whores in Washington. Somebody bitch-slap Pelosi for me. Any honest San Franers’ out there?

  • hoser

    Where was Ann in my single years? She is a remakable woman.

  • hoser

    One more thing; I hope those that voted for Obama are living in card-board boxes! Calus intended.

  • David

    Yea….I read her rant on zero hedge. She is an honest woman and I have a lot of respect for her. She certainly knows what she is talking about. I have never pledged allegiance to any country because of the things she talks of. Men in power are inclined towards evil, PERIOD. It has always been this way and always will be.

    I cashed out of my Roth IRA mid summer and went all in on silver. I hope they do start a whole new trading system, and sooner than within ten years. I can’t imagine the things that are going to transpire here in this country.

    There has to be a revolution.

  • dogbarker

    The company I work for will not let you cash out your 401k until you leave the company for 1 year. Even the president of the company cannot change this and is at the mercy of the brokerage firm. Anyone else here have this same problem? This whole thing screams SCAM.

    • Julie

      Hey dogbarker – see my reply to Phez above regarding his wife’s 401K. Yes, you are right, it is sure a SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!!! But you need to see what you can do to get around it. Borrow what you can against it and buy physical assets, and “invest” the rest in “cash”. At least when stocks and bonds go up in smoke your portfolio won’t lose “dollars”. Then you’ll probably lose your job and you can take it out since you don’t work there any more! 😉

      Uh Oh, since I am making this suggestion, now I’m probably going to be labeled a financial terrorist and I’m going to end up in a FEMA camp… 🙁 Wish me luck guys!

    • David

      If your 401k is big enough, it might be worth it to transfer to a similar job at another company without rolling it over. When will you ever see that kind of lump sum ever again? You want to make sure it goes where you want it to go. That’s why you started it in the first place.

      I suppose it depends on your particular view on the possibility of a 401k raid. If mine was big enough, you’d betcha I’d be doing the same thing. As a matter of fact, the reason why I got a Roth instead of a 401 was precisely because of my distrust with companies and the government. I decided I had heard enough of people losing their pensions and retirements for NO good reason, which they had saved for their entire lives. I had decided it was better to invest into an account that only I have power over. As it turns out, even a Roth IRA is susceptible to the stroke of a pen, by a single greedy individual. Precious metals is the ultimate retirement account.

      I’d say it at least deserves a lot of thought. If you had 40 G’s in your 401, imagine how much PM you could buy with that and be 100% certain, or at least as certain as possible in the physical world we live in……….this is the type of thinking that led me to cash out mine. Good luck and choose wisely.

  • mad man

    it’s all our fault “as said”

    simply, because we stopped living by our natural instincts since we born or at least the majority of us…!!!

  • Cheryl

    See here.

    Dunno if she’s Yiddish but she’s not short of the kind of chutzpah we’d like to see those actually blessed with cojones exhibit. Ahem.

    Don’t agree with burning Korans — if you want the blinking bull to gore you, go poke it in the eye — nor with telling them your address and saying if you want a piece of me, come and get it, but true, if you’re around bullies, you either stand up to them or they’ll make carpet of your dial.

    Few obs:

    – No wedding ring. Isaiah 13:12, Psalm 78:63. Yet another who won’t be marching down the aisle. Yep, add ’er

    – Again, someone getting in your face, when the pulpit ain’t. Jeremiah 2:8; 5:13, 31; 6:13; 8:10; 10:21; 12:10; 23:1-2, 11; Lamentations 2:14, 4:13; Hosea 9:7; Zephaniah 3:4; Amos 8:11

    – Woman stepping into the breach when no men. Isaiah 3:12, Psalm 12:1, Proverbs 27:12, Proverbs 28:12, Proverbs 28:28, Jeremiah 31:22, Jeremiah 50:37, Jeremiah 51:30, Amos 5:13, Nahum 3:13

    – Will we ever see this: Man with real fire in his guts, contrite spirit and purified heart preaching from the place of authority in the local church – sort of thing mainly only read about these days

    – Any call to repentance? If not, more cart before the horse

    You folks want America back? Then apart from moving into overdrive on steroids with organising to implement non-aggressor strategies and getting real smart about how you avoid DEWs, ‘brake failures,’ train and plane ‘accidents,’ stray bullets &c., you’ll have to seriously commit to the Lord Jesus Christ. Remember who it’s said the Constitution was made for?

  • Cheryl


    Sorry, either the italics feature at the end “went bung” or I goofed. The word “preaching” was the only thing meant to be italicised.

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  • playfred

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  • sam

    great blog I’m a huge poker fan from Stockholm

  • Roger

    Hope all you idiots listened to this hate monger and pulled your cash from the markets. I have made a very nice little profit by staying in.

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