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MUST HEAR: Ann Barnhardt – Gold, Silver & Near Future, “Monumental Market Disorder?”

from wepollock:

Warren Pollock interviews Ann Barnhardt of Barnhardt Capital Management. Ann shut the doors of her brokerage because she felt customer capital was no longer safe. Ann gives us her opinions about: gold and silver, the stability of markets, conduct of regulators, and the potential for systems and currency collapse. We also discuss the possibility of the need to barter as the system fails and the mathematical impossibility of correcting the over-leveraged financial mess now reaching its inevitable conclusion, thereby creating a future of “monumental market disorder”.

“You cannot deal with these people and work off the assumption that they are honest or that they actually believe anything they are saying… the entire planet is not worth the amount of leverage that they have… there isn’t that much precious metal remaining in the crust of the earth.”— Ann Barnhardt

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7 comments to MUST HEAR: Ann Barnhardt – Gold, Silver & Near Future, “Monumental Market Disorder?”

  • Tim

    She’s very intense. Nobody knows when this whole thing will collapse. But I also think The Powers That Be can keep the game going for a while. They have a few more things left in their Keynesian Bag o’ Tricks.

    • john pletcher

      tim…..can you email me to tell me how i can delete my question i just posted by mistake? i’m not seeing a contact phone an ive never posted before. i failed to see it was going to be posted for all to read, was thinking it would go to someone in the SGT office…..i havent had my coffee yet :)and wasnt with it. i certainly dont wish to have my phone listed
      john pletcher

  • john pletcher

    i dont have anyone else to ask so im sorry to ask you to take your time to respond
    most of my retirement i put into silver miners about a year ago after i had to close my construction business.
    the stocks have gone way under now but should i get out of these stocks or are these safe longer term?
    thank you again for your time
    john pletcher

    • SGT

      If it makes you feel any better at all – and I’m sure it won’t – I’d have mountains more money in my “hypothecated” brokerage account if I’d gone to cash before the May metals raid, we all would. I think we can all see what’s going on here now. I just tried to articulate it in my latest post this morning, which is at the top of SGTreport. Now that we understand the magnitude of the pure and rampant criminality of the enitre system, it’s multiples worse than I even suspected. I can’t tell you what to do, I can barely get myself to do it because I believe in the “mining shares story”… but knowing everything we know now, just since the MF Global collapse… what can I say? It’s a dark period and looks to get only darker. I wish you the best in whatever you decide to do.

  • Bob Arsenault

    SGT. I took it a huge hit. Lost 25% of my money in miners. i know i probably sold at the low. oh well. I can’t trust the markets any longer. I bought my 5 ounces of gold, and 30 ounces of silver with the proceeds. hopefully I’ve compensated for my selling at the low in miners, and buying at the low in phyzz. I closed all my accounts. I’m forever done with the markets or until the resetting of the currency happens, and honesty and normalcy return on day in the future…if they should ever come.

  • Jack Sparrow

    SGT….Thanks for posting this! Ann Barnhardt is awesome and correct!! The paper markets will become meaningless sometime in the near future. I bought some more physical silver today. I used the site you have linked here “”. What a great site…it saved me some money big time. Is that yours?
    Keep up the great work and Merry Christmas!

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