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What A JP Morgan “Mistake” Will Do To The Price of Silver

by Bix Weir,

So as we sit here pondering the myriad of Global Monetary Implosions happening as we speak one thing always seems to come back to the forefront..

What happens to the price of SILVER if JP Morgan is caught up in all this mayhem and goes down? just posted a very plausible scenario where the CDS’s that are imploding in Europe could easily destroy the top 5 US banks that trade 97% of these toxic derivatives.

Clearly JP Morgan is in the cross-hairs of the current derivative implosions…but what does that mean for SILVER? A LOT!

I believe that JPM is the ONLY large seller of silver left on the COMEX and LBM. They are also in charge of the “silver short hot potato” that has destroyed many companies that tried to control the silver bull including Bear Stearns, AIG, Drexal Burnham and more going back decades. No one in their right mind would take the short side of silver unless they had to defend “the system” which is precisely what JPM is trying to do.

So while JPM fights to keep the price of silver down with massive derivative shorts their multi-trillion dollar CDS book is blowing up! JPM is on the edge of the cliff and will drag everyone to the depths of the abyss as they go down.

Remember…if JPM is destroyed then there will be NO SELLERS left in the silver pits.


None at $50.

None at $100

None at $500

None at $1,000


Of course the global market for silver will shut down before the EXCHANGES are exposed as the corrupt entities that they are. Watch for claims of “FORCE MAJEURE” to be used in their defense.

Very soon we will know the REAL “Fair Market Value” of silver and you can bet it will start with 4 DIGITS!

The end game is upon us so stock up on all the physical silver you can and trade every single electronic blip and every scrap of paper money for SOMETHING REAL….


May the Road you choose be the Right Road – Bix

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