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Stand For Liberty, Not Madness: Say HELL NO to ‘Black Friday’

by SGT:

Just look at the ‘Black Friday’ ads from Target and Walmart this year. They treat us like we’re morons (epic FAIL Mr. Steinhafel & Mr. Francis). Who on earth does this degrading and infantile advertising appeal to? I’ll tell you who. The sheeple.

As you watch this pathetic spot, keep in mind that there probably isn’t one item in that 2-Day Sale ad flyer that’s made in America. She’s hyperventilating over cheap Chinese slave goods, which is what the executives at Target want YOU to do. How sick is that?

This year, say NO to the dehumanizing experience of standing in long lines in the middle of the night, like cattle. Say no to stampeding through the aisles of big box Fortune 100 stores in search of discounted trinkets made by slaves in foreign lands. Instead, stand for liberty, honor and self-respect. We are sovereign human beings, and each of us is powerful, unique and special. And ‘Black Friday’ is a sick corporate joke on the bankrupt American people, who collectively will never be ‘in the black’ (out of debt), again.

We are the informed. And as many of us have stopped doing with big banks, we’re not going to feed this sick system of mega-retailers – who have outsourced EVERYTHING – with our hard earned dollars any longer.

Tell the big box retailers that you’re mad as hell and you’re not going to take it any more. Shop small, shop locally. Let’s support each other instead of feeding this Beast.

The Madness of a Lost Society
The Madness of a Lost Society 2:
Final Warnings

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28 comments to Stand For Liberty, Not Madness: Say HELL NO to ‘Black Friday’

  • Skybird

    Right on SGT. I have been saying HELL NO to ‘Black Friday’ for years.

  • The Old Man


    SGT – Thank you for your efforts in helping to wake people up. This site, in my opinion, is now the number 1 site of its type.

    I fear however that it is now too late to step back from the edge, indeed, I feel that we are starting to tumble off the cliff and will soon begin to freefall unless we can grab onto something substantial to stop our fall (and maybe even pull ourselves back up with).

    Despite your best efforts, and the efforts of countless other people around the world who genuinely care about other human beings and the society we live in, I feel that the world as we know it is about to change. Perhaps it will change for the better – who can tell. Either way the change / transition will not be easy.

    I draw strength from knowing that people in the past have lived through all sorts of terrible events and have come through. I also draw strength from my faith in God, and I pray that any trials and suffering to come is short and not too painful for any of us.

    SGT – Keep up the good work done on this site – it is appreciated, and may God bless you.

    • SGT

      Thanks T.O.M. – I draw strength from the collective good will of everyone who visits this web site each day, and particularly from those of you who are kind enough to comment from time to time. I like it a lot when any of the posts inspires conversations between posters in these threads. It’s a very informed, pro-active, good community here. 🙂

  • Troy

    As Butthead once said in his great wisdom…..”Black Friday sucks, huh huh”

  • Number Six

    I hate shopping and stay away from malls, never partaking in “Black Friday.”

    But sorry, I had to do it this week, to purchase…some survival gear! As well as some Christian books and tracts to help save the “dazed and confused.”

  • SGT

    we hear ya Frank. Sadly I know far more sheeple than enlightened souls who give a damn.

    • Phez

      In regards to “Black Friday, I think it is absurd there are protests happening because some feel it is “unfair” these workers have to work late hours and on a holiday. Well for one it is made very clear upon hire that they may be required to work holidays and weekends, and for two the people that are working at least have a job and these dumb protests do not stick up for the worker what so ever. How can people bitch about having to work when many people don’t have and cannot get a job?? And for what our government has done to our economy, you certainly cannot fault people for trying to save a few bucks. I know that the majority of “black friday specials” just benefit the foreign economy which is horse shit, but nothing is made in America and the products that are, are very expensive vs. the foreign garbage on the shelves of the big retailers. The government also makes it so damn chaotic, not to mention expensive, for American companies to hire employees to make the American goods. All part of the master plan for the bankers and the gubmint. Yes buy American if you can afford it, but is that really enough in the grand scheme of things? What else could and should be done? This is one very sharp ass double edged sword!!

  • Valverities

    I’d say this Kohl’s ad is much worse:

    Being rude to the elderly, taking something out of another women’s purse, kohl cash…etc

  • Admiral

    I was going to send you an email about the ad with the woman orgasming to the Target circular, but somehow I knew you’d find it. It’s really absurd to ignore.

  • Paul Prichard

    A lady shopper in California has used pepper spray on fellow shoppers – utter madness.

  • Mike B

    It has got to the point that I can not stand to watch television due to the insulting nature of ads such as this. I once asked myself “do they really expect me to believe that?” it was at that point I realized…we are the minority. We are informed.

  • David

    McDonalds is likewise tries WAY too hard on their advertising. Personally I ignore stupid ads like the target 2 day sale, as if they were selling at discount some kind of meth amphetamine that we were all addicted to. Its bullshit and personally I can do without 9/10 of it.

    After one gets the bare essentials like food, water, clothing and shelter, it is up to the person living inside the body to determine the quality of life he/she is going to live.

  • David

    On another subject, does anyone else find it odd that the price of silver has not fluctuated at all for almost a week?

    • SGT

      silver was down hard today – it’s totlly absurd. A rare and precious commodity – and monetary metal – trading for $31/ounce when it should be well over $150. And the sheeple charging up their credit cards at Walmart today, have no idea. Keep stacking friends, because these fire sale prices on Ag won’t last forever.

      • David

        Well, I thought your widget has been saying 31 for almost a week, and I KNOW my kitco widget has read a solid and stable 32.15 for almost a week.

  • dogbaker

    I just had Black Friday from the comfort of my own home….Silver for the cheap @ 31 today. Thanks banksters for the deep discount 🙂

  • rodjen78

    One day the dumb actress in the clip will be so sorry of having sold her soul to the consumption god, and having made such an idiot of herselve. Imagine the bankrupted kids watching their mother doing this kind of crap …

  • rodjen78

    Actually, the hysteric clip makes quite sense. Just think of the booklet being a notice from the FED saying that the currency has been destroyed in 2 days of catastrophic sell-off.

    FED booklet: “In the attachment please find the new 100 dollar bill as a replacement for all your former life savings and the invalidated government liabilities.”

    Hysteric woman: “It’s here, it’s here!”

  • tod

    This is a disturbing video of the AZ police hard at work smashing a grandpas face at Wal-Mart today. Not sure what the guy did and I have heard conflicting stories. Still this seems extreme to me.

  • tod

    Here is an article in the Buckeye AZ paper about the incedent at Wally world today.

  • Ed_B

    I will shop on Black Friday when they have silver and ammo on sale.

  • cyrus


    These videos are even more relevant this year than last. Believe it or not, one day people may go back and watch these videos and marvel how few people really understood what was happening. I think it is like a classic movie, people will watch it to be inspired NOT to turn out the way we did as a nation. Great Work.

  • M1775

    silver will be par with oil eventualy

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