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Nomi Prins (SGTreport Exclusive): “Now’s Not The Time To Be a Hero, Better To Be in Cash (& Silver or Gold)”

by SGT:

Happy Thanksgiving friends! Here’s my new interview with Author and Journalist Nomi Prins. As a former Managing Director at Goldman Sachs, Nomi has first hand experience with the criminal class. But she was able to walk away with her soul intact, and now she’s dedicated to exposing them. Nomi and I speak in detail about MF Global, Jon Corzine and the criminal Kleptocracy.

Vist Nomi’s site and read her latest posts and nationally published aritcles at

Part 1: MF Global & Corzine, the Made Man
Part 2: The Rigged House of Cards Crumbles
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11 comments to Nomi Prins (SGTreport Exclusive): “Now’s Not The Time To Be a Hero, Better To Be in Cash (& Silver or Gold)”

  • Paul Prichard

    They are criminals, they have always been criminals, they will always be criminals and until we take a page out of China’s book and put them on trial for their life they will continue to financially and economically rape everyone.

  • MF Global

    You always needs Currency for everyday transactions but you must have your of “RESERVES” and build it up. Say you have 10,000 Dollars as safety net, I would get 4k in Gold and 6k in Silver. The reason I would have more in silver is due to Fundamentals of Silver and the better percent Return. Do not forget to have Back up food, Cloths and a Emergency plan and family structure.

  • We Are Change Windsor


    First off, I would like to say I absolutely love your work. You have not only inspired me, you have educated me, my family and my friend, with whom I have shared much of your work.

    Have you considered creating audio Podcasts? I do not have access to YouTube at work and feel there may be many people who do not have access to it, who would greatly benefit from getting a periodical podcast.

    Thanks again!

    Jeff H.
    We Are Change Windsor

    • SGT

      Thanks Jeff, I sure appreciate it. I love the work of We Are Change, Luke Radowski helped inspire me to get started with what I’m doing – BE the change you want to see in the world! I’ll check on at least making the interviews downloadable as mp3’s. I think that’s possible, which would help, I know my You Tube vids are blocked in Germany too. Best to all of you guys who are reading these comments and posting, we’re all in this (global) mess together!

  • Steve_D

    Superb stuff once again Sean, you hit it out of the park once again.

    Happy thanks giving.

  • Keving

    Nice work !
    Looking at all this from Ireland, and I’m sorry to say it’s the same story all over.
    Try to inform, and often seen as “OTT”
    Still, all you can do is try, and I’ll always be able to look in the mirror when it all pans out!
    Keep up the good work !

  • Bob R

    Good stuff, and she is HOT. Just Sayin 🙂

    But, keep your money in a bank or banks even if you have to earn a negative return – yuko. I don’t think so.

  • Troy

    I hear Goldman Sachs big wigs are buyin gold and silver.

  • Al

    Sean – did you ask Nomi about her close ties to the globalist think tank Demos? The fact she is a fellow? Do you know about this organisation and her part in it?

    If you don’t, you should. They are engaging school children here in the UK around the concept of “not trusting” everything they read on the internet, particularly those “ridiculous” conspiracy theories we all occasionally hear about…

  • Al

    Think I may have mis-spoken here – looks like she is with which is different to Would be interested to know if anyone know anything about the US organisation, how exactly does it seek to influence and on who’s dollar?

  • Anon

    Here is why Nomi Prins is 100% CORRECT, about being PARTICULARLY in SILVER (or gold):

    Source of the quotes which follow: MILES FRANKLIN NEWSLETTER

    “Silver Eagle sales consumed 114% of U.S. domestic silver production in 2011, whereas Gold Eagle sales accounted for only 13.5% of domestic gold production.

    The public is beginning to understand that silver offers a much more affordable way to protect one’s wealth than gold. This realization has now taken a bigger bite out of the U.S. domestic silver production pie than is available. Even though the United States can import silver presently to supply its investment and industrial
    demand, this situation will change when the U.S. economy enters into STAGE 2 of the collapse.”

    “Despite the terrible conditions during the “Great Depression”, at least the country had two positive factors going for it: 1) A banking system backed by gold and 2) vast resources of energy, metals and minerals to tap into to pull itself out of its current market ills.

    Today, the banking system is on the verge of collapse and the country has consumed its best resources which peaked 40-50 years ago.”

    “Briefly, Orlov witnessed firsthand the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989 and then wrote a book titled Reinventing Collapse: The Soviet Example and American Prospects describing these different stages. According to Orlov, a country does not have to systematically go through all five stages of collapse. But when the financial collapse occurs, the commercial collapse is sure to follow. With all things considered, Orlov believes the overall conditions are far worse in the United States today than they were for the U.S.S.R in 1989.”

    “The graph above indicates the degree of mass psychology in the different investments. Presently, the overwhelming majority is invested in the $17 trillion retirement market. Unfortunately, these retirement assets (all on fiat paper) will go the same way that the housing and financial markets did in 2008-2009. It is only a matter of time.”

    “All retirement plans are based on a continued income stream from the market. There is really nothing backing these assets except the faith that the market will continue to grow and function providing the returns to pay its investors when they retire. However, the financial system already experienced its Negative Paradigm
    Shift in 2007-2008, rendering growth at its necessary rate to perpetually sustain an income stream under a fiat monetary system now impossible.”

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