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SGTreport Presents: Celente, Corzine and the Great U.S. Bank Holiday

by SGT:

The Criminal class now runs everything. Can’t wake up your friends? Well, if they still don’t ‘get it’ after watching this micro-doc, they’re probably beyond help. Gerald Celente talks to Alex Jones about MF Global, Jon Corzine and the great U.S. bank holiday. As far as holidays go, trust me, Thanksgiving is way better. ~SGT

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11 comments to SGTreport Presents: Celente, Corzine and the Great U.S. Bank Holiday

  • Zyll

    Thanks for posting this, because my wife was saying “Who’s Corzine, and why should we care?” This story is straight out of that movie in theaters now called “Tower Heist!”

  • The Old Man

    Spot on regarding the ‘Bank Holiday’. The system is coming apart at the seems, and everybody with eyes to see and ears to hear is getting out of the system NOW. The banks runs have already started as far as the ‘big boys’ are concerned, and the withdrawl of cash savings by the little guy has already started too (but by nowhere enough ‘little guys’ yet). In fact the big boys are now in such a rush to get themselves out of the system that they no longer care about keeping up appearances or even about the rule of law.

    Panic will soon set in, and when it does the ATM machines get switched off and the banks shut their doors. If you dont have cash in your hand, PMs in your safe, and food in your cupboard you may find yourself in trouble.

    I have warned everyone I know that the Christmas and New Year Holiday period could be the time when the ‘off switch’ is thrown. If it doesn’t happen then I can’t think of when the next best opportunity for a controlled Global financial shutdown will come around.

    If they leave it until further into the new year it will all end in tears and maybe even in chaos(unless that is of course the idea – order out of chaos and all that NWO stuff).

    Anyway, if you have not done so already, get your savings and paper investments out of the system and into your own hands. The system as we know it is already on borrowed time and vulnerable to any one of a whole flock of black swans ….

  • shaw

    Senator Joe Biden author of the Patriot Act(1977 or so)

  • David

    Wow….this could definitely be possible.

  • Julie

    If there is a “bank holiday”, how would that work for someone with savings and bills to pay? That’s all electronic transfers of numbers from one institution to another (your bank to the power company’s bank). If you’re not actually trying to get your CASH out, would it affect your ability to “pay your bills?” I’m worried about my mom – she has “money” in the bank and some Exxon stock.

    • Ben

      Get her money, all of it, out of the bank. The banks will be closed. That means they will not be doing business. Safety deposit boxes will be unavailable. The doors will be locked. There will be bank runs beforehand. The early ones will get the cash, be early of you’ll be out of luck.

  • Steve_D

    Great Micro doc Sean.

  • hoser

    Biden is a “Used Car Salesman.” Nothing more. He cheated his way thru college. The man is an absolute IDIOT! Dan Quayle is a rocket scientist compared to Biden.

  • Gordon

    Gerald Celente just got over 100,000 dollars in Gold stolen by MF, so he is emotionally involved. We do know that the unemployment rate is rising, the figures are anywhere from 10% to 25%, it is hard to say. We do know in past history, at recorded 25% levels of unemployment, violent revolutions do occur. When you have nothing you have nothing to lose. For some reason which is difficult to understand, people still are supporting Obama and his communist/socialist elites. If you look at the history of Russia, the russian revolution did well with pushing class envy and rich versus poor. But the only thing that resulted with a dictatorship with a few rich and lots of poor, just what what they had before, but the new boss was more ruthless. The Democrats have been very good at marketing communism and their themes, they push individuals themes of homosexualism, your selfism, basically the democrats are very good at pushing hate and getting haters to join together. The Democrats are the party of the very rich and the very poor. The very poor are just sheeple and they believe it, the middle class democrats, will be poor in short order. The Unions are pushing communism. The Republicans are the party of small business men and women. They are too independent to get together and see that they are being stepped upon with lies and lies and more lies. They call the Republicans the party of the rich, but just go to a republican convention, and you will see that this is not true. The republicans are a bunch of individuals that do not have the ability to join as a team. The democrats with their very rich, have successfully purchased marketing people to do the job of getting people to hate in the right direction. The massive poor that claim to be democrats, have no idea that they are being used to push in communism and to destroy the very freedom of which they believe they are fighting for. Look at the history of the democrats, the KKK is a democrat group, the democrats fought for racism, the democrats hated blacks and yet the blacks flock to the democratic party. The democrats hate jews and yet the jews flock to the democratic party. The democrats did everything they could to stop women from voting, yet the women’s movement flocks to the democratic party. Look in Forbes top US 100 rich folk, you will find 95 of the top 100 are democrats. The very rich Democrats have done well with marketing. They very thing the democrats hate, they have those people believing that they are democrats.
    You need to be impressed with the democrats and their marketing scheme. However, if anyone actually reads real books and real articles with facts behind them, they will see that the democrats are pushing communism and complete dictator control.
    However, the poor are not good readers. And the haters do not want to read facts.

  • MattS

    Unless Celente took an all-or-nothing position, it appears his funds are not available for their stated intended purpose (take delivery on physical gold), but may be refunded in the future. Wait till the fat lady sings.

  • Frank

    Read this bill that will be voted on next week. Read it and weep, you ignorant American SHEEP! This bill by that arse John McCain and some loser liberal (same thing) will enable the gov’t to legally detain American citizens without cause.
    Don’t believe it? Well, ill-informed American idiot, read it here on the Library of Congress’ website (you moron):

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