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SWAT Teams in St. Louis Protect Bank of America; Customers Can’t Withdrawal – Bank Run?

by Mac Slavo,

If this isn’t a indication of what’s to come, then we don’t know what is. This is what it’s going to look like when you try to get to the bank in the middle of a panic.

From what we can gather, according to eye witness testimony, St. Louis PD has barricaded the Bank of America building and is refusing customer access to deposits. […]

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12 comments to SWAT Teams in St. Louis Protect Bank of America; Customers Can’t Withdrawal – Bank Run?

  • Paul Prichard

    Can depositors not even initiate a wire transfer ?

  • Steve_D

    They told him he had to withdraw his cash online, then…….Oooooops the website just went down.

  • Paul Prichard

    This f**ked up s**t has been going for about 2 months ?

  • The first people who attempted to fly, didnt know they were crashing until the ground came up and hit them. If we are the MIGHTIEST MOST BAD ASS COUNTRY in the history of the world, then my friends i hate to tell you. WE WONT KNOW WE WERE CRASHING UNTIL WE HIT THE GROUND. There is no reference point in this country for what is happening.

  • Tony

    I can’t prove it, but i think this an old video……hope I’m wrong but I think I’ve seen this at an earlier time? Either way BoA is DoA

  • Troy

    I cash my check on payday, and keep ALL CASH. I don’t leave any money in the banksters hands. I ordered a 10 ounce Kook from Gainsville today when silver was down in the $28 range. $351 and some change

    • david

      You are a very smart man Troy…

      I’m am going to do the same. Tomorrow I am going to march into my boss’ office, grab him by the collar, slap him in the face and demand he discontinue my direct deposit and give me a check instead!!!!!

      Okay armageddon isn’t here just yet. I got a bit excited there. Perhaps I will just politely ask.

  • Bob

    Oh man, we’re close my friends. A few years back no one cared about what was going on, but I believe that the people of the world are starting to wake up and fast. There is so much going on that they can’t ignore it, but some are still slow to react. There is very little time for all the people to do what needs to be done. I cashed out my 401k earlier this year and bought gold and silver. We’re close really really close to the edge. Start buying food and necessities this weekend bit by bit.

  • AMEEN have an update on this video,

    UPDATE: October 4, 2011 ; 16:30
    It has come to our attention that this video was originally published in August of this year, thus is not a reflection of OccupyProtests currently taking place in New York and the rest of the U.S. We apologize to our readers for the mistake and inconvenience. While not exactly timely, the video nonetheless reflects what we believe will be the response by police departments the country over if bank runs were to become reality.


  • PitBull Pappa

    This video is from mid August but it is a glimpse of what we will soon be seeing all over the country. Bankrupt of America is the going down… it’s just a matter of when.

    Keep stack’n… hold strong & go long…


  • richard reeves

    don’t buy gold or silver until you have enough food water (or water filters)clothes tools and ammo all of which can be used without needing to trade with someone else. silver and gold are great only for trading and only if there is something to trade for. best to keep some at a location other than your house or make a deal with a friend to share if needed. the big question is how much is “enough”

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