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OCCUPY HEARTS & MINDS: The Spirit of Liberty – a SGT micro-doc

The ‘Occupy’ movement is making it’s way across the country. I personally visited with and interviewed protestors in Minnesota and discovered that their hearts and minds are focused, on Liberty.

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33 comments to OCCUPY HEARTS & MINDS: The Spirit of Liberty – a SGT micro-doc

  • Brian

    Good show….I will add: I want DEBT FREE money/currency/tender whatever. USN’s aka Greenbacks, silver, and gold. Stop securitizing my paychecks and emitting crap debt paper!

  • Troy

    I personally cancelled my HSBC credit card, and got a new Cabela’s credit card. I also bought 9 silver dollars, 2 silver quarters, 6 silver dimes today. This was all done today by me, my little personal help to fight the global criminal bansters.

  • John Doe

    COPY AND PASTE! “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.” — Thomas Jefferson

  • Steve_D

    Sean, I liked the way that you focussed on the real people voicing their concerns about the real issues effecting them.

    This movement can be a massive spring board in the education of the general public to the evils of a private central banking system, stealing the people’s wealth.

    Sean, as per usual you are doing great work. I’m proud to be part of your community on this website.

    • SGT

      Thanks guys. It’s just great to have all of you here, sharing thoughts & ideas, commenting, and making this site a richer experience for everyone.

      • david

        I also appreciate seeing you heading out into the chaos and doing some interviews. It shows a lot of character. I am thinking about heading out there soon too. It would be nice if I had a partner in crime to go with though, I haven’t ever been to NYC. I hear the traffic can be chaos, and is probably worse considering present circumstances. I’ll probably just take a choo-choo out there instead.

  • david

    I’m joining the occupy my girlfriend’s bed movement…started by yours truly. Great presentation man…I like it a lot. Here here….

    • david

      Took delivery of 51 more oz of silver yesterday…

      20 Eagles
      7 Libertads
      2 Philharmonics
      5 Maples
      17 assorted rounds and bars
      + a couple hearty bags of “junk” silver

      • SGT

        good size delivery d, there’s nothing better than getting Ag in the mail, imo. Well, Au is nice too.

        • david

          Yeah definitely man…with the bank of america and dexia deal going on now, and especially SWAT at the door of BOA, I was starting to get a little nervous and figured it was time. From now on, I am probably going to save my fiat and buy the dips, taking delivery each time, instead of buying each week and storing.

        • Troy

          I just got one of my orders today from Gainsville, 25 maples. I’m still waiting for my 25 Cougars, and my 10 oz Kook.

    • Phez

      c’mon dude, is that all the class you posses? or was that the only creative thing you could think of? get it together bro and quit sounding like the ignorant punk following the crowd and use some intelligence would ya? we are all in the shit house together and I won’t defend someone with no sense and sounds like a punk, just figuratively speaking………..

  • Phez

    Sean, just wanted to say thanks for coming to MN to see for yourself what is catching on all over this country and you help spread the truth by your work. This hits close to home for me as Minneapolis is my back yard, so to speak, or down the street for a better analogy. 🙂 I have been trying to do my part just by helping make people aware of what is truly happening all around us. Some still are in total denial, others have finally begun to see that the MSM does not report the true facts. There also have been smaller protest flaring up in my city and is most likely a small example of what is coming if things do not change drastically. But the fact is even with Ron Paul, the changes we need and that he presents will still take time and be very painful on the economic front for some time but at least if we get to that point, we should all begin to feel some relief…….

  • Oh ya the US federal reserve will end only to be replaced by a world reserve ie… one world government this all plays right into the 1% plans this occupy wall street was co opted by the 1% hell even George Soros supports “occupy Wall Street” and he is the master of reverse physcology

    • that’s why we must aim to educate the masses so we never have this slave system as a leech sucking our wealth from us again.
      This isn’t the time to give up and say “it’s no use, they will screw us either way” this is the time to stand strong and TELL them we have had enough, we want our Freedom back, we want a system that is for the benefit of the many, not the few.

      Keep on believing, keep on waking people up & most of all keep on stacking.

  • WOLF

    Nice to see people out and about mixing it up with ideas and not in front of the tube. That is the biggest accomplishment.

  • Bob


    SGS has a new site – link to it!!!!!

  • NjoElectric

    Loved the video Sean. Keep up the good work!!!!

  • dennis

    Salute to you, Sean.
    Keep it up on the good work you do.
    I love this country, I don’t want to go back to my previous country where there are
    a lot less freedom (where protesters do get shot). I got no where to go but to stay here. Gotta see what this country is going through in the very near future, for better or worse.

  • DrBanjo

    I check your website daily. I’m live in the east metro area of the Twin Cities. If you need an ally with eyes and ears around town, I am self-employed, a stacker of phyz, have lived in the Twin Cities all my life, and can engage when necsessary since I set my own schedule. Thanks for youir efforts.

  • silberblick

    Here is what former regional member of the FED, Herman Cain, had to say about the protesters:

    “Don’t blame Wall Street,” he told protesters, in an interview with the Wall St. Journal. “Don’t blame the big banks. If you don’t have a job and you’re not rich, blame yourself. It’s not a person’s fault because they succeeded. It is a person’s fault if they failed. And so this is why I don’t understand these demonstrations and what is it that they’re looking for.”

    Yes, unfortunately those who are disconnected from the loss of liberty and the loss of jobs due to greed would have no idea what people want. What a goober.

    • david

      Yeah, I am so SICK of hearing this type nonsense. This scumbag OBVIOUSLY doesn’t understand a few things about life outside of his self-absorbed world.

      No matter what: MANY ARE THOSE upon this earth to whom a chance at success has never been given. Not a single solitary shadow of hope. It doesn’t matter how long they strove for it, no matter how many gallons of sweat they poured out, no matter how much they cried, bled, hoped upon hope and believed upon belief. No matter how far they walked, ran or swam, and no matter how they arranged their chips on the board…they were set up for poverty, failure, misfortune, and death in obscurity…from the very first breath they took at birth.

      Contrariwise, this man is ignorant of the fact that there are those who were simply lined up for success, blessings, and all the bounty of a fortunate man, since their birth.

      It makes me utterly sick to think about this man’s perspective, how he thinks that we ought not blame wall street for their robbery of those who had nothing even before everything was taken from them. Sick to my stomach. And then these kinds of sniveling pricks have the audacity to look down on everyone else as a life filled with failure.

      These types of people are the ultimate scum, not worth the skin which covers their own bodies and their deaths ought to be looked forward to by everyone.

  • silberblick


    in your next microblog, please introduce in your vocabulary (start using) the word “collaborator” to identify those who give cover, refuge and support to the oligarchy that oppresses the 99%.

  • Great video, thanks!

    I’m showing it to my political science classes tomorrow!

  • Maximus

    Almost everything I see from these protests tells me that the majority of people involved and engaged do NOT understand liberty nor do they care to.

    This movement is not good for the liberty movement currently and is in danger of completely falling into the hands of the statists. This in turn will mean LESS liberty and more statism.

    The liberty movement should be organizing (some are, so should everyone reading this) and befriending protesters as to help define the organizational goals and decisions. They are desperate for a leader, it is human nature, but their leader can be an “idea”. Liberty is a pretty big (and powerful) idea.

    If that doesn’t happen it will infiltrated and co-opted by the statists.

  • Travis

    Good work Sean, glad to see that you are reporting from “ground zero”! What other issues were people campaigning on? I’ve heard there are many people calling for communism/ socialism. What % wanted or knew about ending the FED

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