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Andrew Gavin Marshall (SGTreport Exclusive): The Bilderberg Group, the Press & 9/11

Here’s my in-depth 2-part interview with Globalization researcher and contributor Andrew Gavin Marshall. We talk about the Bilderberg Group, the controlled Press and 9/11. You can read Andrew’s work at

Part 1:
Part 2:
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9 comments to Andrew Gavin Marshall (SGTreport Exclusive): The Bilderberg Group, the Press & 9/11

  • Steve_D

    Great interview Sean, here’s some good info on the Vatican/Jesuits and their finances that you may find very interesting.

  • David

    It is very surprising to come to a deep understanding of things that are not always as they seem. But when you come to that understanding, it is no longer surprising.

  • SGT

    Back at you brutha, A+ Saturday morning posts!

  • Dan

    Hey SGT, another arm that wasn’t discussed directly, but I believe also plays a role in this is Hollywood. I’m curious to hear Andrew’s take on that and also to understand how films that show us the system in allegory, such as the Matrix, Fight Club, Network, Brazil, Rollover, and even Ants, are allowed to be made when they so blatantly display ideas that run counter to the very system of control that decides which films get made and what ideas get propagated. Basically, how do these nuggets of truth get past the gate keepers? Thanks.

  • Mike G

    Hey SGT, thanks for the great interview with Andrew Gavin. I must say I was a little disappointed when he suggested the Bilderberg group will never allow the EU to fail. I’m seriously hoping their organization is not influential enough to stop the markets which tends to run in uncontrollable herds.

    Here’s an observation with regard to the FED’s zero interest rates. As Rev Lindsay Williams has been saying the elite don’t want money they seek in ownership of property. If the world carries on with zero interest rates for a couple years and Yuppies & Joe Six Pack is encouraged to Collateralize loans to do upgrades. Is it not the FED/elite’s plan through crisis to explode interest rates to control exploding zero interest rate inflation similar to the 80’s. Back then Interest rates were near 20% and people walked away from their homes. Guess who owns the homes if the Bilderberg/elite group return sanity with a OWG Gov and globlal currency? So the moral of the story is get out of debt within 2 years or risk loosing your property to the banks and indirectly to the coming OWG. Thoughts?

    • SGT

      I say this, they may be able to take your house when the system collapses, but if you have physical metal, you ought to buy 2 or 3 houses back on the cheap. Especially if we hit hyperinflation.

  • fayz


    your site sgtreport has just become my new homepage! move over zerohedge! sgt coming through!


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