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America Falls – Parts 1 & 2 : a SGT Micro Doc Re-Release

This is the first video I ever produced for You Tube. The information contained in this micro doc is evergreen. In fact, it’s probably even more timely now, given the rapid rate at which we are losing our Constitutional Republic to tyranny.

‘If freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.’ – George Washington

America Falls – Part 1
America Falls – Part 2
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11 comments to America Falls – Parts 1 & 2 : a SGT Micro Doc Re-Release

  • Lucky

    Thank you Thank you Thank you!!
    I am in Australia and have had my eyes opened thanks to you!

    God bless

  • Cyrus

    Sean’s mini-docs should be viewed by every child in America and 98% of the brain dead adults. 2% is all we need. Down through history 2% have stood up for freedom and liberty and been willing to sacrifice their lives. Excellent job SGT!!!

  • Paul Prichard

    The SGT website been unavailable in Britain for most of the day from my works intranet but every other website was available.
    I am now using my homes internet access and now the SGT website is available.
    Coincidence ?

  • AwakeSleepingGiant

    Two years ago people would look at me and say that I was out of my mind when I would talk to them about the banking cartel, the police state, eugenics, etc. Now, although a few still disagree, at least they’re listening and willing to engage in a conversation. Overall people are waking up, but not at the level we need them too. I’m afraid it will be too late for a lot of them.

  • Zyll

    SGT; this comment is a non-seq., but the newest issue of “Money” hit my mailbox.
    There’s a small box/article called “What’s Up With Gold?”.

    There’s a graph arguing that the 1980 gold spike was entirely fear based…”We’ve been here before”. The y-axis shows spot price while x-axis is a timeline of political turmoil, from Iranian revolution and hostage crisis, Ixtoc I oil spill, the Soviet’s Afghan invasion, the NORAD false alarm, The Chrysler bailout; I forget what all is on that chart.

    Anyway, the next two charts are really ambiguous; I can’t really tell what the point is.

    • SGT

      sounds like another brilliant article from the MSM financial rag. One note, they really ought to re-name that publication “currency”, because Gold (and Silver) is “MONEY” nothing else. Thanks for the heads up Zyll, I’ll read it.

      • Zyll

        LOL re: “Currency”.
        No problem dude. I think it’s good to keep an EKG lead on the pulse of the anti-money propaganda.

      • Zyll

        The metal’s price has shot up 50% in a year. We’ve seen this before: In times of crisis, real or perceived, people load up on gold. By George Mannes

        Then: In the late 70’s, like today, a spike in gold prices came in the wake of economic and international turmoil.

        First Chart
        Feb 1979 Dow Jones drops down 25% from 14 months earlier
        Mar 1979 Inflation rate hits double digits, rising to 10.2%
        Aug 1979 BusinessWeek cover story “The Death of Equities”
        Nov 1979 Iranian Hostage Crisis Begins
        Dec 1979 USSR invades Afghanistan

        Second two illustrations:
        1. Investors are piling in. Demand in emerging markets like China is particularly strong.

        2. And while everyone is happy to sell gold for inflated prices… Central Banks have recently begun buying.
        So… what is Mr. Mannes saying? He’s looking at some pretty disparate data.

  • Steve_D

    Karma……….. It’s coming soon and it will hit the powers that be like a tsunami.

    More and more people are waking up every day, soon the damn of consciousness will break and the populace will rise in unison against the tyrants.

    The 100th Monkey is just about to awake.

  • Truth


    Great website and SCREW BOA!! I hate corrupt bankers! The only good bankers are DEAD Bankers. Bankers dont know what hard work means. Come out here to Afghanistan FUCKERS instead of running heroin and trolling on these boards!! I got a subordinate under me and his brother almost ODed on heroin. He probably wouldn’t have ODed if American tax payers subsidized protecting opium fields and financing the military industrial complex thru corrupt BANKS. We US soldiers are starting to wake up, not all but we are and keep stealing from us and watch what real trained killers can do, Fucking Bankers!!!!

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