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Krugman Calls on Government False Flag or War to Save Economy

[Ed note: This ‘alien invasion’ meme is reaching a fevered pitch as of late. SGTreport has noted multiple ‘alien invasion’ references across wide swaths of media recently. Perhaps noteworthy is the fact that there was a similarly frequent mention of Osama bin Laden’s name in the mainstream media during the months leading up to 9/11.

How can it be that Ron Paul is never taken seriously in the main-stream media when clowns like Fareed Zakaria can talk about how it would be fine to “employ people to dig a ditch, and then fill it up again.” because “they’re being productively employed; they pay taxes.” Then, they follow that up with Paul “Return-Your-Nobel-Prize-Immediately” Krugman talking about how wonderful WWII was at increasing economic activity, and how an alien invasion “where inflation and budget deficits took secondary place” would be great for ending the economic downturn we’re in… Then, if it turned out that there were actually no aliens, and we had just spent the currency stupidly, that would be EVEN BETTER!]

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5 comments to Krugman Calls on Government False Flag or War to Save Economy

  • JohnE

    Kinda’ reminds me of when Peter Schiff responded to the idea that wars help the economy by running through the process of having a fake war complete with manufacturing and media commentary (entertainment) to avoid all the death and destruction.

    I await the collapse of this government backed mass psychosis.

  • R. P. Reitz

    Does anyone know whether or not Krugman is a space alien? Or did he just take too many drugs when he was younger?

  • Jolly Roger

    Here comes ET!! Seriously, this fits in with the NWO and global government.

    I’m thinking of films like “Independence Day” (ID). In ID I remember coming away saying that a one world government is probably the best thing that could happen because we would all pull together as the peoples of the world unified against this common external threat – global cooperation – what a wonderful idea. But that right there is the subliminal programming – one world government good idea…!

    Now if you are UFO YouTuber you’ll also know that this community is linking the masses of UFO sightings and videos into a global takeover theme which intersects here with Krugman and this circulating meme. Could it be that the driving force for the NWO with such long term aspirations is not even human?? Is ET already here and has been manipulating us collectively to a unified government for some unknown reason??

    The way the world is going right now I really wouldn’t be surprised if in a couple of weeks LGM’s start popping up and zapping Ron Paul supporters!

  • Trav

    In years to come Paul Krugman’s name will come to be redefined as someone who has no clue or is an ass. e.g that person made a terrible financial decision, that was a Krugman.

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