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SGT ALERT: MSM Magazine Overt Subliminal: “Silver IS MONEY”

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this main stream media publication, owned by Time Inc., just said a mouthful with the cover of its August edition.

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45 comments to SGT ALERT: MSM Magazine Overt Subliminal: “Silver IS MONEY”

  • Valverities

    Reminds me of the flier I showed you last month:

    But your find is very odd, considering they don’t even talk about silver.

  • Derek Christopher

    Another interesting thing you may not of noticed unless you watch the Nightly Business Report is they only mentioned the spike down in Silver when it had a big sell off. Before that they never mentioned the great gains in Silver on any particular day.

  • Fearon

    The manipulators have suffered staggering losses in credibility, wealth, prestige and ultimately their lives and freedom. We are not fooled by your tricks and propaganda! We see you and we are coming!

  • Zyll

    This magazine came to my mailbox this afternoon. I, too, was blown away by the cover and was anxious to see what they had to say about US Silver Eagles (my wife got me the subscription–she means well). Nothing. Then I carefully combed through every page, cover to cover, to see if the word silver is even mentioned in the magazine. Page 62, in the section on bargain hunting for clothes, gives the following advice:

    “Go for 14K, not 18K. Eighteen karat jewelry contains 75% pure gold; 14K contains 58.5%. Yet they look nearly identical. Go for 14K, and you’ll save as much as 50%, says [a] spokesman for [an] online jeweler.
    Avoid Fancy Stores. They mark up pieces more than you might think: A simple silver bracelet runs $200 at Tiffany vs. $110 for a similar one at Blue Nile.”

    So far, I’m intrigued. The advice on gold is to buy lesser purity, so you get less cash when you stick it into an envelope and ship it off to Mr.T. Meanwhile, the advice on silver is to reduce the premium you pay over spot for sterling.

    Next mention is only of gold on page 78, stating that “When [GE] was king, the maker of light bulbs to jet engines was the gold standard of American industry.” A metaphor that casts a favorable light on the gold standard…another play into the banksters fold.

    In the article on “protecting your parents from financial predators,” I really expected them to mention something about buying semi-numismatic coins from places like Goldline…nothing there. Let sleepin’ dogs lie, says I.

    Finally, on pages 98-99 is the “MONEY magazine Marketplace”. In the upper left corner of p.98 I found an 1/8 page ad for a numismatic coin dealer selling slabs. Within the tiny print of this ad, it says “The only tangible wealth is silver and gold and real estate. Money comes to money so you can buy and have life’s necessities and luxuries.”

    Below that, interestingly, are two 1/8 page employment personals to work as an associate with Goldman Sachs, one offering a salary range of $102.1k-$155k, the other pulling $225k-$230k/yr.

    Page 99 is a full page spread trying to get your parents to get in on the bottom floor of a 1/10oz. Gold Panda slab. Ho hum.

    That’s it. That’s the whole magazine.

    The cover photo credit goes to Dan Saelinger. I look up his Professional Photography blog…no entries since mid June. Styling by Laurie Raab…she just sets up the props for Dan to shoot. So…who greenlighted this cover? Craig Matters is the Managing Editor, reachable by e-mail: . I haven’t mailed him yet, but I must admit I’m tempted.

    –The Evil Sorcerer Zyll

  • Zyll

    Oh, one more comment; 42 is the answer to the ultimate question of Life, the Universe, and Everything (according to Douglas Adams). The ASE’s get blurry at the bottom; are you sure there aren’t only 42? 😉

  • Steve_D

    Hey Sean, I thought it was just me who saw these things as types of subliminal messages. take one of the recent Macdonalds adverts over here in the UK (Some thing obout winning money with their new Monopoly game promotion)

    The interesting thing was when it came to the part in the ad where it mentioned how you could win money, the symbolism they used…….. Gold and Silver coins!

    Then again on TV today an insurance firm ad talking about how much money they could save you………. cut to a chest full of Gold coins.

    In my opinion it’s more than just a coincidence, I think it’s like you say Sean……….”it’s a message to the sheeple”

  • Eric King mentions this cover on the Weekly Metals wrap. He and Bill Haynes both find it very interesting. Good catch!

  • Jim

    Someone left an exact copy of this issue on the bathroom sink counter top of Barnes and Noble today. It seems someone else was also trying to communicate this subliminal message.

  • Dan

    This bokeh effect is from a higher end pro lens that has a large aperture. Granted, they should have bought more silver either way.

  • NAB

    Anyone else here think that there is no conspiracy, no subliminal message, and that its very possible some 9-5 working stiff simply grabbed a stock photo of a stack of coins because his supervisor instructed him to do so? 🙂

    Its certainly not as fascinating of a story but I’ve had several graphic designers work for me in the past and they do stuff similar to this all the time. You’d be surprised how many stock photos, icons, etc have bags of gold money, stacks of gold coins, silver as well.

    I could just as easily make the argument in the tech world… OMG! XYZ company is taking over the world, a picture of their network cable was on the cover of _____ magazine.

    I guess my question is… IF its a subliminal message then who’s idea was it and what purpose does it serve?

    • SGT

      You wrote: “its very possible some 9-5 working stiff simply grabbed a stock photo of a stack of coins because his supervisor instructed him to do so?” Sorry, but that’s hilarious. Money Magazine is not a McDonald’s franchise, and the cover photo selection is not a burger. There’s far more to getting a national publication to press than a “Supervisor instructing a working stiff to grab a picture of some coins”. Aside from that, you’ve left out the Photograpaher and Stylist cover photo credit that appears on page 3 of the magazine – which speaks to a whole additional process of creative decision making and approvals even BEFORE a single photograph is ever taken. It’s no “stock” photo. Now that we all understand that fact, let’s consider your reasonable question: why did they do it?

      • NAB

        Since you’ve established that its not a stock photo, (I’m assuming its more than just a photo credit) maybe it would be worth contacting the photographer and ask him?

        I mean no disrespect but I’m not 100% convinced. I have a friend who has photographed for TIME magazine on several occasions. He doesn’t work for TIME, he’s just an every day guy who is also a photographer. I can tell you from first hand experience that on the two occasions I was present, no subliminal thought was put into the provided pictures. They sent off half a dozen pics to TIME and the magazine did the rest.

        I have no idea if the same type of thing applies to this magazine but (so far) the evidence seems to be lacking that this is somehow a subliminal message.

        I think it would be interesting to contact the photographer and ask him.

  • pvk

    there is conspiracy in silver market……but this is too paranoid….media is not ready yet to project silver….they will may in 2012

  • I did have a difficult time counting them due to shadows down low in the stack, re-counted them several times, but it could be only 42. But I’m 95% sure it’s 43. You should definitely e-mail Mr. Matters to get his spin on that cover. Let us know what he says Zyll!

  • what is “paranoid” about it? I reported only the facts: silver eagles on the cover with NO mention of silver or silver eagles in the magaine any where. It’s very strange, but not “paranoid”. Or were you responding to something else?

    • Phez

      Well done SGT! I find this rather interesting indeed and all I can do is smile, gin from ear to ear! LOL, I am happy to report that I spent some time this weekend showing a group of friends the SGT report, afterwards I was asked where they could buy some silver. To their surprise, I told them “right down the street”, then I found myself smiling again as they were following me to the local silver/gold dealer, they had no idea they could even purchase the physical! Slow but sure “it” is catching on! Keep up the great work bud! Much appreciated!!

  • SGT

    ha lol, I deliberately used a Cannon 50mm fixed lens on a $800 HD Cannon camera for this one so the focus WOULD go soft, at will. You would have liked to zoom lens better, but as The Mad Ape notes, it’s a creative call.

  • Marcelo

    This is Money Magazine answering Ron Paul!!!!!!!

  • Sebi

    Aren’t 43 Silver Ounces about one ounce of Gold at the Moment?

    Don’t you think, too, that’s interesting?

  • Ag Tex

    Great work! Gold and Silver are money! Isn’t it interesting how they, through the mass media and Hollywood, will always tell you what they are about to do, in the most subtle way, before they do it. Why the number forty three? This is not a random number, since these pictures are very well planned and thought out. Are forty three Eagles under the Money title a declaration stating where PMs are heading? Does this signal that forty three to one silver-gold ratio has hit its peak and the gap will begin to close? We are living in historical times folks.

  • SGT

    sorry Frank, I’ve worked in media for 20 years and I can guarantee you that between the Editors, the Editor in Chief, the Legal Department and the chain of VP’s who must check off on every page before it goes to print, there is no such thing as “just a picture” (meaning “random”), when it comes to the COVER photo of a once monthly national magazine.

    • NAB

      Sean, you can’t make a guarantee like that any more than I can “guarantee” that the editors, editor in chief, the legal department, and the chain of VP’s all sat down in a room and said, “I’ve got a GREAT idea of a subliminal message guys, you’re gunna love this…” 🙂

      While I have no doubt that there are a lot of checks and balances in place and that the cover of the magazine is reviewed by more than one person that’s exactly what makes me ask, “Okay, IF its a subliminal message, how many people would have to be in on it?”

      THEN I have to ask myself, “What about the other covers?”

      The July issue of Money magazine appears to have a 100 bill turned into a rocket ship.

      Is that a subliminal trubute to the final space shuttle mission that is taking place right now?

      Maybe they’re saying, “Silver to the moon!”… once you convert your $100 bill into silver of course.

      Or maybe they’re saying, “Fiat currency is so worthless it needs to be launched into orbit with all the other space junk.”

      Or maybe its a demonstration of just how high the US deficit is? 14 trillion and counting?

      Maybe its got something to do with 1986 and the Challenger disaster?

      I’m sure if I sat here for 10 minutes I could probably come up with 10 more subliminal messages.

      Not only that, I don’t have a copy of the July issue in front of me but I’m willing to bet that there is no mention of rocket ships on any of the pages. 🙂

      I’m not trying to be disrespectful here, merely trying to point out that (in my opinion) the way this was reported/presented is borderline irresponsible.

      If you constantly go looking for a conspiracy or subliminal message everywhere you will certainly almost always find one.

  • Ed Schneed

    Why would they want to deliver this subliminal message of the equivalence
    of Silver and money ? Wouldn’t ‘they’ really want to suppress the thought.
    I have been stacking for several years but I don’t see the logic in your arguments.


    • SGT

      No need to agree with my take on this, that’s perfectly fine. But here’s the rub: One does not need to “see” my logic, one just needs to “see” the cover of the August 2011 edition of “Money” magazine and “see” the stack of 43 Silver American Eagles under the mast head “MONEY”. Then, one needs to understand what it means for an American main stream media financial publication to make the highly unusual “choice” of placing that photgraph on the cover. period.

  • Freaked out

    In the business section of the Minneapolis paper they show a picture of people holding wads of FRN’s and calling it “cold hard cash”. Paper bills are not cold or hard. Not fooling me anymore I will take the true cold and hard cash silver and gold.

  • Holcy

    Did anyone look on page 21 of Money Magazine and see the title “thePlan”. There you will see a one hundred dollar bill being twisted and gold dripping out of it. Just would like your thoughts on that Sean.

    • SGT

      That’s a GREAT catch. I missed that, or I would have surely included it. “GOLD” being rung out of a $100 bill without a single mention of why, they go on to talk only about high yield checking accounts, savings accounts, CD’s and Bonds – incredible. It’s just another subliminal photo in this same issue inferring that “Gold (and silver) IS money”. wow Page 21, good catch.

  • Zyll

    Yes good catch! I saw that the coin being formed among the puddles of gold is a “golden” Sacagawea dollar.

    I will email the editor today.

  • zyll

    Tied my rig, now casting the bait…
    Dear Editor Matters,

    The August 2011 issue came to my mailbox on Friday July 15th, and the cover art immediately grabbed my attention. I was anxious to read an article about silver bullion coins, which were so prominently displayed on the cover. I was disappointed to find nothing mentioned within.

    Why was this picture placed on the cover without any mention within the issue? I enjoy reading the thoughtful articles by your excellent writers, and given the recent buzz about silver and gold in the news with all time highs, I am eager to read a balanced perspective on why there are so many zealous tea party people preaching to buy silver bullion from the US Mint. Their arguments are quite compelling.

    Looking forward to your response.

  • zyll

    So far, stock response:
    Dear Money Reader:

    Thank you for your recent letter to Money’s managing editor. We value feedback from our readers and appreciate the time you’ve taken to write. Due to the volume of mail we receive, it’s not always possible for us to respond to letters personally. Your comments will be received by the managing editor and forwarded to the appropriate department: editorial (letters column editor, story editor, writer or reporter), advertising, or customer service. Please be aware that, for legal reasons, we can’t provide personalized investment advice. However, we will keep your comments and/or questions in mind when planning future editorial coverage. If you are questioning the accuracy of material in the magazine, rest assured that your inquiry will be investigated.

    If you would like to have your letter considered for publication, please include your first and last name, plus your location by city and state. If you forgot to include this information in your original message, don’t hesitate to write a follow-up e-mail including this information to [e-mail omitted], or leave us a message at [phone number]. If you’ve already submitted this information: Thank you! Note that letters may be edited for clarity or space.

    Hah! There’s no way I’m going to leave my full name and location!

  • Vinny

    I love this video!

  • Troy

    Don’t forget to buy silver dimes and quarters everyone. One ouncers are nice, but you ALSO need smaller fractionals like dimes. I have lots of random silver bars, rounds etc, including nearly 1,000 dimes, and around 300 quarters. Good for bardering. Sean, you need a pic of Rawdog on your site with a “Wanted” across it. “Wanted, for Silver Trolling”

  • NAB

    For anyone who is interested in past Money magazine covers, I stumbled upon this blog post:

    It shows the covers of Money magazine from October 2007 through March 2009.

    A very interesting read and some very interesting covers… but nothing subliminal and no conspiracies in my opinion… just a magazine trying to sell as many copies as it can.

  • zyll

    ——– Original Message ——–
    Subject: Silver coins
    Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2011 11:20:05 -0400
    From: Craig Matters
    To: Zyll

    The coins were meant merely as illustration for the Best Deals and savings cover lines, which is why there was no mention of a silver/gold story on the cover either.

    As for our take on precious metals, MONEY has written more than once that we don’t think they’re great investments. You’ve got to store them and insure them, and they’re not so much “investments” as they are items of speculation. After all, you’re not “investing” in a business’s earnings power or a government entity’s ability to foster progress (which in turn allows it to generate the tax revenue needed to pay its bills and its borrowing.)

    You’re making a bet that people will remain scared, and that you’re smart enough to sell just before they stop being scared. That’s our take, anyway. You can find plenty of intelligent people who disagree, but a couple of guys named Buffett and Munger come down where we do.

    Hope that helps.


    Craig Matters
    Managing Editor

    • zyll

      I have to say, I love this reply. Excellent in every sense. It completely vindicates your thesis, SGT.

      Notice in my “fishing” e-mail I said nothing of the word “investment”. And I agree with Mr. Matters in that precious metals are not an “investment” at all, but a savings vehicle. I have no reason, in this historic day, to be investing any of my money. It is a time to urgently save, like Joseph before the Egyptian famine (Genesis ch.47).

      So I feel that the message hidden in plain sight is that to save, you must save physical silver.

      Simply wonderfully gratifying. I have framed this issue of MONEY and it is hanging in my office.

  • Perfect, just seeing this now. Thanks Zyll, update video forthcoming, later today!

  • zyll

    Sweet! Thanks for the follow-up SGT! Happy to do some field work.

  • fanofsilver

    Hi Sean – I like your work; seen a bit at SGS site. Got email from today with this story. First I have seen of it.

    I caught the gold coming out of the C note right off before seeing the video, as a picture was in this email story.

    I think you are spot on with the message. I differ in that I think it is not a message to the sheeple, but rather to the wealthy followers of TPTB. It is a message to get into silver, and page 21 a message to get into gold. The title of “Get 5 Times the Yield on Your Savings” could maybe be an indicator of Gold’s top price (ie. a point to know when this move is over.)(5 times $1600 is $8000 or is it silver going to 5 times 40 = $200 or is it 43(coins) times the price of silver that day = about $1700 –> I don’t know).

    Messages: I give you an example. In March of 2009 the S&P hit an intraday low of 666. This is not a coincidence. It is by design. The PPT were trading and steering trading. The 666 was a message to these wealthy “friends” of TPTB that the low had just been printed. It was a message that they should now buy. They had been warned to sell at the top verbally as I heard in a video on Youtube – I think it was one of Bill Still’s works – one of his interviewees said it.

    If you do not understand the significance of the 666, you must get into the research work of Eustace Mullins – video and especially his books. It is somewhat necessary in order to more fully understand the nature of the beast.

    I hope this thread is not so old that you don’t get this.

    Keep up the good work. I will add this site to my must visit list – first time here for me today.

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