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Bill Still: Debt-Free Government Issued Money = Sovereignty

SGT speaks with Bill Still, filmmaker and producer of ‘The Money Masters‘, and “The Secret of Oz‘, and also author of the new book ‘No More National Debt‘.

Click Here to see “The Money Masters.”

Click Here to see “The Secret of Oz.”

Part 1:
Part 2:

If you think Bill’s concerns are unfounded, maybe you should have a look at this “supranational currency” labeled as a “united future world currency.” As Bill has noted, debt-free government issued money = sovereignty. Anything else may well equate to enslavement.

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33 comments to Bill Still: Debt-Free Government Issued Money = Sovereignty

  • Nathan

    SGT, you do such great interviews, I find myself visiting your sites along with TF’s, silverdoctors, SGS, etc…and wanted to say thanks for all your do.

    P.S.- I’ve just created my very own xtra normal vid about silver manipulation. If you like it please pass it on. I want as many as possible to understand what’s happening. You’re one of the good guys, and I have great respect for you, keep up the great work sir!

  • I will have to see the Money Masters before I can leave an educated comment. It is an interesting view about returning to a gold standard. It makes sense that if we were to return to a gold standard the money would be further concentrated.

  • James

    Hmm…I’m not buying it at all; it’s pure unicorns and rainbows.

    The whole concept depends on honest and honorable government officials to control the amount of currency available. The last I looked, that is the same system we have now. How’s that working out for you?

    It reminds me of socialism which sounds great, in theory. The problem is that as soon as theory meets reality, it begins to fall apart. Also not mentioned is how it would be used in international trade… Of course, I may be missing something. Doubt it, but I might.

    • Pabs

      Bill Stll’s Money Masters documentary is truly eye openning. I highly recomend all staunch gold bugs watch the film before brushing it off as another argument for a weak fiat money system. Bill is only indirectly against gold backing due to the fact that most of the gold has been siphoned out of our country. Bill encourages everyone to invest in gold but backing our currency with it would once again give power over the amount of money available to central bankers.

      If yo do not understand that last sentence then watch the film and be blown away by how control of the money SUPPLY is the greatest form of corruption that has occured for centuries

    • Tore

      The whole concept depends on honest and honorable government officials to control the amount of currency available

  • R. P. Reitz

    I am wondering if Bill Still is a shill for the crooks in government. He wants the government to control the amount of money in the system and its value. The fact is, every time this has happened, the government has abused the privilege. The problem with finding a group of “honest” people to control the money supply is that they always turn into crooks. Furthermore, the question that he does not address is who should the first to get the money that is created. Whoever gets it first will be able to buy goods and services as today’s price. Tomorrow, after the money is in circulation, there is more money in the system than today. More money, chasing the same amount of goods. This is the definition of inflation.
    Bill Still is absolutely, positively wrong on his position. It is not true that every time it has worked. The problem is that every time it has not worked. Commodity currencies have always worked. When the value of the money is inherent in the currency itself, there is no counterparty risk and the government cannot print it out of thin air. History tells us that honest money will eliminate monetary tyranny. For example, it was the demand for gold-in-exchange-for-goods from the store owners and the grocers in Zimbabwe that brought an end to Robert Mugabe’s monetary tyranny. Mugabe could only pay his troops with worthless pieces of paper. It could not buy anything. His power was gone. That was what brought reforms to Zimbabwe. The demand for commodity money will end the current fiat monetary tyranny, not trusting in an untrustworthy government to control money. Bill Still needs to read Peter Schiff’s book “How an Economy Grows and Why It Crashes”. There is no mystery here. The Austrian economists are correct on this. Bill Still is out of his mind to ask us to leave money in the control of the government.

  • SGT

    RP, Bill is not a disinfo agent. I too had to wrap my brain aroung his thesis. But history is on his side, the facts are there to support him. I hear ya. As I noted in the comments on Part 1, I think at the heart of it, it’s about the PEOPLE controlling their own destiny. And as Bill Still notes, the rich already own most of the gold – take the Rothschilds as just one example, they own more gold than most nation states.  Indeed, there has to be a better way – and although this requires many of us to adjust our thinking on the subject, Bill makes a lot of sense. The only trick – and it’s a big trick – is WE NEED AN HONEST GOVERNMENT to make Bill’s idea work, which (as those who have been paying attention to my channel & interviews will tell you), according to G Edward Griffin, is an oxymoron – honest “government” doesn’t exist. SO, even though Bill’s right, we are still screwed because his vision is nearly impossible to implement short of resuscitating Washington, Jefferson and Adams.

  • vincent

    Great videos. I like the points Still makes. I wonder if ron paul would be like lincoln and issue green backs. It seems like he would with the way he talks about eliminating the fed gradually with enabling competing currencies to make the fed ease up on their money/debt issuing monopoly. It would be interesting to see how the public would find cheaper and more efficient ways to use future money. I think if the government used apples business model like the app store where they let third parties create apps and compete with each other, (but with competing currencies) then the united states would be a role model to other countries and would become extremely valuable. Other countries would follow suit because they would fall behind. Everyone would get richer including the upper class elites. But I think they want population control among other self serving desires that make it nearly impossible for true reform. I would love to see more currency capitalism in the future where anyone could jump in at any time and make any currency they like. (but the government issues rules like a percentage of whatever they create has to go to the gov, like apple makes its affiliates do) Seems like a cool idea to me.

  • R. P. Reitz

    SGT – I agree with you that something has to be done. First we take our government back, nationalize the banks (let the depositors have their own money), put the fraudsters in jail, arrest the criminals in our government who have been bought off and who have been shielding them and put them all on trial. Only a new government will be able to track down the gold that the banksters have bought with money stolen from the US taxpayers. We need to track it down and re-confiscate it. The fraudsters will not be permitted to keep the money.
    Once that is done, we need to do four other things: 1.) raise the price of gold to $15,000 – $25,000 per oz. As Jim Rickards has pointed out, the United States is the Saudi Arabia of gold. We have more gold than any other country by far. Going back to a gold standard will prove a great benefit to our nation. We will still, by far, be the richest nation on the planet. With that wealth, we need to: 2.) on the new gold standard, pay back every dime that the taxpayers have paid into social security and medicare. We send out the checks and tell everyone that the government is out of the retirement and health care business. (I am not suggesting totally cutting off those who are less fortunate from medical care-but the system needs to be reformed bigtime so it is not so wasteful. Government is not God. It cannot solve everyone’s problems, nor should it). After that, we need to 3) get the government out of the way so that everyone can go back to making their own living. The easiest way that I see that we can do this is to simply repeal every law that has been passed by Congress since 1984. In 1984, we had prosperity, clean air, clean water, etc. and we had prosperity. Any post-1984 laws that need to be enacted could always be re-introduced, passed and signed into law. In addition, we need to drill for oil in the Gulf of Mexico and in ANWAR. Energy is key to any surge in economic growth. Finally, we need to 4) amend the Constitution to protect it from being ignored by politicians, judges and government bureaucrats. We need to set up an elected watch dog fourth branch of government whose sole purpose it to spot people in the other three branches who overstep their Constitutional authority and force them to step aside. The people can vote to determine if the person in question has overstepped the authority granted by the Constitution. If they are found guilty, they need to go jail for 10 years. In especially egregious cases, the death penalty could be imposed. This will put some teeth into the Constitution. Member of government will think twice before trying to overstep their Constitutional authority. We can also have an elected watch dog body that is the watch dog of the watch dog branch.
    In the end, I don’t want to live in a democracy. I want to live in a republic. In a democracy, two wolves and one sheep meet in the afternoon to decide what’s for dinner tonight. In a republic, everyone has certain rights that are inalienable. We need a government that is not really a government, but a protectorate that protects the liberties of all its citizens. We do not need a government that intervenes in every economic transaction, that imposes stupid and outrageous environmental laws and prevents the American entrepreneur from doing what he does best. President Reagan had it right.

  • R. P. Reitz

    By the way, SGT, I really like what you have been doing here on the website. You truly are a very good man.

    That having been said, I must respectfully disagree with you. You say that Bill Still is correct…that history is on his side. Please educate me then. When in history has he been proven correct. Every country that has ever tried a non-commodity backed currency has always debased it in the end. Even commodity backed currencies have been debased. The Roman government had silver coins and then started running out of silver. So they just coated a less expensive metal with a silver coating and tried to pass it off as real money. Governments throughout history have debased their currencies whenever they have had control of the money. Although I am aware of many historical events, I have never encountered in the history books any government (…at least, one that wasn’t militarily conquered by an adversary first…) that had control of the money supply that did not eventually debase it. In England they did have a monetary system that lasted about two hundred years without debasemennt, but that too eventually died as do all government currencies.

    As far as the people having gold, as long as they legitimately earned it, I don’t see any reason why they should not be permitted to keep their stash of gold. In 1964, Ronald Reagan addressed the Republican National Convention. He said that when people see a fat man and thin man standing side by side, too many people think that the fat man got that way by robbing the thin one. There are legitimate ways to make money and create wealth. Look at Ford, Edison, Tesla, Alexander Graham Bell and a host of others who created wealth by creating new technologies. They worked their butts off and became wealthy. So what’s so wrong with that? Are you suggesting that people should not be permitted to keep the fruits of their own labor? Obviously not, or you would not have created this website.

    I am not suggesting that thieves be permitted to keep the wealth that they have robbed. Especially, the international thieves from Wall Street. It is time that they be held to account and for justice to be implemented.

    Bill Still is wrong. The second half of the 19th century did see a period of deflation, but it was accompanied by so many American inventions and so much economic growth that this period in history became known as the Second Industrial Revolution. The standard of living went up, in spite of deflationary depressions and the normal boom and bust cycles. The First Industrial Revolution occurred in England during the period 1760 – 1830. One of the major reasons for it was the introduction of strong patent laws that permitted inventors to keep the rewards of their contrivances. James Watt invented the steam engine. Then someone decided to put it on wheels and call it a train. Someone else adapted it for the textile industry to make cheaper clothes. The introduction of cheap cotton underwear did more to reduce disease than all of the doctors in the country combined. The population in England doubled during that time. My point is that wealth is created so as to enrich the lives of everyone concerned. Even the poor among us live like kings in comparison to King David in Jerusalem. He would never have dreamed of flicking a switch on to create light, travel in a horseless carriage over hundreds of miles in an afternoon or fly across the Mediterranean to lunch with the people in Sicily. All of the things that are still mostly within the reach of the average American were totally unrealizable to ancient kings. In short, wealth is not created with gold and silver coins. It is transferred through them. The real wealth is created by innovation.

  • Dorrogeray

    I think you can sort of scratch Ford. Their family was doing drug business, big time.

    What I agree with, is that elites will buy up anything that is backing any physical-backed currency. Unless you are capable to restrict them from using it as a weapon and leverage to drain wealth from the system, you have a fatal flaw in your plan.

    I disagree that inflation is not a problem. They will hyperinflate US to drive up PM, which they own, to back their world currency with. Result will be total devastation across 99% of population, elites will quadruple their wealth once again, and those of us who own at least some gold and silver will break even. Except the loss of liberties and our future. Fema camps etc.

    Gold/Silver liberty bugs are only transfering part of this diabolical wealth transfer back to the people.

    Unless we retake our respective governments and spook the psychos to the point where they will back off, at least temporarly with their BS, and giving us time for true, massive awakening – which will not happen, they will just implode system if they start to loose control over it – than we will just spiral our way to serfdom and oblivion of real values – not speaking about PM now.

    People need to identify the enemy and start making a lot of noise about it. There is a lot great things happening, but they are still one step ahead of us. People understanding monetary system would be one thing that could seriously thwart their takeover of society, which is aproaching crescendo ever faster.

    PM are great protection, but they are not answer to our problems as a society. Unless we confront the man behind the curtain behind the curtain, we will never truly win freedom and future for our families and for mankind itself. So much of wasted potencial and sacrifice if we loose this ultimate fight, its hard even to think about it..

  • R. P. Reitz

    I don’t know about Ford and drug money. I do know that he developed the assembly line which was a huge advance in the making of automobiles.
    I do not see how anyone can expect to trust governments not to debase the currency if they are in control. History shows us that they always do this. They haven’t even finished raping the world on this debasement and we already have Bill Stills telling us that we have trust the government. SHEEESH.

    If the banksters do everything that you say and collect 99% of all of the gold on the planet and impoverish everyone, then it will be time to storm the Bastille, pull out the guillotines and have at it. Thereafter, we divvy up the gold for everyone else and go back to free market capitalism and return to getting on with our lives.
    As far as societal problems, Dorrogeray, you are quite correct. Gold and Silver will not build character, a sense of morality and fair play, integrity, wisdom and the ability to love in our hearts. The only thing that I have found that truly helps with that is Jesus Christ.

  • Scott

    Agree w/ James et al above. He’s still a statist who believes in a central bank (Marx’s [planck #5)

    Eliminate legal tender laws —-> DONE. Let ppl decide, just get the GUN out of my frickin FACE.

    We have the internets which also totally facilitate double coincidence of wants.

  • Zepster

    Nuts !!! We have a valueless electronic currency right now controlled by the fed and what’s happening right now? Isn’t this just another monetary system managed by PHd? The only way money has any *value* is if it is made by human labor.

  • Dan

    Hello SJB, SGT and others commenting on this thread.

    I must have some sort of ESP having brought up the subject of Mr. Still in the comments to “Shouting ‘Fire’ in a Crowded Theater” (

    I know that his thesis seems to run counter to the concept of hard or honest money, but it does solve for the “Golden Rule” – those with the gold, make the rules.

    Until you understand how such a system would be implemented, it’s very difficult to make the blanket system that it won’t work.

    Bill has worked closely with an excellent blogger by the name of Nathan Martin ( to outline how such a system would function and be transistioned to. It is called “Freedom’s Vision” and it discusses how the current system is wound down as the new one replaces it. He has several articles introducing the concept in the top of the right-hand margin of his blog. In it, they also discuss how honest reporting and transparency (actual transparency, not this more obscured version that the O tried to sell us) drive us to the 0% inflation of currency.

    Here are the relevant articles:

    And here’s a key one on the Fallacy of Gold Backed Money:

    Give them a read and see if it solves for the concerns that you have.

    Bill Still has commented specifically on the “no such thing as honest government” by stating that we need to return to the days when the House of Representatives were responsible for the government’s purse strings AND the old method in which they were elected made them accountable to the people. Mr. Still believes in the Republic (representative democracy as it was intended by our founders).

    Again, just for the record…I respect all of you guys here, and it is amazing how every issue has so many sides to it, even when we’re all playing on the same team. No wonder we can’t seem to get a cohesive awakening going with the sheeple if we can’t even come to agreement amongst our awakened selves.

  • Dave

    Interesting interview, but I respectfully disagree with Bill Still. A commodity money is the only way to have an honest money system. Yes, he is right that fractional banking is technically fraudulent. Maybe loans should be made based on term deposits. Bill seems to be attacking the “gold bugs” instead of the bankers and government who are causing the problems.

  • Exile

    This guy Still is dangerous; his thesis is flawed because he mixes lies with truth to deceive. He sounds plausible because most of what he says is true, but he fails on several premises. The most glaring fault is blaming 100% gold backed money for economic booms and busts saying that 100% gold-backed money gave the banksters the ability to control the quantity of money and thus influence booms and busts. He is incorrect. The fractional lending system is what gave them that control, not the fact that the currency was backed by gold.

    To solve that problem we need only eliminate fractional banking. It doesn’t matter how many tonnes of gold there are in the world, there is plenty to value the commodities in the world. The neat thing is that gold is perfect money in that is acts reliably as a store of human labor (value). Mr. Still misses the point by suggesting that fiat currency is somehow safe from the inflation/deflation that inevitably comes from the greed of the controller, i.e, the congress. That is a glaring error. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Put the power to coin currency back into the congress, yes. Eliminate debt based currency, yes, but this new, congressionally coined money must be 100% backed by gold with no fractional banking allowed. Still’s model merely moves the power to create inflation/deflation from the central bank to the congress, and leaves the road to serfdom wide open. We need to get off that yellow brick road!

  • Mr. Still’s videos are a brow-beat-ya with history facts and then I’ll insert my own theory and hope everyone accepts it along with the 1001 undisputable quasi-unrelevant things I threw out.

  • McVestor

    Still is clueless. Sounds like a Socialsit to me. Socialism always sounds great until you enter in “human action” Thank you Mises!. I would rather listen to Ron Paul, Mike Maloney, Murray Rothbard, then this guy. This is why you need a solid foundation in economics and not just historical facts. There is an economical reason for why things happen the way they do. If you dont have proper economic understanding you end up getting Fresco’s “Resource-based-economy” friut-loops running around

    Still reminds me of Fresco

  • I like his movie but I think his conclusion about the gold standard is way off. He gives no analysis of how an un-backed, debt free, worthless currency would work.
    Someone would have to control it and it is human nature to abuse a monetary system that is created from thin air. History is full of debt free paper money issues that has failed.

    A true gold and silver standard has not failed like he claims. It is only when gold and silver coin is removed from the system that it fails as money (like the crime of 1873). The removal of gold and silver is usually a government mandated act. If “the rich people” start trying to remove gold from the system the value of that gold in the hands of the people would rise along with it. Assuming there’s a “free market” at some point in the future. And what could they trade to get their hands on all the peoples gold? They would have to give up something of equal value to those who had the gold. Free markets require free will.

    He also fails to understand that there is more than enough gold available for a gold standard in the US. According to my analysis there is at least 6B ounces of gold hidden away in the US for a return to a domestic gold standard or about 20 ounces per citizen. There are also massive hidden gold mines in the US just waiting for our return to a gold standard.

    Debt free money that is un-backed is no better than non-debt free money that is un-backed.

    That’s my take.


  • joe Renaud

    I do agree with most of what Bill Still stated ecept for the valuless fiat vs gold.
    If he as stated that we need trustworthy people governing our money supply I dont see much difference between being honest without gold as with gold as a limiting factor.Gold can be revalued to any price to start and if they (governments)confiscate gold where will the bankers be without all that gold wealth? Bankers dont run national armies governments do.

  • Will Swanson

    Don’t you believe a word of it, it’s just another theory based on an unrealistic assumption. I don’t know why theses young brains don’t get it. All acceptable world currancies are denominated in gold. We are on the gold standard and the value of gold fluxuates based on the purchasing power of that currancy. People and entities hold gold to protect that purchasing power through the cycles of the failing fiat systems. Always have, always will. The only time gold stands still is when a controling body tries to peg it to a fixed value. Floating gold value is the standard of performance for currancy. $1600 per oz currently, does that tell you anything. I am an economist and anthropologist, many things have been used as “money”, shells, beads, cows etc. but when it comes to the defination of money, gold fits the bill best. The reason people don’t like gold is that it exposes their fraud. So far gold can’t be printed or duplicated but it is highly divisable, one gram may be worth $1600 next.

  • Oliver

    I don´t believe in such a thing as honest officials. Sure theoretically there are a lot of honest people out there. But as Jim Humble recently put it so well: “huge money streams have a life of their own. They will bribe, silence, replace, intimidate or even kill anyone standing in their way.”

    It is not a matter of honesty but of power. You see it every day. Facts are censored, lies are pushed in the massmedia, in politics, everywhere. Good people loosing their job for speaking truth. How f.e. can a congressman defend himself if every global pharma corporation sticks a whole department of attorneys against each congressman to watch their every word and action? How can a professor of history get the truth out if a certain “league” immediately bites him down, the massmedia kill his reputation and the courts go along with the official storyline? How will a 9/11 survivor or an honest CEO of a global corporation make his case if the cabal will go as far shooting down the airplane in which these honest people are travelling? How does an honest person win against the military industrial complex, the MI6 or the Mossad for example? How will you prevent infiltration if you couldn´t prevent it so far?

    A good monetary system will have to be self regulating and depend on no one.

  • Bat Mastersen

    Bill’s idea would work except for one important thing:

    There is no effective way to detect and disban that small group of social-psychopaths that plague our world. Finding out what these people have been doing a few generations after the fact doesn’t really qualify as “effective detection” so what would prevent the whole gang from stealthfully assembling anew?

    Putting “honest people” in charge of a “valueless” money supply as Bill recommends would fail on the day of it’s commencement. How could we be certain the new people in charge were in fact “honest people”, and futhermore; in possession of sufficient personal integrity to remain that way?

    Although vastly out-numbered by the rest of us, these ultra paranoid powers-that be are yet ultra dedicated in their quest to dominate, control and enslave no matter how long it takes. Until a reliable method of detecting people of that ilk is devised (not as difficult as it may seem) and an equally dedicated group is asembled to continually counteract their machinations ALL OF US will have to realize that perhaps Sunday Football and what Lady Gaga wears should take a back seat to more important things.

    What are the chances of that taking place?

    How many of us really know the price of freedom?

    How many of us are actualy willing to pay it?

    Bill Sill’s idea is Silly and naive at present.

    Bix Weir’s scenario I feel has a better chance of succeeeding (if it has a chance of taking place) but only if, as a society, we also acknowledge the small percentage out there behaving like “human-race cancer” and requiring immediate and effective chemotherapy.

    In case some of us don’t know:

    “The Price Of Freedom Is Eternal Vigilence” —Thomas Jefferson



    Thanks for the interview, but this guy “represents ZEITGEIST ON STEROIDS”
    Honest genernment — Ha Ha But I will do my owndue diligence and create my own version of is reality !

  • Pabs

    SGT it seems to me that an honest government is not possible when they are beholden to powerful central bank creditors. The pathetic charade that is our current government is the result of too long a time spent under the federal reserve system that offers the wrong incentives to our politicians. If you look at history it is clear that revolutionary changes only occur when the masses rise up with a shared cause. It makes me sick to my stomach to see the mindlessness, the impotence, of Americans around me. People only seem to wake up to rally around a great leader or otherwise as a result of great suffering. I see no great leaders, perhaps because the corruption is too pervasive to allow one to gain prominence. Thus I can only conclude that Americans need a lot more suffering before any true change can occur.

  • Argentium

    From the comments already posted let me say that SJB, Exile and Bix Weir (and others) hold more currency than Bill Still on this topic. BILL your currency is STILL depreciating and like all fiat will become worthless over time.

  • Claire

    Thank you, Bix, for posting this interview. I, too, watched THE MONEY MASTERS twice and ended up buying the movie to share with friends (none of whom would watch it). After watching your interview, I think Bill finally makes it very clear why the gold standard is a problem. Indeed, the pre-1913 history shows how the Bankster, J.P. Morgan manipulated crash after crash by witholding gold over which they had a monopoly. I have been hoping that gold and silver are spread about so much that it wouldn’t happen. But the Central Banks obviously have a monopoly and could do the same thing again. As you know, in THE MONEY MASTERS, Lincoln neatly sidestepped the banksters by printing the “greenback.”
    Unfortunately, I haven’t the $149. at this point to subscribe to your pivate road, to see why you think Still is way off base, but I would be very interested to know your argument. Certainly all holders of gold and silver might greatly benefit from our going on the gold standard. But would that really be in the country’s best interest? B. Still seems to believe it would and he has a powerful argument.

  • JB

    What needs to be done is quite simple. Get rid of the FED completely. Pass a law which forbids congress from borrowing money from any bankers or government on earth, print our own money as our constitution states, reduce the powers of the Presidency to the status it had during the original signing of the Constitution, pass a law against all lobbying, and above all, hold our Representatives accountable for their actions. In order to do this the American people must get off their fat asses and get involved in our government. If the American people sit back and do nothing then they deserve what they get plain and simple.

  • MCD

    JB, I think your idea is on the right track but we need to “SEIZE” the FED (all of it) and all its assets, not just get rid of it. The Board of Governors ALL need to go to Jail with their ASSETS seized as well. I doubt that the gold they stole from Ft. Knox is still in the US but if it is, it needs to be returned. All the scumbags in Congress who ever got any $$$ from the banking system should being impeached and jailed for High Treason against the American People as well as the President who allowed the FED to destroy the economic system in the US and provide a handsome bonus for the dirt-bags that stole the $$$. That arrogant prick Bernanke needs some quality jail time for his part in the recent meltdowns that threatened to shut down the government. WTF? Instead of jailing these criminals they got trillions of $$$ that simply disappeared. What’s up with that?

  • Silberankauf

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