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ALERT: “MONEY” Magazine Overt Subliminal 2: GOLD IS MONEY!

Here’s an update on my video about Money magazine’s overt subliminal message with 43 American Silver Eagles on their August 2011 cover. We’ve since heard from the magazine’s Editor – AND we also found an even more blatant subliminal message photo on Page 21 of the exact same issue.

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19 comments to ALERT: “MONEY” Magazine Overt Subliminal 2: GOLD IS MONEY!

  • Valverities

    Wow. And who actually reads this magazine for financial advice? LOL.

  • Steve_D

    So my take on that picture is………. They are saying we are going to wring every last drop of value out of fiat currency, then after the fallout all that will be left on the table is Gold.
    Add that to their front page and I think it’s a strong message that only Gold and Silver is Money.


    Maybe I’ve been listening to Bix Weir for too long!

  • Pete

    Another GREAT video!! Thanks.

    With regards to Mr. Matters’ comments, I bet we could go back a few years to find Money’s stand on real estate ownership to be one of encouraging people to invest in real estate/homes, etc as a means of growing wealth. Now his message is exactly the opposite…

    See, real estate, particularly tracts of agricultural land, is an ASSET just as GOLD and SILVER are and they retain or grow in value relative to Fiat Reserve Notes because they are in limited supply and necessary for future growth.

    You do a fine job of ‘outing’ Money as the elitist shill magazine it is.


    Keep stacking.

  • Hi Sean,

    I went and bought tha mag.. Do you have a number that can reach you at?


  • Zyll

    Sweet! Thanks for the follow-up SGT!
    I’ll repost the Matters reply below…
    It is interesting, when I buy my physical PM’s, I have to get cash from my bank and they try to make you feel as uncomfortable as possible to convert their electronic data entries into paper. When I plop the paper on the counter at the brick-n-mortar coin shop right down the street from the bank, I do feel like I’m getting away with something verboten; squeezing blood from a turnip, …or gold from a paper towel.

    • Zyll

      By the way, this Buffett/Munger appeal to Celebrity (Argumentum ad Verecundiam) is so despicable a logical fallacy, especially in finance. –Zyll

      ——– Original Message ——–
      Subject: Re: Silver coins
      Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2011 09:01:13 -0700
      From: Zyll
      To: Craig Matters

      Dear Craig Matters,
      Thank you so much for your time in writing a personal response. I truly appreciate it.
      aka Zyll

      On 7/20/2011 8:20 AM, Craig Matters wrote:
      The coins were meant merely as illustration for the Best Deals and savings cover lines, which is why there was no mention of a silver/gold story on the cover either.

      As for our take on precious metals, MONEY has written more than once that we don’t think they’re great investments. You’ve got to store them and insure them, and they’re not so much “investments” as they are items of speculation. After all, you’re not “investing” in a business’s earnings power or a government entity’s ability to foster progress (which in turn allows it to generate the tax revenue needed to pay its bills and its borrowing.)

      You’re making a bet that people will remain scared, and that you’re smart enough to sell just before they stop being scared. That’s our take, anyway. You can find plenty of intelligent people who disagree, but a couple of guys named Buffett and Munger come down where we do.

      Hope that helps.



      Craig Matters
      Managing Editor

      ——– Original Message ——–
      Subject: Cover Art for MONEY August 2011
      Date: Mon, 18 Jul 2011 08:48:14 -0700
      From: Zyll
      To: Editor Matters

      Dear Editor Matters,

      The August 2011 issue came to my mailbox on Friday July 15th, and the
      cover art immediately grabbed my attention. I was anxious to read an
      article about silver bullion coins, which were so prominently displayed
      on the cover. I was disappointed to find nothing mentioned within.

      Why was this picture placed on the cover without any mention within the
      issue? I enjoy reading the thoughtful articles by your excellent
      writers, and given the recent buzz about silver and gold in the news
      with all time highs, I am eager to read a balanced perspective on why
      there are so many zealous tea party people preaching to buy silver
      bullion from the US Mint. Their arguments are quite compelling.

      Looking forward to your response.

      Obviously we should all immediately put our jewelry in envelopes and send them to Mr.T!

  • Thomas Payne


    I pray Bix is right, otherwise we are sooo completely and utterly phukd.

  • Trav

    Good work SGT and Zyll, it is most interesting to find out what goes on in the minds of some people. I’m going to take the good subliminal advice of Money magazine and stack more silver and to squeeze as much gold out of fiat that I can. When everyone goes to panic stations expect to see a rehash of silver coins on the front saying “Buy, Buy, Buy”!!

  • The person at “Money” is 100% correct in saying that “gold is not a good investment”. The second paragraph of his reply is a complete disaster. Gold is not an investment, gold is money. He, like so many, confuse money with currency. Gold is NOT worth $1600.10 per ounce. It takes $1600.10 to generate one ounce of gold; these are quiet different perspectives of the same outcome. Until Mr “Money” understands that, he will continue to believe that gold is an investment vehicle. When the fiat money expierment collapses, and it will sooner or later, he may come to understand how confused he has been; but I doubt it. Anyway, great work SGT and Zyll.

  • Ag Tex

    By the letter, Craig Matters declares himself as a duplicitous pro-taxing troll and a big government shill. Regardless if he is a gullible lemming heading toward the cliff or a lying devil from hell luring the masses over the edge, keep focused, seek God and keep stacking!

  • Straight up rotten –> gullible lemming or lying devil?

    There must be a mental defect in the brains of authoritarians that amplify normalcy bias.

    • Ag Tex

      Mental defect? You overlook who is the “authoritarian” here. Who is placed where, in what position, for what reason based on their beliefs and whose agenda do they serve? It is obvious by the duplicity in the letter. Normalcy bias or confirmation bias? Troll alert!

  • “overt” and “subliminal” are contradictions in terms. ‘overt’ means out in the open. ‘subliminal’ means below the limen or below the limit. A subliminal message sneaks in when it is unexpected. It is not overt. Now go sell your gold and real estate and buy an education. Ooooops, an education isn’t worth a lot these days either.

  • Chumbawamba

    Check the margin of page 21, deep into the binding fold. There you may find the artist credit for the gold-wrung-$100 photo. You might then try contacting the artist and interviewing them for any insight into why that design was chosen/requested.

  • SGT

    you are chumbawamba, good call. “photograph by Jason Hindley”, “stlying by Keiko Tanka”

  • joe sanchez

    So what, last year I saw a cover on this magazine that was about protecting your nest egg and it showed gold coins, golden eggs, gold bars. When I looked through the article, surprise not one word about gold, only how to invest in equities and mutual funds. What a joke!!! They are late as usual by showing silver on the cover after its dramatic rise from september to april. As far as buying silver at less then $9.00, you could not!!! The silver eagle was going for around $14.00 and there was no silver to be had at my coin dealer for two months after september 2008!!!! So you tell me how the smart money bought silver for under $9.00!!!

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