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Know Your Money: Gold & Silver

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8 comments to Know Your Money: Gold & Silver

  • Sean, very well done! 1947 was the year I was born and oh how it has changed!

    However, in my time I have never seen anything like what is going on now. It’s a crime we’re all going to have to pay for, unfortunately. However, those that prepare for it now will be just fine.

    Many of those calling for this coming disaster are pointing to 2013 as the beginning. I think they are right, because of the election in 2012. If the current administration stays in power, we’ll just have more of the same…if the administration changes to Republican they won’t be able to do anything and their efforts to cut the debt and get us back on track will also bring a disaster, albeit one that may be easier to correct, but I doubt it.

    All we can do is prepare ourselves and watch it fall down around us, pick up the pieces and move into a new money system. My partner was speaking with a person more senior than I am by 20 years of so, and he said something rather striking. He says he believes the Government will manipulate the value of Gold to around $10,000 per ounce and then they will be able to go to a Gold currency and cover the debt. Quiet a statement for someone of some 80 odd years and went through the last depression/deflation period. And this wise man is simply a farmer. I think he is right!

    Keep up the good work Sean, you have a great talent! Watch for a big correction very soon in Silver (I’m betting mid to high 20’s in the next few weeks) and then back up your truck and fill it up!

  • SGT

    Thanks much Gordon. IMO the only thing that “might” be able to “get us back on track” is a Ron Paul Presidency. The currency is most likely a dead duck either way, but at least Ron paul would restore Liberty and dismantle the Police State. The “Republican party” in general has only proven itself to be a worthy partner in the crimes against the Constitution. The Bush-Cheney years pretty much sum it up: illegal wire tapping of American citizens, two unconstituional wars, torture. BTW, I secretly hope you are right about silver correcting again (I’d love to buy in the $20’s), but I don’t think the fundamentals and the Comex realities (almost out! Less than 30 million ounces remain) will allow for low $20’s… I’m guessing $40’s again by the end of June. Regardless, silver & gold is money and get some more while ya can. Best, SGT

  • smallfish

    Hi SGT,

    Big fan of your work. Have been following you for quite awhile from youtube to this site. High quality content and making. Nice new site. Just want to make two suggestions. Can you make the logos on the top work like “home” button, which I often use to refresh to check if you have new content? This is kinda convention (check, The second one is there does not seem to be a place for leaving general comments like this, so I have to resort to use this story to get my words to you.

    Please keep up the great work. Information you put out there is of tremendous value to me and others.


  • R. P. Reitz

    Once again Sean, you have given us another excellent lesson. I believe that many of us owe you a great debt of gratitude for all that you do. Please keep up the great work.

  • James

    At this point in time I have decided for myself to stop buying silver and to ‘wait’ to make any decisions on silver until I decide differently, I kinda wish I knew where and how to get started on day trading.

    I am so happy for what I have learned and what I have done for myself as far as saving ‘wealth’ and ‘money’ for the future but the future is not important. Now is what is important. Sean is right we are all in this mess together and likewise I cannot let the greed of preserving wealth and saving money distract my ambitions in other goals and achievements I want for myself.

    If silver goes down to $20 like is now rumored the idea sounds very pleasing of acquiring more ounces for less fiat. Further if one were fortunate enough to pick up ounces of physical @ 20, if silver were ever to rise the dollar cost averaging would be nice when the price rebounded even to $43.

    I know I am still down and $20 silver would put me down in fiat even more, but I think the only thing to bring silver to $20 is another big media circus that gives the dollar another bounce, just as Osama/Obama gave us a bounce in May.

  • Alvin

    All we have to remember is: With the “quadrillions” od fiat currency that has been printed world wide, once all this paper “backed by NOTHING” hits it’s REAL ecentric value of “ZERO”, the value of gold and silver has nowhere to go but to the moon. You can add in all the other factors as well…such as price manipulation, industrial demand of silver…and most of all…with so few having physical silver in their position… it may take a few years, but those that hold on long enough, will be much wealthier then 98% of all people around him/her.

    Thanks Sean for all your hard work.

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