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THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM: At The Heart Of What Plagues Us – a SGT doc-style Interview With G. Edward Griffin

[Ed. Note: Re-posting because the subject matter G Edward Griffin covers here is at the very heart of what plagues our once free Republic. Please share this information with those you are trying to enlighten, it should help.]

Part 1:

SGT interviews legendary author and documentary film producer G Edward Griffin about his book ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island’, and other current events.

Part 2:
Part 3:
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32 comments to THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM: At The Heart Of What Plagues Us – a SGT doc-style Interview With G. Edward Griffin

  • Tony

    SGT, This interview should be mandatory viewing in every home in the World as well as the USA!!!!!!!

    Thank you for all your hard work, you sir are a REAL AMERICAN!!!!

  • SGT

    Thanks for tuning in & sharing it with others Tony. Let’s all be great Americans standing together and take this system BACK!

  • Peter Gonzalez

    Well Done!!! I follow your site daily. You are an inspiration to us all. Thank you.

  • Steve_D

    Sean, this could possibly be your best ever interview!

    So much valuable information put across to the audience in a no nonsense plain English, non patronising manner.

    Coupled to the fact the G. Edward Griffin is an absolute legend and you (unlike a great deal of other interviewers) actually let him speak uninterrupted……. Well Sean, You just hit this one out of the park!

    Superb stuff.

  • Steve_D

    Just one quick request SGT, SJB….. Can you post the links to the sites mentioned by G. Edward Griffin at the end of part 3 so maybe people watching here can click through to those important sites.

    Thanks again guys.

    • SGT

      Hey Steve, I did add a link to Freedom Force International site in the ‘info’ section below Part 3. I’ll go back and add the other two of Ed’s sites as well. Thanks! SGT

  • Cpl

    I appreciate what you do. There is support in your military. All my soldiers and leaders that I talk to are waking up to these truths and are talking more and more about these issues every day. As it stands we adhere to the oath we take as soldiers to support and defend the constitution against all enemys foreign and domestic. But it appears to most of use that these issues tend to be most ignored by the citizenry that don’t live with the consequences on a day to day basis.

  • Fraser from Oz

    Sean, Really good stuff. I have over the years look at the various components of the bigger picture in a piece meal fashion, but for me its only really now coming together. Keep it going.

    I do have a couple of questions of a general nature if you don’t mind. (Maybe could get a piece on it at some stage) – The majority of the info revolves around the US, understandably so, but living in a resource rich country such as Australia that weathered the previous 3 yrs reasonably well(in comparison anyway) it would be great to get a better understanding of the impacts here when things get completely screwed.
    – The other question is, with the explosion of private FX traders over recent years due to web access, technology, platforms etc etc What is likely to happen to that industry when we get back to a Gold standard? (Which I sincerely hope happens).

    Thanks. It will just help join a few more dots. Great stuff and Take Care.

    • SGTbull07

      F – Gotta run, but if you’re in Australia, please take a listen to this, you may have bigger fish to fry:

      • Fraser from Oz

        Firstly Sean, Family should always take precedence. So please take care and I trust all will be OK. Some professions are still worth having, fortunately you chose to live next door to the right one. My thoughts are with you guys.

        Secondly, certainly looks as though this mess keeps getting bigger and I suspect its by design to a large degree. Especially if Australia, Canada, NZ decided to fall back to a Gold Standard (which they never would individually anyway) but it could be effectively dismissed by the UK as illegal and so we are inevitably tied to the demise of the Fiat currencies. Makes me wonder if the Australian currency is actually legal tender (the fourth heavily traded currency on the FX). Interesting scenario.

        Anyway, my deepest thanx for the info. We shall press on.

        Keep safe, and tell your son – “Snow is softer than concrete for a reason” Take care.


  • Kemp

    G. Edward Griffin plagiarized Eustace Mullins. Mr. Griffin is just a fraud.

    • Kemp

      I can’t find an example, because I haven’t read Griffin’s book. But here are some facts: Eustace Mullin’s book was published in 1952, long before the existence of the internet. Eustace Mullins spend a lot of time in the Library of Congress, where he did the research for his book(s). In this Glenn Beck episode, probably why he got canceled, Griffin says when he began researching, there was ‘only garbarge to choose from’ (about 19:15).

  • Valverities

    I’m tempted to to chain people down and force them watch this. Outstanding.

  • Mr.Sono

    sgt, thank you for your hard work to inform people like me. In high school all i learned is which credit card is best to use to get cash back or fly miles. So sad. Please post more of your older documentaries for newer people that wake up so do speak. thanks again.

  • GoodOleBoy

    Awesome interview, his book got as many people interested in the Fed as Ron Paul has, if not more. Great job Sean.

  • Glitter1

    SGT, good post.Information people need.Don’t know if you’re aware of 2006 Aaron Russo’s Video:America: Freedom To Facism. He exposes the Fraudulant Income Tax, Origins of the Federal Reserve and by who.He covers topics like freedom,tax slavery,World Government, Voting Fraud.It realy dovetails with this current post, runs for about two hours, but it’s really worth it. Please watch and consider posting for mass viewing. Thanks

    • SGT

      Thanks G – Aaron Russo has a huge impact on me, fortunately for us he chose the high road. His conversation with Alex Jones is not to be missed.

      • Glitter1

        Sean, I just watched the link to Aaron Russo’s interview with Alex Jones. I was not aware of this follow-up to his DVD America:Freedon To Facism. I thank you for turning me on to it.Aaron blows the lid off of what has/is going on per the big picture of World events for the last 100 years.A running of both videos back to back would really go along way to reveal to all off your followers to understanding what is really going on and reasons behind the chess game of World Events, Past,Present & Future.Once again, thanks for your tireless efforts.

  • curly

    Thanks for the re-post…Must have missed it the first time.

  • TheVirginian


    There once lived a local author who was a residence in Staunton, Virginia, by the name of Eustace Mullins who wrote the book “The Secrets of The Federal Reserve.” Are you familiar with him or this book?

    I’ve never heard Alex Jones or any other radio/talk show host mention this book in particular, but my brother once mentioned that Glenn Beck held it in his hand and faced it toward the camera, but said nothing about the book, or the Federal Reserve.

  • Brian (Eric Jon Phelps)

    Exposes the same things discussed here,but on the HIGHER levels!

  • bbobrm

    Sean…….I thank you for again honing in on what is THE most important message to all people. I watched this when you originally posted it and this time it hits home even harder !……thank you !

    • SGT

      Thank you bbobrm, it’s my continued goal to try to bring the Left and Right together, so we can all focus on the real enemy of humanity: The Central Banking ‘Banksters’. Thank God for guys like G Edward Griffin & Eustace Mullens for documenting the true history.

      • bbobrm

        and thank you for your posted reply to Glitter1 which I just finished watching. There are so many epic NUGGETS (silver and gold) of wisdom that need to be followed by each of us in that wonderful interview with Aaron Russo. I need to watch ” Freedom from Fascism ” again that I purchased from Alex Jones.
        great work , Sean

  • John

    People will have to wake up to what has been going on for so long, they will be unfortunately forced to when this system starts to fall apart. For the wealthy and some of the upper middle class they will need a shock in the likes of destruction of their savings that they have believed to be safe. I’m just doubtful that anything can be done in advance to a catastrophic breakdown in the financial system.

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