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Who Placed This MASSIVE Gold Bet?

Is Gold heading to between $1,600 – $1,800 this summer? A well heeled investor has bought 50,000 out-of-the-money Gold call options set to expire in August and September. The massive bet cost $50 million and in order for it to pay off Gold must rally sharply this summer to new all-time highs. Does someone know that the public announcement of QE3 is imminent? Is the Euro on the edge of collapse? Is the dollar ready to implode? Is Bix Weir correct, and the entire financial system as we know it will be on its knees before we ever see 2012? All I know is I’m glad to have some physical silver and gold and I heartily recommend you get some too. ~SGT

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5 comments to Who Placed This MASSIVE Gold Bet?

  • Ed Hunter

    Ok, I confess, it was me!

    I wish.

  • R. P. Reitz

    I concur SGT.

  • George Soros? getting physical back after making a killing selling his gold.???

  • Yes! Many KNOW the same who wired the silver crash have everything in place for upspike in silver and gold. Gold will not spike as much but not enough silver exists to carry a load like that so they have to settle for less profit with gold calls. Small investors should buy silver calls. Amazing how this is working out. Letting world fiat system collapse would otherwise cause China to threaten war EXCEPT (1)they have most of their US debt holdings offset as collateral for hard assets (i.e. copper mines, gold, etc.) from 3rd world nations (THEY will be the major losers-not China) (2) AND the poorly kept secret of Hillary Clinton giving China trillions in mortgages on property on US soil! When it is learned Yellowstone, port of Long Beach etc. is suddenly owned by Chinese with their troops on the ground here what will Americans do? Anarchy does not adequately describe what I expect to see. “Prepare” protection both physical and financially. Do so planning for years – not months.

  • pvk

    gold doest have to reach 1800 for them to make money on calls….if there is a sudden spike towards 1600 this june….the will be more than doubling the amount….they are out of the money calls… i think they will sell those calls once gold reaches 1600….1800 in aug is too fast…..but by december ohh yeah….may be 1950….whoo knows

    there is no doubt market is considering QE3. or else silver and gold would have plunged back……QE3 is the safest bet of this decade

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