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SILVER MANIA? a SGTbull Special Report

Do not sell a single ounce of physical silver before you’ve seen this special report.

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9 comments to SILVER MANIA? a SGTbull Special Report

  • James

    Good video.. Thanks.

  • PitBull Pappa

    As always a great informative video!! I bought my first silver purchase back in August 2010 and had planned on buying a couple hundred dollars worth each month there after. However, due to the stupitity of my past financial decisions, just as I was beginning to focus on building up my silver supply, my paycheck was slapped with a writ of garnishment and I’ve been having on average $300.00 per pay check taken out for this damn writ!! However, by the end of this coming August, I will have it paid in full and that is when I will reallocate those funds into buying silver each month by dollar cost averaging.

    Though I haven’t been able to buy as much silver as I’d like to have been buying during this time frame, I have been able to slowly build up my silver holdings by working overtime and skrimping and scraping where I could. I was also fortunate enough to come into a small amount of money from my brother who wanted to make things right with me for taking him in during his three year hardship. I took a chunk of that and purchased more silver.

    I WILL NOT stop purchasing silver… no matter how manipulated the price gets… I will BTFD!!

    Much respect and love for what you’re doing….


  • silverK

    Thanks for the Great Video !!!
    Still stacking and not selling an ounce !!!

  • ib12541

    May I suggest going to and setting up a regular silver purchasing plan for as little as 25/week or 50/month. As you alluded to, a systematic, dollar cost average approach to silver investing is the best way to invest and is also recommended by both James Turk and David Morgan as well as most other investors.

    Good luck and with your plan and start saving now.

  • alustoon

    I am able to buy in the end of each month. The downfall allowed me today to buy 17 instead of 16 ouces. I am thankful for that ;-). Nice vid SGT, thank you so much.

  • vince

    wow!!! Silver was on sale this morning. 100 more oz ordered at 45 $
    very good video once again!!!!
    We will win
    We ll be rewarded

  • awakesleepinggiant

    Mr. Nadler I just wanted to let you know that I bought 200 oz. of silver last night and I didn’t buy it from Kitco. If it goes down again, I’ll be ready to jump in again. You see…when they flack their quack I stack.

  • SGTbull07

    Thank you PBP, and congrats on your transfers out of paper promises and into real wealth.

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