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JAMES TURK (SGT Exclusive): $8,000 Gold, $400 Silver & the Road to Hyperinflation

In this exclusive interview, SGT talks to GoldMoney Founder James Turk. To visit, and open an account Click Here. To listen to the interview, play the YouTube clips provided below:

$8,000 Gold, $400 Silver
The Road to Hyperinflation
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12 comments to JAMES TURK (SGT Exclusive): $8,000 Gold, $400 Silver & the Road to Hyperinflation

  • PitBull Pappa

    Kudos for yet another excellent interview SGT!! I really liked the question you asked in part two about how to deal with friends and family that don’t listen to the sounding alarm. This is where I’m the most frustrated. The ONLY one who understands where I’m coming from is my oldest brother (I’m the youngest of four boys). The thing is that though he’s very anti-corporation and dispices big brother, he and his wife are not truely prepping in anyway for the coming financial collapse (shtf scenario). He’s been unempolyed for over two years now and has been selling off his vinyl collection on ebay just to make ends meat. My parents & other two brothers all have their heads in the sand & they are the ones who have children, the oldest and I don’t.

    My philosophy is “when the sh!t does down you better be ready” to quote lyrics from Cypress Hill. And I’m the ONLY one I know who’s even minutely ready for any kind of disaster be it financial, enviromental or man made. How do we deal with having to watch our families and friends suffer from their lack of preperation when things finally get to that point?

    I love to listen to your interviews brother…

    Keep stack’n… hold strong & go long…


  • I don’t know how to really feel about $400 silver in 2-4 years. I mean if it is a result of inflation then I certainly understand and agree with buying silver to protect my ‘wealth’… but in 4 years say silver IS $400 but then a used car costs $60K then YES I have preserved my wealth from the effects of inflation, but silver will STILL be vastly undervalued. I get excited about the prospect of the world recognizing silver’s true relative value and I don’t see that happening unless the dollar finally dies. I guess I shouldn’t use the word excited when discussing a terrible situation where many of my loved ones will suffer during the coming depression… but I hope you know what I mean.

    • hbeachrealist

      Me thinks that if a used car is 60K in a few years, silver will be 1K an ounce!

      Just make sure you have a running car by then!

  • Stolen Freedom

    Hi SGT, appreciate your site and your diligence.
    After a lifetime of K-12, a 100+K in college, and now near completion in a masters degree, the links & info you provide are hard to beat.

    If you get a chance, other people might value this info [welch speech].. i stumbled across it and thought it was OK. An old fart, money grubbin’ politico-bum :p But in 1958 he knew what the score was. Essentially the 10 points described (0:42 – 3:05). They should not be as accurate, in today’s world, as they are. But they are. Our society should be aware of it, but this knowledge is buried and hidden. Even compost gets better treatment than Ben Franklin’s advice.
    Strengthen our brothers & sisters, our neighbors and friends. What is this mess ?
    Whatever it is, we’re all in it together 😉

    With informed, motivated individuals we’ll know it, and prevent it.
    -thanks for the sgtreport

  • Stolen Freedom

    PS the new web-design looks like a vegas casino.. but w/no women :p

  • Steve_D

    SGT please, please watch & post this youtube video, hugley important to the future of America & the American republic!

    PLEASE WATCH THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ???

  • andrew james

    James Turk thinks that the Au/Ag ratio will fall to 20. A default on the comex is pending by 2013. I think the Au/Ag ratio will fall to single digits personally.

  • Pete


    Here’s a link that you may want to post… Ray Stevens on the Real Obama Budget Plan… His TSA video is pretty good too. Might help someone who is still clueless…

    Keep up the good work!

  • R. P. Reitz

    Outstanding SGT. Of course, that is ‘usual’ for you. You are “top flight”.

  • […] Mr Turk dice che non è certo un mago. E’ solo matematica. Basta vedere come i prezzi sono saliti dagli anni ’70 al 2003, anno del suo forecast, e fare due conti con una previsione dell’inflazione. Quindi appunto, anche lui, come altri, dice che non è l’oro (o non solo) che sale di prezzo, è il dollaro che è sulla via di diventare carta straccia. Oro e argento sono per lui principalmente un modo di preservare la ricchezza dall’iperinflazione in arrivo. Secondariamente oro e argento sono ancora molto sottovalutati. Anche lui, come molti delle persone che traduco in questo blog, fa poi il punto sulla quantità di carta che “parla d’argento e oro” rispetto all’argento e oro veramente disponibili, del rapporto 100 a 1 tra derivati e reale. Parla poi della sua GoldMoney e come funziona e dice che se vuoi possedere oro/argento fisico hai due opzioni, o lo tieni tu o lo dai a qualcuno perché te lo tenga al sicuro. Questo è quello che fa GoldMoney, col vantaggio che puoi trasformare i tuoi preziosi in cash, se vuoi o se ne hai bisogno, in qualsiasi istante e in qualsiasi divisa nazionale, farteli accreditare su qualsiasi conto bancario ovunque nel mondo. Al momento custodiscono oro e argento per un paio di miliardi di dollari. Parla di come la gente può avere dubbi che davvero l’oro e l’argento esiste e non è stato accreditato a più customers ma non da spiegazione di come i sottoscrittori ne possano davvero essere sicuri. Dice che hanno depositi in USA ma soprattutto a Londra e Hong Kong così da limitare i danni in caso di eventuali confische da parte di una particolare legislazione statale. L’intervistatore gli chiede:”Quale paese vedi più vicino al defalt? gli USA, l’Europa o il Giappone?”. “Hai lasciato fuori gli UK! Sono in lista con gli altri!.. Sicuramente il primo potrebbe essere la Grecia al momento”. QUI PUI TROVERE I VIDEO ORIGINALI CON L’INTERVISTA A TURK: HYPERLINK “… […]

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