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BREAKING: China Issues Ultimatum to U.S.

China has issued an ultimatum to the United States, according to the Times of India. “The sovereignty and territorial integrity of China must be respected.” Historian Webster Tarpley reports that Diplomatic sources close to Bejing say “China has warned in unequivocal terms that any attack on Pakistan would be construed as an attack on China.” Batton down the hatches, this game of RISK® just got serious. ~SGT

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5 comments to BREAKING: China Issues Ultimatum to U.S.

  • War is coming, make no mistake, Israel will be first on the list…with the revelation about Iran’s involvement in 9/11 the middle east will explode and China will use the confusion and distraction to further it’s hold on the world.

  • Jolly Roger


    Well I’ll be closing my trading account and my bank account and heading on down to the convenience store before all the inconvenience starts – thanks for the heads up!!

  • WOLF

    I love how America has always gone into other countries to help them out by by becoming a democracy or what ever reason they come up with. For the First time I want China or Russia to come into our country and save us. The people won’t do it So please China take down our stupid government we need it bad.

  • pvk

    china has lot of vested interest in India..they are always supportive of
    Pakistan…..friendship with Pakis is like sleeping with the snake….they will learn this hard way

  • Follow the link below to find out why the Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange must be seen and understood as an extension of the Chinese government and its long term goals, and consequently, why it will not help create an equitable or realistic price discovery mechanism for gold. Not for now anyway.

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