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TSA Goons at MPLS Airport

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7 comments to TSA Goons at MPLS Airport

  • Ken Allison

    Well, I’m gonna guess you made it through without a cavity search. But hey, don’t you know you’re supposed to just smile and be a good little prole?
    I gave up flying after my last experience with new screeners at every stopover even though we were subjected to a form of quarantine and could not have gone anywhere outside the “secure” area. Its all for show anyway. If we can get past the pc crap and profile the muslims maybe this would actually become at least partially effective. Till then at least, I drive.

    • Ken Allison

      I’m relatively new here and we seem to agree on a number of economic issues but not this. The first WTC bombing? Fort Hood? The fragging some time back by a muslim in uniform? The dancing in the streets in muslim countries after 9/11? Train bombings in Europe? Undoubtedly more my deteriorating memory can’t recall this morning. I don’t disagree that some tactics used by the government are questionable- if not outright immoral. Waco and Ruby Ridge come to mind. But to accuse bankers of fomenting terrorism for some nefarious purpose makes as much sense as trying to make the case that Stalin, Hitler and Tojo were all puppets and the holocaust never happened.
      I worked in a flight school for years before and after 9/11. We relied heavily on foreign students to remain profitable. So I’ve met many of these so-called innocent civilian muslims. They are thieves, liars and incredibly hypocritical in the practice of their religion. But they’re not stupid or mentally deficient as the vid implies. Cunning would be more accurate. And without exception, despite taking advantage of our relatively free society to further their own lives, they thoroughly despised us. To follow the rationale of the gent on the vid, one would also have to be of the opinion that someone who steals a “bait car” is just an innocent citizen tempted by the government so as to have an excuse to throw him into our already overcrowded penal system. Don’t think so.

      • Ken Allison

        I began with the sincere goal of reviewing all of the links you provided. I made it as far as to determine the blame for these acts is apparentlybeing placed on “Zionists” or “the Jews” acting under the auspices of Mossad. I confess that’s as far as I went. It is merely my view of events and understanding of Scripture but it seems to me that the only reason our nation hasn’t been taken down already has been our unwavering support for Israel. The day that stops- and I suspect it will be soon- we’re toast. So we’re just going to have to disagree on this one.
        There IS a worldwide conspiracy and struggle for control of men. But it is at its core a spiritual fight and the events of the day are but small acts in the play which might soon come to a close. I hope every reader here has given as much attention to preparation for the day when we finally come face-to-face with the Author of our liberties; the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Stacking will do us no good then and gold will have no more value than asphalt today since the streets will be paved with it.
        We do agree, governments are corrupt. Man is fallen and regularly disregards the instructions in the Manufacturer’s Handbook. But those who’ve read the back of the Book know the outcome. In the last battle, God Himself intervenes to prevent the complete destruction of Israel. That’s the side I want to be on.

  • Gary

    I don’t fly anymore. It is my informal method of protest.

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