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SGTbull07 Update

Friends, if you’re reading this, thanks for stopping by. My travel to LA last week and my related work this week is really consuming my time. Needless to say, my eye is always on the silver market and since the fundamentals of the silver story have not changed one iota (in fact, they’ve only improved), I have continued buying physical. I’m happy to report that I should have new interviews ready to share on my YT channel within in the next few days. I’ll be checking in with Bix Weir again for his views on the current silver market – and since Bix sees silver going well beyond $1,000 per ounce, his opinion is always worth a listen. And we’ll be visiting with Bob Chapman again. Bob’s vast experience in the financial and precious metals markets and his straight shooting style make him one of the all-time greats.

As always, I really apreciate your support, so on behalf of myself and my contributor/writer/web master SJB, “we are all in this mess together.” Stay tuned.

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16 comments to SGTbull07 Update

  • andrew james

    Unless the bankers are cornered out of the market soon then I see Silver at $90/oz by years end. Who knows what will happen to the price if they fold before years end.

  • AussieMetals

    Okay SGT.
    I am still waiting for info as to how you reacted during the checkpoint at the airport (re: your YT video). 😀
    Did they patt you down? Any groping?

    • SGT

      Fortunately they did not single me out and pull me aside for “additional screening”, if they had it would have made for a powerful video b/c I’m sure I would have missed my flight when I became “uncooperative.” I should have videotaped what they were doing to others though and put that up on YT.

      • AussieMetals

        I reckon most of us have a fair idea what they like to do to young children and old pensioners.

        Sadly, I would be one of those ones whom would “miss their flight”. 🙁

        Soon we wont be able to drive a vehicle without being fondled with.

  • calvin

    Right on,im really enjoying what you do.Thanx

  • Great job! I really appreciat eall the work you put into these videos, interviews and now the blog. You have had a real influence in how we have been prepping, and I have passed the word about your work to friends & family. Thanks again!

  • Sean Vu


    Love your work! YOU DA MAN!!!!

  • saqaf1000

    nice to hear from you again….

  • Clay

    Thanks for all your hard work. Love the Micro-docs.

  • SGT, Thank you for your dedication to getting the word out. The fact that you take time out to let us know that you are busy speaks volumes of your character. Once again, I am in awe and inspired to go further. We all look forward to your videos but understand that you have a family, a career and committments that are way beyond the updates you deliver. It is an honor and pleasure to be associated with someone of such dedication and effort to a cause–the cause is educating and helping us to be better stewards of our collective future.

  • Darren


    I just wanted to thank you for doing what you do. Your videos were what finaly convinced me to start taking serious action and I’m indebted to you for that. I wish you all the best in the times ahead………

  • nednaylor

    See enclosed promo Youtube video for the new Pan Asia Gold Exchange (PAGE). Today was the inauguration ceremony replete with myriad ministers and mandarins from central and regional government. This initiative is supported at the highest levels in China with SOEs as shareholders, the support of the Beijing Gold Exchange and SAFE (State Administration of Foreign Exchange). PAGE are buying into the concept that leverage has its limits and that leasing must also be carefully monitored. This new exchange is international facing, in line with Yunnan province being China’s formal gateway to trade with its neighbours. This exchange with a FIX (8am Beijing time) has major ramifications has the potential to improve price discovery and show up the shabby efforts of its competitor markets. The biggest bombshell however, is the offer of Rmb contracts for international investors, agreed by SAFE. The international part of the Exchange’s business is expected to be available by Q4. Meanwhile, plugged straight into the platform are the customers of Agricultural Bank of China (320million retail + 2.7million corporate) who are able to trade 10oz mini-contracts. To give an idea of the scale here, if 1% of their customers bought one contract that would represent around 100tonnes of physical. As if one should need more incentive to learn more, one of the participants in the video may also be particularly of interest.

  • when

    Why is it that your videos are only available to North Americans? We Europeans would like to know what is happening in the world markets and also what is happening in Bullion. CAN YOU MAKE YOUR VIDEOS AVAILABLE TO US OUTSIDERS PLEASE?!


  • Jeff

    I find it hilarious when spot silver drops like it did yesterday. On “for sale websites” in my city silver, will sell in an hour at $40.

  • MVG

    Always brilliant guest, and interviews.

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