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GERALD CELENTE: The Republicans & Democrats Are Thieves & Murderers

from SGT

Our favorite economic and trends analyst in the world, Gerald Celente from the TRENDS JOURNAL returns to SGT Report to discuss the current state of affairs in the United States and beyond. SGT Report contributor Mark S. Mann also joins in on the conversation.

As for our elected “representatives”, the Republicans and Democrats, Gerald says, “They’re murderers and thieves. They murder millions of people in the name of bringing ‘freedom and democracy’ to a country near you, and steal our money in the name of too big to fail bailouts, loan guarantees, special tax breaks and other dirty deals – and the people KNOW IT.”

As we dive deeper into the interview, Mark asks Gerald about Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent speech in front of the US Congress and the $6 BILLION in “aid” the US government gives to Israel annually, Gerald explains that Israel is a nuclear power and an apartheid state – and sounding a lot like Dr. Ron Paul, Celente explains, “I’m against giving money to Israel as I am against giving it to any other country. This country is rotting in front of us. The infrastructure stinks. The country’s going downhill. I don’t want my money going to Israel, to Italy, to Ireland, I don’t want it going any where. And when you talk about Israel, the people try to attack you with this cheap BS line of ‘anti-Semitism,’. Let’s get this straight: Israel’s a country, it’s not a religion.”

Buckle up as we spend the next half-hour with the number one trend’s forecaster in the world.

Paul Craig Roberts: Middle East Revolution & Inflationary Depression Coming

from Greg Hunter:

Former Assistant Treasury Secretary Dr. Paul Craig Roberts thinks the Middle East violence is going to get much worse. Dr. Roberts contends, “Unless the Islamic State somehow collapses, you are going to see a new wave of revolutionary developments in the Middle East. I suspect all the oil dictatorships will be overthrown because there is a tiny handful of people we installed there and they are mega-billionaires, and there isn’t anybody else that’s got anything. . . . I think they are all headed down the drain.”

A Green Beret’s Guide To Low-Budget Home-Defense Techniques 101: “Early-Warning Systems and Fortifications”

by Jeremiah Johnson, SHTFPlan:

This article is the first in a series that covers hardening your home and some easy, low-budget alternatives for early-warning systems and fortifications.  For all the prior service members (especially 11-Bravos), parts of this will be basic: this info is especially for those who haven’t been in the military to introduce them to some fundamentals.  Please bear with me and do not feel insulted. We need to define a few terms that I hope you’ll come to use: cover, concealment, and camouflage.

Cover provides you with just that: a certain amount of protection (depending on materials used) from small-arms fire up to the dam-dam (artillery).  Cover places that material between you and the aggressor to protect you from bullets, spears, etc.  Examples are walls, foxholes with sandbags, or log piles.

Concealment, on the other hand, shields you from view, but doesn’t necessarily provide you with physical protection from attackers.  Examples here are thick hedges, bushes, or screens (such as for a duck blind).  You can have both:  a sandbagged fighting position (FP) with a hedge having its top running the length of the front parapet and slightly above it, obscuring the FP from view.  The hedge could also serve as camouflage of its own physical merit.

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Exclusive Airbus Captain Conspiracy Theories

from morningmayan:

The World Is Being Driven Toward Orchestrated Financial Destruction

from KingWorldNews:

Speculation continues about whether and when the Fed will increase interest rates. We thought we would step back and look at the situation from a more conceptual and long-term perspective to see if a clearer picture emerged as to where we are heading. Our conclusion is that rates have nowhere to go but down despite the occasional spasms to the upside.

As precious metals became accepted as a means of exchange for assets and services, the sellers did so because the metals also represented an asset. The seller could choose to re-exchange the metals received for something else or defer that exchange for a later purchase. During most periods in history, gold has maintained its worth relative to physical commodities. One of the few exceptions that comes to mind was during the Spanish transfer of massive quantities of gold and silver from Central and South America back to Europe. During the Middle Ages, it has been speculated that the entire amount of physical gold could fit in a cube 4 feet on a side. The sudden onslaught of new supply temporarily distorted the historical relationship that gold and silver had relative to other assets.

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Fukushima is “Unfixable” & Tsunami Warning for Japan update 3/29/15

from MsMilkytheclown1:

Australia To Start Taxing Bank Deposits

from Zero Hedge:

Up until now, the world’s descent into the NIRPy twilight of fiat currency was a function of failing monetary policy around the globe as central bank after desperate central bank implemented negative and even more negative (in the case of Denmark some four times rapid succession) rates, hoping to make saving so prohibitive consumers would have no choice but to spend the fruits of their labor, or better yet, take out massive loans which they would never be able to repay. However, nobody said it was only central banks who could be the executioners of the world’s saver class: governments are perfectly capable too.  Such as Australia’s.  According to Australia’s ABC News, the “Federal Government looks set to introduce a tax on bank deposits in the May budget.”

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CERN Cranking Back Up/Volcano Warning

from BPEarthWatch :

Letter to the Editor: Wireless, Smart Meters and Lloyd’s Of London

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The Phaser would like to thank Tom McCarey for the following information. Please share:

from The

Dear Editor:

As of 7 February 2015, Lloyd’s of London, the world-wide insurance giant, will no longer cover any negative health effects caused by any wireless source, including “smart meters,” with any insurance or re-insurance policy.

Lloyd’s is a major reinsurer so this exclusion is put on virtually all liability insurance policies. Without reinsurance coverage all insurance policies will exclude coverage of health damaging radiation. If suits for cancer, etc. arising from wireless radiation exposure become successful, the floodgates would open. This is a typical insurance industry response to liability exposure from a mass health danger. Lessons were learned from the likes of asbestos and other types of pollution.

Lloyd’s has a long history of insuring the uninsurable: Heidi Klum’s legs for $2 million, SpaceShipOne , Richard Branson’s space plane; Dutch winemaker Ilja Gort, owner of Chateau de la Garde in Bordeaux, France, insured his nose for $8 million through Lloyd’s – you get the idea.

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2 UNANSWERED Questions of the Germanwings Flight Crash

from The Money GPS:

Medical Establishment Forces Psych Meds on One Million Children Just because of Their Birth Date

by Jennifer Lilley, Natural News:

If you have a young child, better watch out: She or he may be misdiagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) simply because of their age.

That’s right, your daughter or son could be linked with a behavioral condition for no other reason than the fact that they were born during a certain year and happen to have a penchant for giggling and well, behaving as children often do.

In other words, if they’re the youngest and considered the most immature in their kindergarten class, they’re more likely to be labeled as having ADHD. In turn, they’re prescribed medications like Ritalin. Shockingly, such harmful psych medications are being doled out to 1 million children in the United States for this reason, which often comes from the interpretation of teachers whose opinions are often heavily weighed in the determination of whether or not a child should be prescribed such drugs.

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Andreas Lubitz Germanwings Flight 9525 Crash | Propaganda Decoded

from Stefan Molyneux:

Why ”Sustainable” Earth, But Not Sustainable Human Health and Freedom?

by Bernie Suarez, Activist Post:

The globalist plans for depopulation and global enslavement could not be any clearer. The oddities and idiosyncrasies behind the Agenda 21 movement cloaked inside the climate movement is often overwhelming to anyone who thinks on their own and values the human experience. One need only to tune into one’s own intuition, and apply basic common sense, knowledge, and reason to figure out how we are being lied to today.

Consider this: Why is the control system so eager to push for “sustainable” earth but nothing else apparently needs to be sustainable? Remember, this is the same “climate change” multi-billion dollar movement that spun off in the name of the now long dead and gone global warming hoax movement pushed by the globalist secret Club of Rome after their creation in April of 1968 while working under the orders of the Committee of 300.

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Could the US Dollar Crash Stocks?

by Graham Summers,

For 30+ years, Western countries have been papering over the decline in living standards by issuing debt. In its simplest rendering, sovereign nations spent more than they could collect in taxes, so they issued debt (borrowed money) to fund their various welfare schemes.

This was usually sold as a “temporary” issue. But as politicians have shown us time and again, overspending is never a temporary issue. This is compounded by the fact that the political process largely consists of promising various social spending programs/ entitlements to incentivize voters.

In the US today, a whopping 47% of American households receive some kind of Government benefit. This type of social spending is not temporary… this is endemic.

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Sun Magnetic Reversal, Space Weather | S0 News March 29, 2015

from SuspiciousObservers:

JIM WILLIE: King Dollar Dethroned By Emperor Yuan; US Abandoned By Allies

from Paul Sandhu:

Troops Training to Intern Citizens in Fort Lauderdale

Martial law-style drill caught on camera

by Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars:

Footage out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida shot earlier this week shows military and law enforcement practicing the internment of citizens during martial-law style training. The clip shows armed troops arresting role players on the street before a column of prisoners are marched towards a mock internment facility. Black Hawk choppers are also seen whizzing between buildings.

The exercise was accompanied by very little media coverage. A Sun-Sentinel report said that Broward County police would be “assisting members of the U.S. Special Operations Forces who are undergoing urban warfare training.”

The drill, which was held in locations the military refused to disclose beforehand, began on March 17 and ended on Friday. 200 military personnel from all four branches, Air Force, Army, Marines and Navy, took part in the exercise.

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Our Financial Markets Are ALL Connected, NONE Will Be Spared — The Deviant Investor

from SGT

Gary Christenson of The Deviant Investor joins the podcast to discuss the impending economic collapse of the US economy and the demise of the Dollar.

Quoting a recent blog entry by Bill Holter, Christenson says, “What we have coming is a collapse of everything we have worked for and everything we’ve built and saved over our lifetimes and that of our ancestors.”

Gary’s empirical model for precious metals suggests a $10,000 price for gold by 2021 and that’s IF the Dollar doesn’t collapse by that time and IF we don’t hit hyperinflation first. In those two scenarios the price for gold could easily rise orders of magnitude higher than $10,000 per ounce when priced is Dollars.


Fake Gun Shop Offers Weapons Used to Kill to Campaign Against Violence

from RT:

Tom Conrad: ‘I’m Looking for a 15 Percent Correction’

from The Daily Bell:

Daily Bell: Hi, Tom. Nice speaking with you again. You’re in the market every day from morning to evening, watching the numbers and also tracking the performance of your managers since you’re a fund of funds. What do you think of this market? What’s your sense?

Tom Conrad: Well, I’m early in the bearish game, maybe too early – but I’m certainly a bear. The market is over-extended in that equity prices are not justified by earnings, and we haven’t had a correction of any significance for over five years.

We’ve been buying farmland and expanding our silver holdings. We just purchased shares in a farm in Eastern Europe and I long ago determined that Uruguay would be a place where we’d want to have exposure. So we’ve purchased several farms there. We’re gradually migrating from securities assets to commodities holdings.

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