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Jim Willie: China Planning Trojan Horse

from WallStForMainSt:

China Has Only One Option …

by Bill Holter, SGT

The title is of course a little misleading because China has many options, none of which except one in my opinion will actually work. Options to what exactly you ask? Options to a collapsing global economy and an imploding financial system which will surely affect China as much as anywhere else, but with one caveat. I take these events as a given, others do not but betting against an outright panic and global bankruptcy is betting against pure mathematics itself.

Let’s back up a little bit and look at where China is currently. They are the second largest economy in the world (maybe the largest, we can’t really know because the numbers here, there, and everywhere are made up). China is by far THE largest manufacturer in the world and also an enormous exporter. China is also in a three horse race as to who owns the most U.S. Treasuries with Japan and unbelievably the Federal Reserve itself.

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Andy Hoffman joins me to document the collapse for May, 2015. We discuss the Fed’s fudged meeting minutes, the Big Banks latest crimes for which they’ve paid billions in fines yet NO ONE goes to jail, the Bankster’s desire to BAN CA$H, Mockingbird donations to Bill and Hillary Clinton, and the litany of reasons to GOTS: Get Out Of The System!

Thanks for joining us.

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts – How Unusual: Precious Metals Hit on Option Expiration

from Jesse’s Café Américain:

June is a big, active month for gold on the Comex.

And today was the option expiration for the precious metal June contracts.

Le voilà, comme prévu.

What else might we have expected? Honesty? Price discovery? A market clearing price between users and suppliers?

These are markets that have been willfully overwhelmed and misdirected by speculation. There are no fundamentals in The Bucket Shop, just what is essentially full time market rigging, with little to no product changing hands between long term investors and suppliers.

And similarly, like healthy nourishment in a snack cake, so there is still little to no recovery in The Recovery™.

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Former CIA Director Michael Morell Warns of War with China (70% probability)

from AMTV:

Kylie Jenner Just Tweeted Her Concern About Geoengineering – This Is Huge, Now She Will Be Attacked

Kylie Jenner Is Waking Up & Wants Us To Know The Truth About GEOENGINEERING.

Big Banks: Big Fines: Business As Usual

from Nomi Prins:

Last week, the Department of Justice announced that five major global banks had agreed to cop parent-level guilty pleas that rendered them all official corporate felons. The banks will pay more than $2.5 billion of criminal fines on top of a slew of past fines, plus regulatory and other fines of $3.1 billion, on top of a slew of past fines. It doesn’t take a genius to see the pattern. Crime. Wrist-slap. Rinse. Repeat.

Here’s the thing. These kinds of penalties cause no financial damage; the profit was booked and releveraged long ago. The costs of the fines were set-aside in tax-deductible reserves awaiting this moment. Pleading guilty to one-count of felony level price rigging yet being allowed to maintain their status also alters nothing. These foreign currency exchange (FX) market manipulators – or “The Cartel” as they call themselves – Citicorp, JPMorgan Chase,  Barclays, The Royal Bank of Scotland, and UBS AG (who also received a $203 million fine for breaching its prior LIBOR manipulation settlement) will feel this punishment like an elephant feels a gnat, maybe even less.

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Mother Arrested and Jailed for Failure to Circumcise 4-Year Old Son

by Robert Harrington, Natural Society:

A Florida mother was recently arrested, jailed, and released after spending more than a week behind bars during an ongoing dispute over circumcising her son.

“Heather Hironimus, 31, posted bond and was released Saturday night,” authorities said.

Hironimus had been taken into custody May 14 after she went missing for several months with her 4-year-old son, allegedly to avoid a court order to circumcise him, according to court records. She was taken to jail on charges including interference with custody, according to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s office.” [1]

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PLEASE LISTEN: GeoEngineering Watch with Dane Wigington — GLOBAL WEATHER UPDATE & DATA

[Ed. Note: Note – Dead air until 2:30. The show starts at 2:30.]

from UCYTV:


The Elite Have A Great Fear Of Death

by Michael Snyder, End of The American Dream:

If there is one thing that the elite of the world fear more than anything else, it is death. They spend an extraordinary amount of time and energy attempting to shield themselves from potential threats, to separate themselves from the general population and to do whatever they can to extend their lifespans. They travel with multiple bodyguards, they install “safe rooms” in their homes, they buy private islands on the other side of the world and they invest huge amounts of money into life extension technologies and research. They do all of these things in a desperate attempt to battle an enemy that they have never been able to defeat – death. And in this day and age, the elite are becoming more paranoid than ever. They know that as the gap between the wealthy and the poor has exploded that they have become bigger targets than ever. So firms that provide private security, “safe rooms” and high tech “security bunkers” for the elite are doing a booming business these days. Many of the elite live in constant fear and absolutely crave security, and they are willing to pay big bucks to get it.

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AUSTRIA: More “secret gold repatriation” coming??

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls:

For months; there have been rumblings out of Austria that it, too, was interested in “getting its gold back”. Now its official; the government has made a request. Does this mean that Austria is going to get its gold? Lol!!!

Let’s review this absurd melodrama on European “gold repatriations” to this point. About a year and a half ago; Germany requested the official return of a mere portion of its gold, roughly a quarter, in what was supposed to be an official, transparent process. It got VIRTUALLY NOTHING back, and what it did get was stored in France. Nothing came from New York (where most of the gold was supposedly stored). None came from London.

Meanwhile, we heard that the Netherlands government “secretly repatriated” over 100 tons of its own gold. At first; I was inclined to take this seriously, as possible “pay-back” for its cooperation/complicity in the downing of the Malaysian airliner in Ukraine. But then a really “funny thing” happened.

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Bill Fleckenstein On Gold And Silver Plunge, The Dollar, His Plan To Short U.S. Stocks

from KingWorldNews:

While Asian stock markets continued their frenzied rampage higher, Europe was weaker as European bonds were roughed up due to the latest machinations in Greece and election results in Spain. Interestingly enough, Portugal’s bonds in the last couple of days were hit much harder than Spain’s, but for the moment all of the countries formerly besmirched as the PIIGS are seeing their debt under pressure. Equity markets over there, however, have barely noticed.

As for our stock market, it wasted no time heading straight down, as the indices lost about 0.75% in the first hour. There was no proximate cause for the decline that I could see. In other words, I don’t think investors here were really responding to Europe; it is kind of hard to believe that the U.S. stock market was reacting to European troubles when European equities were essentially shrugging them off. In any case, with the tape red virtually across the board early on, the market leaked a bit more, but couldn’t rally, nor accelerate lower, and closed with a loss of about 1%.

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Popular Radio Host and Guest Censored by Radio Station Over Vaccines

by Heather Callaghan, Activist Post:

Gary Null has been a popular, longtime radio host with the longest running health talk show which airs on Progressive Radio Network. He has authored and directed dozens upon dozens of books and documentaries.

A few weeks ago, he was asked as an honored guest on Bonnie Faulkner’s show, Guns and Butter which talks about the politics of economics and airs on Pacifica KPFA public radio stations. In the spirit of truth, Bonnie wanted listeners to hear the other side of the vaccine talk, not the “case closed” version. What you’re not being told about vaccines. And specifically SB277, the California bill to mandate vaccines for virtually all Californian school children. Who better to ask then Null, an alternative health expert, medical activist and Pacifica veteran?

When it came time to air, however, they were told they weren’t allowed – or rather, they were outright censored and the show was cut – the first time for Guns and Butter in over 11 years. But Bonnie could not let this breach of truth rest…

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RELATED TO THE FUKUSHIMA NIGHTMARE? The SEVENTH Whale This Year Washed Ashore on California’s Sonoma Coast – 28-foot Whale Found Dead in Portuguese Beach

from The Extinction Protocol:

May 2015CALIFORNIA Yet another carcass of a gray whale has washed up on a beach in the Bay area over the weekend, making it the 7th dead whale to have been found in the last 5 weeks. The cause of death of this 28-foot whale found in Sonoma County’s Portuguese Beach has not been determined yet and according to park officials the whale has been dead for quite a while as the remains had already been decomposing when it had been discovered. A California State Parks Ranger, Damien Jones has said that the whale carcass doesn’t show any injuries of being hit by a ship. A tissue sample has been sent to the Marine Mammal Centre for investigating the reason behind the animal’s death. Jones has said they are planning on leaving the carcass waiting for the tide to take it back into the ocean. “Generally we leave dead and sick animals where they are and let nature take its course,” said Jones.

The last couple of months there had been other such casees of dead whales washing up. On April 18th a dead killer whale had been discovered near Fort Bragg in Mendocino County. On April 24th two dead whales also washed up on a beach in Santa Cruz County, one being a full-grown 40-foot gray whale, while the other a 23-foot yearling displaying injuries from a killer whale attack. The locals in Pacifica have come across the remains of two whales at two different times. On April 14th they found a 48 foot sperm whale and on May 4th, a 42-foot female humpback had been found in the area.

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Post Ignorance with Kevin Blanch: American Propaganda, TPP & The Old World Order

from kevin blanch:


Central Bank Caught Lying

by Philippe Gastonne, The Daily Bell:

Bank of England officials are secretly researching the financial shocks that could hit Britain if there is a vote to leave the European Union in the forthcoming referendum.

The Bank blew its cover on Friday when it accidentally emailed details of the project – including how the bank intended to fend off any inquiries about its work – direct to the Guardian.mAccording to the confidential email, the press and most staff in Threadneedle Street must be kept in the dark about the work underway, which has been dubbed Project Bookend. MPs are now likely to ask whether the Bank intended to inform parliament that a major review of Britain’s prospects outside the EU was being undertaken by the institution that acts as the UK’s main financial regulator. – The Guardian, May 22, 2015

We are not at all surprised that the Bank of England or any other central bank would lie about its activities. Having their own documents prove they are lying is unusual, however. This might have been a major embarrassment for the BOE, but the financial media either missed the point or chose not to highlight it. A Bloomberg report on the same leak didn’t even mention BOE’s plan to keep media in the dark. The Wall Street Journal  story wasn’t much better.

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New Data Suggests Biblical Jubilee Begins End Times Sept ’15 to ’17

from Josh Tolley:

Are we living in the last days? Believers and non-believers are all feeling like something is about to give. Author exposes latest data to suggest perhaps people are right?!

INSANITY: Japan Wants to END Most Fukushima Evacuations by 2017

[Ed. Note: The situation at Fukushima is worse today than ever, and worsening by the day. And Abe wants to bring people back to the area like nothing ever happened. It’s pure insanity.]

from Reuters:

Japan’s ruling coalition will recommend lifting evacuation orders for most people forced from their homes by the Fukushima nuclear disaster within two years in a bid to speed up reconstruction, a draft proposal shows.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s party and its governing partner will also press local governments in the disaster zone to shoulder more of the reconstruction spending now being borne by central government, according to the draft seen by Reuters on Tuesday.

Thousands of Fukushima residents remain in temporary housing more than four years after a massive earthquake and tsunami triggered meltdowns, explosions and a plume of radiation into the air at Tokyo Electric Power Co’s Fukushima Daiichi plant in March, 2011.

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UM, A BIT SUSPICIOUS?! About A Dozen Blue Bell Ice Cream Trucks In A Military Convoy

from DAHBOO777:

The Euro is Over; The Austerity Rejected, What about the U.S.?

from LaRouche PAC:

Continuing reports indicate that the bankrupt euro is going down, and Greece is not the cause, although Greek default may be the trigger. The increasing panic over the looming Greek default, on the part of certain figures in the German and French government—and on the part of the Obama White House,—simply represents that they know the euro system is coming down. They cannot postpone the inevitable any longer. Greece simply means that Wall Street and London’s years of stalling, on writing off worthless debts on their books, is over. “Markets are illiquid!” they wail. No: Banking systems are insolvent. The euro collapse is all over Europe. A Greek website, DefenseNet, adds the punch yesterday, that $26.5 trillion in exchange-rate derivatives will blow out along with the euro.

Back on Feb. 18, EIR Founding Editor Lyndon LaRouche issued an international statement on what he called the “Greek debt swindle,” strongly supporting the position of the new Greek government. The statement showed that the 2012 “Greek bailout,” falsely so-called, had been the last great bailout of the London and euro-system banks.

“Looting does not constitute legitimate debt,” LaRouche said then.

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Economic Collapse Warnings Going Mainstream: World Drowning in Debt, Mass Default, Market Bloodbath

from Janssen Report:

Preparedness Pop Quiz: If you score less than 20 points on this, you’re probably already dead

by Mike Adams, Natural News:

At the risk of committing a horrible “truth crime” by writing words that ring true, I’ve penned this Preparedness Pop Quiz to help people figure out whether they have a shot at surviving what’s coming.

This is not presented with any sliver of an attempt at being polite about it. Anyone more concerned with being polite than being prepared is already dead anyway. My job is not to amuse you and entertain you; it’s to jolt some sense into you and maybe, just maybe, help a few more people attain the presence of mind that might get them through what’s coming.

What’s coming, exactly? Global economic turmoil, of course, as the era of “too big to fail” ends with the whimper of “too big to BAIL.” The social chaos that will be unleashed by the coming economic collapse will, as the U.S. government knows full well, set off an uncontrollable wave of urban riots, gang looting sprees, cascading business bankruptcies and desperate times for all the clueless masses. OF COURSE the military exercises taking place across U.S. cities this year are drills for domestic martial law. Only the delusional brainwashed masses who still believe the lamestream media think otherwise.

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