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Protocol X: POISON OF LIBERALISM [Coming Soon To A TARGET Store Near You]

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from David Dees,

Bill Still VS. Fractional Reserve MONEY MASTERS


Bill Still, producer of the legendary documentary ‘The Money Masters‘ is back and he has a fire in his belly. Bill has been following the Trump campaign and the 2016 elections so closely that he missed the news that silver has risen more than 25% year-to-date, while the mining stock ETF’s have nearly doubled. And Bill remains steadfast in his belief that FIAT currency issued BY the government is the answer to what ails us, NOT a gold-backed currency. Bill is very fired up about Donald Trump too, saying “He’s the only chance we’ve got.” We cover it all in this dynamic, and at times bombastic conversation. Thanks for tuning in!

As Gold & Silver RISE… Mining Shares SKYROCKET — Max Porterfield


Max Porterfield, the CEO and President of Callinex Mines, Inc joins me live from London where he took a break from a precious metals conference to call in. We discuss the gold and silver market, cartel manipulation laid bare and the skyrocketing price rise of precious metals mining shares. Thanks for listening.

US Treasuries Will Sink Into A Black Hole

by Egon von Greyerz, Gold Switzerland:

Investors around the world are blissfully ignorant of what will hit them in coming months and years. Virtually no one understands the risks in the world and less than ½% of investors have protected themselves against the destruction of their financial assets.

It is of course wonderful to live in Shangri-La and be totally seduced by governments magnificent injection of credit and printed money which creates eternal happiness and wealth. Many of us live in fantasyland where it is irrelevant if you work or not. If there is not enough money, your government will issue food stamps, rent subsidies or help you to buy the latest car on credit. And if the government runs out of money, it can always print some more. There is no limit to how many quadrillions the printing presses or the computers can manufacture. This is the wonderful Keynesian virtuous circle of unlimited deficit spending and debt. And just like in Shangri-La this goes on for ever. At least this is what Krugman and the central bankers believe.

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9/11 Commission Leaders Circle Wagons Around Their Legacy

by Brian P. McGlinchey, 28 Pages:

With the campaign to declassify 28 pages from a congressional inquiry moving ever closer to its goal, the chairmen and executive director of the 9/11 Commission are doing their best to discount the significance of the pages, which are said to illustrate damning ties between Saudi Arabia and 9/11.

In interviews, a formal statement and an op-ed piece, the three have cast doubt on the contents of the final, 28-page chapter of a 2002 congressional report.
Their aspersions can be reduced to two propositions:

Comparable to “preliminary police notes,” the 28 pages are a collection of “raw, unvetted material,” and were rendered obsolete after the 9/11 Commission fully investigated those and other leads and issued its own final conclusions.
Releasing the 28 pages in full could cast a shadow of guilt on individuals who, via the 9/11 Commission’s investigation, were later deemed innocent.

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House Of Cards Begins To Fall

from The Alex Jones Channel:

The Govt. of Saudi Arabia is threatening to destroy the United States economy if a bill is passed that will reveal Saudi involvement in the 9/11 Attacks. So why does Bush and Obama want the 28 Pages kept secret?

Gold “Chart of The Decade” – Maths Suggest $10,000 Per Ounce Says Rickards

from Goldcore, via Market Oracle:

James Rickards, economic and monetary expert, joined Bloomberg’s Francine Lacqua on Tuesday to discuss the gold “chart of the decade”, his new book “The New Case for Gold,” why gold is money and why gold is going to $10,000/oz in the coming years.

Francine generously acknowledged how Rickards was “bullish on gold for quiet some time and actually you have been proven right … it is the chart of the decade”. She said that this “has to do with inflation expectations, it has to do with currency but it is really at the end of the day just a haven so people pile into it – as much as they do yen …”

Jim responded that

“Gold is a form of money and not an investment. As money it competes with other kinds of money — the dollar, euro, yen etc.. They’re like horses going around a racetrack – place your bets but you have a subjective preference for money.

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MUST WATCH. On The Edge Of An Economic Meltdown: Gold & Silver Rip Higher – Gregory Mannarino

from Gregory Mannarino:

Yes, Hillary Clinton Is a Neocon

by Robert Parry, Lew Rockwell:

If there were any doubts that Hillary Clinton favors a neoconservative foreign policy, her performance at Thursday’s debate should have laid them to rest. In every meaningful sense, she is a neocon and – if she becomes President – Americans should expect more global tensions and conflicts in pursuit of the neocons’ signature goal of “regime change” in countries that get in their way.

Beyond sharing this neocon “regime change” obsession, former Secretary of State Clinton also talks like a neocon. One of their trademark skills is to use propaganda or “perception management” to demonize their targets and to romanticize their allies, what is called “gluing white hats” on their side and “gluing black hats” on the other.

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Quinton Hennigh Updates Novo Resources Projects

from JayTaylorMedia:

What Brexit Supporters Have Wrong About the Origins of the EU

from The Daily Bell:

The European Union always was an American project. It was Washington that drove European integration in the late 1940s, and funded it covertly under the Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon administrations. – Telegraph

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard is telling the truth again, or at least part of it, in this most recent column of his. But we find ourselves disagreeing with him on some important points.

More on that in a minute.

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Pro-Trump Hispanics Detail Racist Hate From Protestors

from TheAlexJonesChannel:

Taking the petro out of the dollar

by Alasdair Macleod, Gold Money:

Saudi Arabia has been in the news recently for several interconnected reasons. Underlying it all is a spendthrift country that is rapidly becoming insolvent.

While the House of Saud remains strongly resistant to change, a mixture of reality and power-play is likely to dominate domestic politics in the coming years, following the ascendency of King Salman to the Saudi throne. This has important implications for the dollar, given its historic role in the region.

Last year’s collapse in the oil price has forced financial reality upon the House of Saud. The young deputy crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, possibly inspired by a McKinsey report, aims to diversify the state rapidly from oil dependency into a mixture of industries, healthcare and tourism.

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Earthquakes, Solar Eruption, Snow Record | S0 News Apr.29.2016

from SuspiciousObservers:

The Smokescreen of Symbology

from Zen Gardner:

“Enlightenment is a destructive process. It has nothing to do with becoming better or being happier. Enlightenment is the crumbling away of untruth. It’s seeing through the facade of pretense. It’s the complete eradication of everything we imagined to be true.” – Adyashanti

It’s hard yet not hard to imagine how humanity has embraced religion and all its entrapments. Induced external belief systems that seem to take into account our innate hunger for spirituality abound on our co-opted, abducted planet. And underlying almost every religion are notions of symbolic worship in some form. This is a whole study in itself but nevertheless quite curious, yet understandably an easy focal point. And it’s been there since time immemorial.

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The Secret Crimes Of The Elite

from TheAlexJonesChannel:

Gold, Silver, and the US Dollar: 1792-1971

from GoldSeek:

In today’s musing, I review the history of gold, silver, and fiat currency as money in the United States of America. I document how various wars, panics and depressions, Congressional acts, and executive orders have affected the US dollar prices of precious metals and resulting gold-silver ratios.

This musing covers the period from 1792 when the United States government first established a national currency backed by gold and silver until August 1971 when Nixon floated the US dollar against gold and world currencies.

In a subsequent musing, I will document the record of gold-silver ratios in the floating fiat currency market from late 1971 to the present.

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Repressed Technologies & The ET Reality — Jay Weidner

from Jeff Rense:

WELL THAT ESCALATED QUICKLY: US Treasury Gives Explicit Warning To China, Germany And Japan Not To Devalue Their Currencies

from Zero Hedge:

“Treasury is creating a new “Monitoring List” that includes these economies: China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Germany. China, Japan, Germany, and Korea are identified as a result of a material current account surplus combined with a significant bilateral trade surplus with the United States. Taiwan is identified as a result of its material current account surplus and its persistent, one-sided intervention in foreign exchange markets. Treasury will closely monitor and assess the economic trends and foreign exchange policies of these economies.”

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Hidden Sugar And The Illusion of Variety

by J. D. Heyes, Natural News:

Supermarkets are one of the hallmarks of 20th (and now 21st) century American society. Many of us alive today cannot recall a time when we or our families went to open-air markets for our shopping, or harvested food from our own land; the supermarket has become ubiquitous. It’s easy to see that our food choices today are more expansive than they would have been in 1900, and if we hadn’t been brought up to expect such a colorful range of foods and food-packaging, we would be stunned by it. So many foods from around the world, available to us in one place, year-round. It’s amazing, but there is a deception within all this variety that deserves some attention: sugar is hiding everywhere, and it’s often not labeled as sugar.

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