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I received a document from Paychex today which is the administrator of one of my 401K accounts… and they have announced that they are going to move all cash in NON-government ‘Federated CASH Obligation’ money market accounts to ‘Federated Government Obligations‘.

Since my 401K money is invested in three different precious metals funds this announcement does not affect me, however it will impact many other unsuspecting would-be retirees who falsely believe that their money is “safe” and “liquid” in a money market account. This is the slippery slope into government forcing account holders to invest in government debt (Treasuries), and it’s exactly what we’ve been warning about. As for me, I’m going to roll that particular account over and away from the control of Paychex.

Dave Kranzler from Investment Research Dynamics joins me to dissect the document and to shed some light on the recent huge moves in silver.

THIS SYSTEM IS DEAD — Harley Schlanger


Harley Schlanger joins us for this inspirational discussion about the Brexit vote and the chaos that is having a very real, direct effect on the NWO globalist power structure and the City of London banksters. Harley says, the Brexit vote didn’t cause the chaos, it existed long before the vote. But Brexit does create “an opportunity for men of courage who have been speaking quietly behind the scenes to come forward and say THIS SYSTEM IS DEAD! We cannot reform it. We have to move out from under it.” And for the naysayers that claim this is all being done by design, Harley reports, “They’re seeing their whole system collapse… Some people will say, they want confusion, the want chaos. They have it. THEY HAD IT BEFORE THE BREXIT VOTE.” Visit Harley at to learn more.

This Is What Loretta Lynch Said When Cornered About Her Clinton Meeting

from ZeroHedge:

Having been forced to remove herself from the Hillary Clinton email probe, Loretta Lynch admitted that her shockingly ill-advised private meeting with Bill Clinton has “cast a shadow” over the investigations and questions on the meeting are “fair.” Her magnanimity was further expressed “I wouldn’t do it again,” while claiming that she had made the decision to ‘recuse’ herself days before her Bubba meeting.

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Trainloads of US Battle Tanks on the Move in Romania

from SuperStation95:

Two trainloads of U.S. M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tanks have been video recorded on-the-move inside Romania 4 days ago. Given the fact that the Romanian rail system is electric rather than diesel, the trainloads are relatively small, only about 18 tanks per train. But what is the US doing moving three dozen of its main battle tanks into Romania, right along the border with Russia?

Is the US girding for war?

What threat does Russia pose to Romania? Have there been threats by Russia to invade Romania? No.

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Terror in Istanbul and Russian Detente with Turkey — Are They Related?

from Rogue Money:

Forty two people are dead and at least 239 injured after three suspected ISIS terrorists opened fire and set off suicide blasts at Istanbul’s Attaturk international airport on June 28. The attack came just days after Turkey and Israel formally restored relations that had been damaged since the 2010 Gaza flotilla incident and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan formally apologized to Moscow for the death of a Russian SU-24 pilot shot down by the Turks last November. Naturally, given the timing plus the number ’50’ which came up after the Brexit in Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty reappearing in the digits 6+28+16 there has been widespread Turkish as well as Russian speculation that the terrorist attacks are a warning to Ankara not to get too friendly with either the Jewish State or especially, Russia and Iran.

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Silver Breaches Key Resistance, Soars To 21-Month Highs Against Gold

from ZeroHedge:

Silver is up over 11% in the last 6 days (the most since Aug 2013) since Britons decided to leave the sinking ship, pushing the white metal above the key $19.50 level – back to its highest since September 2014. Gold has been in great demand also, heading for its 5th straight weekly gain after its best start to a year since 1980 as one analyst noted “gold will remain one of the major beneficiaries in the current backdrop, as heightened volatility and lingering uncertainty will keep investors’ risk appetite in check.”

Silver’s recent surge has seen it play catch up to gold, now back at its ‘richest’ to gold since September 2014.

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DOUBLING Of Gold Price If Paper Manipulation Ends | David Kranzler

from FinanceAndLiberty:

How And Where Do You Store All Of Your Preps?

by Ken Jorgustin, Modern Survival Blog:

Wow, where do you keep all these things??? We own a house, but i think we would need a warehouse to store all the staff you suggest people keep!”

The quote above is one that I read now and again here on Modern Survival Blog’s comment section… It’s a great question and no doubt is an issue for many of you out there.

How and where do you store all your ‘stuff’? How creative do you get?

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from InfoWars:

A gun sold illegally “off-book” by a Phoenix gun owner as part of Operation Fast and Furious was used in the November terror attack in Paris, a source told Judicial Watch.

An agent from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) filed a Report of Investigation (ROI), tracking a gun used in the Paris attacks to a Phoenix gun owner who sold it illegally, the source said.

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Silver Breaks $18.50 – Skyrocket Coming? | David Morgan

from Reluctant Preppers:

Making The Case For $12,000 Gold & $360 Silver

by Steve St. Angelo, SRSRocco Report:

Global Financial Assets are more inflated and propped up than ever.  According to the most recent figures published by The City UK Fund Report, total Global Conventional Assets under management topped $105 trillion in 2014.  That’s one hell of a lot of future PAPER CLAIMS.

Unfortunately for most investors, the majority of these supposed assets will evaporate into thin air from where-ith they came.  Bubbles were designed for children to make and play with… not meant for adults to use in the financial industry.

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Podcast: Brexit Was Just The Beginning

from Dollar Collapse:

Expect the UK to drop out of the headlines as it chooses new leaders and untangles itself from the EU. The big news going forward will be the trend Brexit started, as other European countries consider their own variations on the “leave” theme — with all that that implies for interest rates, bank stocks and general financial instability. Fascinating and terrifying year ahead.

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The UN Will Soon Control Food Distribution In America with Devastating Results

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

A string of coincidences occurred, yesterday, to produce some undeniable conclusions which could very well have very dire consequences for millions of Americans.

Using Food As a Weapon

Since 2011, I have noted that it is likely that at some critical juncture, Obama will use food as a weapon against an uncooperative population. My previous conclusion was based largely on the content of Executive Order (EO) 13603.

Coupled with this knowledge, The Common Sense Show has learned the following approximately 5 months ago:

Jade Helm is back and it is back and it is back with a vengeance. Jade Helm 15 has morphed into Unconventional Warfare Exercise 16 (UWEX 16).

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Brexit Hurts Germany More Than UK. Mike ‘Mish’ Shedlock – June 30, 2016

from Talk Digital Network:

Italian Banks May Dip Into Customers Accounts.

Media Silent as Concealed Carrier Stops Mass Shooting in Progress at a South Carolina Nightclub

by Jay Syrmopoulos, The Free Thought Project:

Lyman, SC – A remarkable incident is being largely ignored by corporate mainstream media – as it doesn’t fit their “guns are bad” narrative. A man with a concealed carry license stopped a mass shooting in progress outside a South Carolina nightclub in the early morning hours on Sunday after an assailant opened fire in a crowed of people, striking and injuring three people.

Jody Ray Thompson, 32, faces multiple attempted murder charges stemming from the incident, according to Spartanburg County deputies. None of the victims’ injuries were life-threatening, according to police.

“His rounds struck 3 victims, and almost struck a fourth victim, who in self-defense, pulled his own weapon and fired, striking Thompson in the leg,” Lt. Kevin Bobo said.

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Italy Granted “Extraordinary ” €150BN Bank Bailout Program To Prevent “Panic, Run On Deposits”

from ZeroHedge:

As we noted today, the rumors of an Italian bank bailout, which started on Monday morning, and were promptly shot down by Merkel the next day, got louder after a Reuters report that the Italian government is considering more creative ways to inject liquidity into Italy’s banks. However that was just an appetizer to a main course, which came later today when as the WSJ reported citing a spokeswoman for the European Union’s executive arm that the “European Commission has authorized Italy to use government guarantees to create a precautionary liquidity support program for their banks.”

How did this happen so quietly under the table and without Merkel’s blessing? WSJ says that the program was approved under the bloc’s “extraordinary crisis rules for state aid.”

And here we thought that Italy’s banks are actually doing so very well. Oh wait, no we didn’t.

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EXPOSED! Federal Reserve Using Major Banks To Directly Prop Up Stocks. By Gregory Mannarino

from Gregory Mannarino:


by Joshua Krause, The Daily Sheeple:

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has had a lot to say on immigration in recent years. He has supported President Obama’s executive orders on immigration as well as Germany’s liberal refugee policy, and has been highly critical of Donald Trump’s border wall idea.

And when he criticized Donald Trump, he wasn’t just scoffing at the wall. He seems to have disdain for the very notion of national borders and immigration restrictions. Here’s what he said on the matter last April:

“I hear fearful voices calling for building walls and distancing people they label as others. For blocking free expression, for slowing immigration, reducing trade, and in some cases around the world even cutting access to the internet. It takes courage to choose hope over fear. People will always call you naive but it’s this hope and this optimism that’s behind every important step forward.”

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14 Signs The World Is On The Verge Of Generational Chaos

by John Maudlin, The Burning Platform:

It is one of the great ironies of life that each generation believes its experiences are unique. The reality is that we have seen this movie before—with different actors, plot twists, and technological advancements.

The basic plot seems to push along a hauntingly familiar path.

In 1997, Neil Howe and William Strauss introduced the concept of Fourth Turning. They divided the population into four generational archetypes: Hero, Artist, Prophet, and Nomad. (read more about the archetypes and their characteristics here)

Each generation consists of people who were born and came of age at the same period in history. They had similar experiences and thus gravitated toward similar attitudes.

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