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Andy Hoffman from Miles Franklin is back to document the global economic collapse for the final week of July, 2015.

With September looming, a month in which many have predicted the great collapse will begin in earnest, Andy and I cover the current state of affairs – as the global economic situation deteriorates. First on the menu, the Chinese stock markets where despite $800 Billion in overt government intervention in the past month the bubble continue to burst, causing ripple effects which are beginning to be felt globally.

We also cover the current state of the PHYSICAL metals markets, “As we speak we are at record demand, we’re at record deliveries of physical gold around the world and inventories everywhere from the Comex to the Shanghai Exchange to the GLD etf are vanishing. In silver it’s beyond ridiculous, the US Mint keeps running out of silver. The perfect storm is hitting precious metals and the powers that be are doing everything in their power to kick the can that last mile,” says Andy.

We also cover other critical news items from around the world including the never ending Fukushima nightmare, the secret UK government plan to unleash 5,000 armed soldiers on city streets, the rise of Donald Trump, and the fall of Abenomics.

What is the Alternative Media?

from corbettreport:

64 Nations Say No to GMO, Yet US Govt Nears Illegal GMO Labeling

by Christina Sarich, Natural Society:

The WHO has already declared that five of the major chemical herbicides used to grow GMO crops are either likely or definitely cancerous, yet the USA still makes secret trade deals that would allow biotech to push their genetically modified ‘food’ on Americans who don’t want to eat it.

Our right to know if we are even eating GMO crops is being taken away via legislation known as the Deny Americans the Right to Know Act (DARK) act. (This is officially known as the ‘Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act.)

More than 60 countries have already passed mandatory GMO labeling laws, and many will ban GMO crops altogether this year if they haven’t already. You can see a great map of these GM labeling bans here.

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The Government’s GDP “Estimate” = “Grotesquely Deceptive Propaganda”

by Dave Kranzler, Investment Research Dynamics:

I guess the new policy regarding the presentation of economic data that has been implemented by the Obama Government is, “if you don’t the results the first time around, make shit up to make it look better the second time.” After all the media will zero in on the newly fabricated statistics and that will become the Orwellian Truth. Besides, the public doesn’t care.”

Immediately after the release of the headline GDP report, Reuters released a news report headlined: “U.S. believes no structural issues in GDP data construction” – LINK. It’s like symphonic orchestration. Release a fraudulent economic report and follow it right up with a news report from Reuters which affirms the “validity” of the report, using Government statisticians as the source of information. And Americans accuse the Chinese and Russians of issuing propaganda based on fraud?

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Jade 2.0- Killer Robots? Mastering the Human Domain with AI-Dave Hodges

from Sheila Zilinsky:

China’s 1929 moment

by Alasdair Macleod, GoldMoney:

Anyone with a nose for markets will tell you that the Chinese government’s attempt to rescue the country’s stock markets from collapse is far from succeeding.

Bubbles collapse, period; and government interventions don’t stop them. Furthermore, we are beginning to see a crack widen in the foundations of China’s capital markets that could end up undermining the whole economy.

Since the government owns the banking system, some of the knock-on effects will doubtless be concealed. A consequence for China is that domestic financial instability could threaten her current plans for the international development of her currency. Here the timing couldn’t be worse, because in a few months the IMF is due to announce its decision about the inclusion of the renminbi in the SDR*. The odds were in favour of China succeeding in this quest, on the basis that China was deemed to have fulfilled the necessary conditions, and the IMF itself has been supportive.

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Ted Butler – Price Takers and Price Makers

from Gold Silver Worlds:

In the world of basic commodities nearly every market participant, whether a producer or consumer, is a price taker, accepting the general price level prevailing at the time. For example, the individual consumer of gasoline has little choice but to take the price at the pump or go elsewhere. Same with corporate consumers like airlines and other transportation entities. They can hedge and fix their costs, but that hedging must be based upon current prevailing prices. Even large producers like the oil companies must take what prices the market provides, although the largest oil producers, like Saudi Arabia, could set (make) oil prices if it wanted to (at least temporarily).

That’s the way it is and should be with world commodities – 99.9% of all consumers and producers are price takers, that is, accepting whatever the prevailing price happens to be.

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Judge May Jail IRS Head

from Bill Still:

More Evidence Clearly Showing the Midland Walmart Is Transforming Into a FEMA Camp Detention Center

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

A few weeks ago, I was professionally and personally attacked by a would-be-journalist from Big Spring, Texas. In her scathing article, the world was told that there is nothing to Jade Helm and there is nothing unusual going on at the Midland, TX. Walmart. The thrust of the allegations was based on the fact that I dared to use an unnamed source to substantiate my claims that the Midland Walmart was more than likely going to be used as a detention center. The fact is, that I did have outside verification of the some of the claims made by my insider, and unnamed source who called himself “Watcher”. Almost two months later, more evidence has surfaced to support the claims first made on June 2, 2015 that the Walmart in Midland is up to no good and every American should be calling attention to these kinds of activities because this Walmart poses a clear and present danger to many Americans. They certainly are not fixing plumbing issues, but clearly someone is completely full of crap.

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Miracle Garlic Soup Recipe – 100 Times More Effective Than Antibiotics

by Anna McPhee, Natural News:

A study from Washington University has shown that garlic is up to 100 times more efficient than popular antibiotics in combating diseases.

Day by day, people increasingly have faith in natural remedies. Antibiotics are not always effective, as viruses and bacteria may become more and more resistant. The main chemical allicin in garlic has ability to fight these viruses, and it is not affected by the mutations of the new bacteria and viruses.

Garlic is considered to be helpful in preventing heart diseases, lowering the cholesterol and preventing blockage of blood vessels.

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12 Natural Ways to Remedy Sleep Disorders

from Ready Nutrition:

Hey there, Ready Nutrition Readers, did you get a good night’s rest? Artistic license or stylistic endeavor aside, this author is firmly convinced that Poe was nuts. Although such an assertion is probably true, he never really clarified the aforementioned quote; therefore, it is an utterance. He probably meant that his visions (so aptly transcribed into tales, aided with opiates) were in his sleep, tormenting him. Yes, he was nuts. Sleep is ordinarily a very pleasant and useful function in our life cycle.

The information in this article is meant to serve as an introduction to sleep disorders; this article’s purpose is to prepare the reader with useful background and basic information that may help. The information presented herein is strictly for informational purposes only and is not meant to diagnose, treat, or prescribe any condition or action for anyone. Only a qualified, licensed, certified, approved physician can do such. Prior to taking any actions or utilizing any information set down in this article, please discuss it with your family doctor.

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Keiser Report: Solutions to World Economy

from RT:

(E790) In this double-header special episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss whether or not there is such a thing as post-capitalism, whether or not we are actually in this phase and examine the solutions to the multiple crises of neoliberal capitalism.

Why Social Security Could Be Bankrupt In 12 Years

by David Stockman, Contra Corner:

The so-called “trustees” of the social security system issued their annual report last week and the stenographers of the financial press dutifully reported that the day of reckoning when the trust funds run dry has been put off another year—-until 2034.

So take a breath and kick the can. That’s five Presidential elections away!

Except that is not what the report really says. On a cash basis, the OASDI (retirement and disability) funds spent $859 billion during 2014 but took in only $786 billion in taxes, thereby generating $73 billion in red ink.  And by the trustees’ own reckoning, the OASDI funds will spew a cumulative cash deficit of $1.6 trillion during the 12-years covering 2015-2026.

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Where Has All the Gold Gone? | Bix Weir

from Reluctant Preppers

California Drought May Wipe Whole Towns off the Map

from The Daily Sheeple:

People build cities and towns in many different regions on Earth, and for many different reasons. We seek out places that are easy to build our homes on, provide security, have an abundance of resources, or have easy access to neighboring communities. In the modern world however, many of our basic necessities are available no matter where we live, and it’s easy for us to take for granted the one resource that really matters. That resource is water of course, and if you don’t have it where you live, then all of the other advantages that might be found in your community’s location, are completely negated.

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ANGRY PAUL VOLCKER: “LOOK I TOLD YOU, I’m Not Concerned About the Lack of Liquidity in the Bond Market, One Bit.”

There is such a thing as TOO MUCH liquidity!” — Former Fed Chair Paul Volcker

from CNBC, via Zero Hedge: