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The Financial RESET & Triple Digit SILVER — CEO Keith Neumeyer


Keith Neumeyer, the outspoken and courageous CEO of First Majestic Silver and Chairman of First Mining Finance joins me to dissect the obscene levels of precious metals manipulation by the international banking cabal. Neumeyer has led the charge to expose the manipulation of silver via the paper markets and in 2014 suggested that silver mining companies ban together to form their own OPEC style “cartel” and withhold PHYSICAL silver production from the market. However, to date NOT ONE other mining CEO has had the will, tenacity or courage to join Neumeyer or even respond to him in any way. Mr. Neumeyer has since joined Ted Butler and GATA’s efforts to get the CFTC to take action to put an end to the criminality on the Comex as it relates to the manipulation of silver’s price.

Wealth is moving from West to East… The world is changing and people need to be aware of that change in order to protect themselves and I think having precious metals in their portfolio is critical.” – Keith Neumeyer

Mr. Neumeyer joins us today to discuss all of these issues and much more. Thanks for tuning in.

How Campus Feminism Infantilizes Women

from ReasonTV:

Homeland Security: Give Transgender Illegal Alien Detainees Their Choice of ‘Undergarments’

by Susan Jones, CNSnews:

After six months of study, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, a division of the Department of Homeland Security, has issued new guidelines on how to care for transgender illegal aliens who end up in detention facilities, awaiting possible deportation.

The goal of the Transgender Care Memorandum is to provide a “respectful, safe and secure environment for all detainees, including those individuals who identify as transgender.”

Among the questions to be asked of men who identify as women or vice-versa: “Do you prefer to wear male or female clothing?” “Are there any specific clothing items (e.g. undergarments) that you need that you have not been provided?”

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Are The Neocons Embracing Al-Qaeda?

from RonPaulLibertyReport:

Trial balloons have been floated in various publications that to defeat both ISIS and Assad in Syria, we have to re-think our animosity toward al-Qaeda. Will we once again be taken for a ride down fantasy lane by the neocons?

PETER SCHIFF: Not Much Difference Between U.S. and Greece

from Peter Schiff:

Bought-Off California Lawmakers Approve SB 277 Mandatory Vaccination Law

by Ethan A. Huff, Natural News:

Health freedom advocates are rallying to stop California Governor Jerry Brown from signing into law Senate Bill 277, which threatens to eliminate the freedom of parents to opt their children out of vaccines for personal or philosophical reasons. Reports indicate that SB 277 has passed through the California legislature, despite massive public outcry, and is now being sent to Gov. Brown’s office for final consideration.

But the bill’s passage is not necessarily a done deal, which means now is the time to turn up the heat and let your voices be heard on this crucial issue. Parents, health freedom advocates and others who oppose medical tyranny need to flood Gov. Brown’s office with letters and phone calls informing him that Californians won’t be bullied into surrendering their freedom of medical choice to the state.

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Goldman Sachs Doesn’t Have Clean Hands in Greece Crisis

by Pam Martens and Russ Martens, Wall Street on Parade:

Are Goldman Sachs executives Lloyd Blankfein, Gary Cohn and Addy Loudiadis losing any sleep over elderly pensioners waiting outside shuttered banks in Greece, desperately trying to obtain their pension checks to pay their rent and buy food? Are these Goldman honchos feeling a small pang of conscience over the humiliation by creditors of this once proud country? Perhaps Blankfein, who famously espoused that he’s “doing God’s work” might shed a tear or two for the small child clinging to her elderly Grandmother’s hand as she searches in Athens for an ATM that will give her $66 from her bank account – the maximum allowed per day under the newly imposed capital controls.

According to investigative reports that appeared in Der Spiegel, the New York Times, BBC, and Bloomberg News from 2010 through 2012, Blankfein, now Goldman Sachs CEO, Cohn, now President and COO, and Loudiadis, a Managing Director, all played a role in structuring complex derivative deals with Greece which accomplished two things: they allowed Greece to hide the true extent of its debt and they ended up almost doubling the amount of debt Greece owed under the dubious derivative deals.

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Next Phase Of The Globalists Takeover Revealed

from TheAlexJonesChannel:

Central Bank Lies & Consequences

by Philippe Gastonne, The Daily Bell:

Fractional reserve banking is intrinsically dishonest. Bankers promise depositors instant access to their money, even as they lend that same money to unrelated persons. The depositor agreement is a contract the bank knows it cannot possibly fulfill.

This pyramid-scheme business model would be unsustainable without the backstop of a central bank as “lender of last resort.” Bank runs are (theoretically) impossible if the central bank does its job.

The European Central Bank is failing one of its member countries this week. Greek banks are closed after the ECB cut off funding over the weekend. Depositors drained ATM machines in a vivid illustration of the very behavior the ECB is supposed to stop.

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Friendly Spying: Wikileaks Reveals NSA ‘Economic Espionage’ of French Companies

from RT:

Greece Becomes First Developed Country To Default To The IMF

from Zero Hedge:

And just as promised earlier in the week, Greece has now passed the midnight deadline for repayment of the €1.6 billion bundled loans due to the IMF and in thus in default.

Yes we are fully aware that using the pejorative term ‘default’ makes us members of the ignorati, but what else do you call it when you fail to pay back a contracted debt in a timely fashion? (and don’t say ‘arrears’) Anything else is semantics.


“I can also confirm that the IMF received a request today from the Greek authorities for an extension of Greece’s repayment obligation that fell due today, which will go to the IMF’s Executive Board in due course,” IMF spokesman Gerry Rice says in e-mailed statement.

This is the first time an advanced economy has defaulted to The IMF and is by far the largest default The IMF has ever faced.

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This Great Unwind Will Be Catastrophic As The Grand Deception Of The Masses Continues

from Kingworldnews:

The central banks and their various allies go into overdrive to control all key markets in order to not let things get out of hand and possibly result in a public loss of confidence. Unfortunately for all of us they have absolutely no solutions to the problems that the world now faces. So things will just continue to deteriorate until we reach the stage where they control everything. At that point the Great Unwind begins in earnest.

There are many situations today for which there are no palatable solutions. The current chaos centers on the certainty that GREXIT is on the way. The overall ramifications of what will transpire are not fully known, but one thing we know for sure is that the outcome will be extremely disruptive. This process will be very dangerous for a world financial scene which is horrifically over-levered. And I say that without even factoring in the derivative issue, which will ultimately prove to be catastrophic.

John Embry Continues @ King World News

DONE DEAL: Greece DEFAULTS on IMF Payment Despite Last-Minute Overtures

from Reuters:

Greece made last-minute overtures to its international creditors for financial aid on Tuesday, but it was not enough to save the country from becoming the first developed economy to default on a loan with the International Monetary Fund.

The left-wing Greek government had asked European partners for a two-year aid package to cover its financing needs. Later on Tuesday, Greece’s Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis indicated on a call with European counterparts that Athens might scrap a controversial July 5th referendum if a deal was reached, according to euro zone sources.

The flurry of diplomacy was an attempt to bring creditors back into talks after five months of inconclusive negotiations brought Greece close to leaving the euro currency bloc.

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GUEST POST: Was the Greek Development Already “in the Market”? […NOPE!!!]

by Bill Holter, SGT

Now that we know Greece will default, where do things go from here? Before getting to that very tough question (with no concrete answers), I would ask another stinging question. “Was a Greek default really “already in the market”? I have to chuckle just a little as Zerohedge did an article quoting many “talking heads” who as of last Friday were still doing their best Bruce Willis imitations and advising “come out to the coast, we’ll have a BLAST”! How Could The “Greek Experts” Be So Wrong?

As I questioned last week, a Greek default and Eurozone exit was in no way already factored into the market …unless you believe today’s carnage is a result of Puerto Rico ‘fessing up to their bankruptcy!

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Charging Hazard, LA He3 Vent | S0 News June 30, 2015

from SuspiciousObservers:

US Admits Paying Terrorists For Services Rendered In Syria

by Brandon Turbeville, Activist Post:

When researchers such as myself have reported that the United States is funding al-Qaeda, Nusra, ISIS and other related terror organizations in Syria, we were not kidding. Still, despite the fact that even the U.S. government itself has admitted that it was funding terroristsdirectly and indirectly through Saudi Arabia, the suggestion was met with disbelief, ridicule, or either entirely ignored.

Now, however, the United States government has admitted that it funds terrorists on the ground in Syria yet again, this time placing an individual dollar amount on the assistance provided.

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