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Are You Better Off This Thanksgiving Than You Were Last Thanksgiving?

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:

Are you in better shape financially than you were last Thanksgiving?  If so, you should consider yourself to be very fortunate because most Americans are not.  As you chow down on turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce this Thursday, please remember that there are millions of Americans that simply cannot afford to eat such a meal.  According to a shocking new report that was just released by the National Center on Family Homelessness, the number of homeless children in the U.S. has reached a new all-time high of 2.5 million.  And right now one out of every seven Americans rely on food banks to put food on the table.  Yes, life is very good at the moment for Americans at the top end of the income spectrum.  The stock market has been soaring and sales of homes worth at last a million dollars are up 16 percent so far this year.  But most Americans live in a very different world.  The percentage of Americans that are employed is about the same as it was during the depths of the last recession, the quality of our jobs continues to go down, the rate of homeownership in America has fallen for seven years in a row, and the cost of living is rising much faster than paychecks are.  As a result, the middle class is smaller this Thanksgiving than it was last Thanksgiving, and most Americans have seen their standards of living go down over the past year.

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How Would You Feel, as a Swiss or German citizen, if You’d Witnessed This?

Emergency Post!

from The Wealth Watchman:

Hello, brothers, I’m sitting here writing an article, when I hadn’t intended on posting anything for several more days, yet I must!(I just can’t help myself!)  Something big has just happened, and its potential ramifications are staggering, not just for the gold and silver community, but for entire world financial system.

Today comes the surprise announcement that the Dutch National Bank, has just finished repatriating 122 tonnes of gold from the New York Federal Reserve!

This is unreal, and not for the reason many are thinking.

Now, this is a fairly shocking thing, because, as we know that for several years now, Germany has been begging, “pretty please, can we have a few scraps of our gold back” to the exact same group of Fed bankers, only to be told:

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from SGT

Food inflation is raging, Ukaraine’s gold is gone its central bank now admits (stolen and sent to the United States), and the Swiss will soon vote on whether or not to turn back to gold and Sovereignty as the war against the Banksters and their soulless fiat money machine continues.

As Miles Franklin’s Andy Hoffman puts it, “Across the board there’s a war being fought for the physical gold that’s around and for the mental mind share of the world as they seek to remember thousands of years of history up against a short term propaganda and money printing scheme that is clearly in its final stages… Look what’s happening to the currencies around the world – All of them! The average BRICS currency is down 60% in the last three years since the money printing really took off and there’s inflation everywhere in the system. And now we’re seeing succession movements.”

Game on.

Why Gold Should Rise And Exceed Previous Highs

from Gold Silver Worlds:

Are Russia and Europe buying more gold? Will the Swiss vote ‘yes’ in its gold referendum?

Is there a chance for QE4? Peter Schiff is on Kitco News to comment on some of the most recent headlines surrounding the gold market and also to share his thoughts on the U.S. economy. The Euro Pacific CEO says the U.S. recovery isn’t real and adds that the dollar is only strong because all other currencies are weak.

About the dollar’s prospects:

The dollar isn’t really strong, it’s just that temporarily other currencies are weaker. I think people are worried about the yen, they’re worried about the euro, and so the dollar wins by default. They say, ‘Well it’s the cleanest shirt in the hamper.’ But it’s actually not. It’s actually the dirtiest shirt in there, people just don’t appreciate that yet. It’s only because the euphoric effects of our last round of QE haven’t worn off yet.

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Top Secret Gold Repatriation – Mike Maloney

from Mike Maloney:

Was GLD Gold Moved To The Dutch Central Bank?

by Dave Kranzler, Investment Research Dynamics:

In a move that is much more significant and relevant than the Chinese interest rate cut news, it was revealed that Netherland’s Central Bank repatriated 120 tonnes of gold this year.   The move was accounted for as a transfer of gold from the NY Fed to De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB).   I say “accounted for”  because I believe it is highly likely that the physical transfer took place from the GLD custodial vaults to the DNB.   Here’s the article:   LINK.

I think this also explains the 33 tonnes of gold that the U.S. military airlifted out of Ukraine:  Original SourceTranslated Version. (“Jesse” of Jesse’s Cafe Americain reminded about the Ukraine gold)

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Why Do We Allow Ukraine’s Government to Write the Official Report on The Downing of MH17?

from Washington’s Blog:

There are only two suspects in the shoot-down of the MH17 Malaysian airliner over Ukraine on July 17th: the separatist rebels, whom the Ukrainian Government charge had shot it down mistaking it for one of the Ukrainian Air Force bombers that routinely drop bombs onto the separatists and their families and indiscriminately onto everyone else in that region; or otherwise the Ukrainian Air Force itself, as a means for President Obama to be able to win increased international sanctions against Russia for Russia’s support of those blamed rebels.

That’s it, and that’s all.

One of these two suspects, the Ukrainian Government, was granted by the other three member-states of the official MH17 ‘investigating’ commission, a veto-power over anything that’s written into that ‘investigating’ report.

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The Truth About The American Empire

from TruthNeverTold:

Dave Kranzler Explains Why Kitco’s PM Prices Are NOT Spot Prices

from Silver Doctors:


PM fund manager Dave Kranzer joins us this week for a power packed show discussing: 

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Tennessee moves to sue Obama over amnesty

from Ben Swann:

On Friday, in response to President Obama’s plan to take executive action on illegal immigration reform, two Tennessee legislators are filing a Joint Resolution requesting Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam (R) file a lawsuit against the Obama Administration on behalf of the state.

“Article II of the United States Constitution is explicitly clear on the powers vested within the Executive Branch. President Obama lacks the authority to execute even the slightest change in policy. The Constitution delegates President Obama the power to make suggestions concerning policy and nothing more,” said State Representative Andy Holt (R- Dresden) Thursday night after President Obama delivered a prime-time speech announcing his plan of action. “Anything beyond making suggestions is an illegal usurpation of undelegated power, and we simply cannot allow it to go unchecked.”

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MH17 FALSE FLAG COVERUP: Dutch Government REFUSES to Reveal ‘SECRET DEAL’ Into MH17 Crash Probe

[Ed. Note: Huh. And now the Dutch have gotten 122 TONS of their gold back from the FED. Convenient. And very suspicious.]

from RT:

The Dutch government has refused to reveal details of a secret pact between members of the Joint Investigation Team examining the downed Flight MH17. If the participants, including Ukraine, don’t want information to be released, it will be kept secret.

The respected Dutch publication Elsevier made a request to the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice under the Freedom of Information Act to disclose the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) agreement, along with 16 other documents. The JIT consists of four countries – the Netherlands, Belgium, Australia and Ukraine – who are carrying out an investigation into the MH17 disaster, but not Malaysia. Malaysian Airlines, who operated the flight, has been criticized for flying through a war zone.

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Five Ugly Decades of Middle-Class Wages in America

from Wolf Street:

Here’s a perspective on personal income for production and nonsupervisory private employees going back five decades. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has been collecting data on this workforce cohort since 1964. The government numbers provide some excellent insights on the income history of what we might think of as the private middle class wage earner.

The first snapshot shows the growth of average hourly earnings. The nominal data exhibits a relatively smooth upward trend.

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MH17 Coverup

by Stephen Lendman, sjlendman:

On July 17, Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 crashed near Donetsk. En route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. Killing all 283 passengers. Plus 15 crew members.

At the time, Washington blamed Donbas self-defense forces. Claiming a Russian-supplied Buk surface-to-air missile fired from territory they controlled.

Moscow blamed Ukraine. The Dutch Safety Board launched an investigation. Issuing a preliminary September 9 report. A final one to come later.

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Clinton Linked to Fake Fort Knox Gold?

from BackToConstitution:

All-Out War in Ukraine: NATO’s ‘Final Offensive’

by Prof. James Petras, Global Research:

There are clear signs that a major war is about to break out in Ukraine: A war actively promoted by the NATO regimes and supported by their allies and clients in Asia (Japan) and the Middle East (Saudi Arabia). The war over Ukraine will essentially run along the lines of a full-scale military offensive against the southeast Donbas region, targeting the breakaway ethnic Ukraine- Russian Peoples Republic of Donetsk and Lugansk, with the intention of deposing the democratically elected government, disarming the popular militias, killing the guerrilla resistance partisans and their mass base, dismantling the popular representative organizations and engaging in ethnic cleansing of millions of bilingual Ukraino-Russian citizens. NATO’s forthcoming military seizure of the Donbas region is a continuation and extension of its original violent putsch in Kiev, which overthrew an elected Ukrainian government in February 2014.

The Kiev junta and its newly ‘elected’ client rulers, and its NATO sponsors are intent on a major purge to consolidate the puppet Poroshenko’s dictatorial rule. The recent NATO-sponsored elections excluded several major political parties that had traditionally supported the country’s large ethnic minority populations, and was boycotted in the Donbas region.

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Pastor Dowell – LIVE on The Liberty Brothers Radio Show

from NorthWestLibertyNews:

Asian Gold Traders Suspicious Of Recent “Turbo Steroid Moves”

from ZeroHedge:

It will come as no surprise to regular readers that gold (and silver) have suffered from ‘odd’ violent down-slams in the last few months but, as Bloomberg reports, those ‘sneak-attacks’ have become increasingly more prevalent during the thin illiquid hours of the Asia trading session. “It is unusual for Asia to be seeing these busy trading sessions,” notes one trader, adding that “consensus seems to be that there is a big increase in algorithmic and high-frequency trading in this time zone.” The trend began on Oct. 31, with gold futures falling $11 in a minute on nearly 9,000 lots (20x the norm) – all happening when the Chinese market is at lunch. As one Hong Kong precious metals trader remarked, “someone is utilising these thin trading volumes to get a turbo steroid move.”

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White House Trying To Use Immigration To Postpone The Economic Collapse

from X22 Report:

Episode 524

BUSTED: Federal Investigators May Have Recovered Lois Lerner’s “Lost” IRS e-mails

from Fox News:

Federal investigators have told Congress that they have recovered data that may include lost emails from one of the pivotal figures in the controversy over the Internal Revenue Service’s treatment of tea party groups, congressional aides said Friday.

Frederick Hill, a spokesman for Republicans who run the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, said the investigators said at a staff briefing Friday that they have recovered up to 30,000 emails to and from Lois Lerner.

A statement from Democrats and Republicans on the Senate Finance Committee was more measured. It said the investigators have recovered data that may include Lerner emails.

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FBI Arrests 2 New Black Panther Members Over Plot to Bomb Ferguson Protests!

from DAHBOO77:

ASK NOT FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS: Wall Street is Taking Over America’s Pension Plans

by Murtaza Hussain, The Intercept:

Coverage of the midterm elections has, understandably, focused on the shift in political power from Democrats toward Republicans. But behind the scenes, another major story has been playing out. Wall Street spent upwards of $300M to influence the election results. And a key part of its agenda has been a plan to move more and more of the $3 trillion dollars in unguarded government pension funds into privately managed, high-fee investments — a shift that may well constitute the biggest financial story of our generation that you’ve never heard of.

Illinois, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island all recently elected governors who were previously executives and directors at firms which managed investments on behalf of state pension funds. These firms are now, consequently, in position to obtain even more of these public funds. This alone represents a huge payoff on that $300M investment made by the financial industry, and is likely to result in more pension money going into investments which offer great benefits for Wall Street but do little for the broader economy.

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Breakthroughs In Nanotechnology — Dr. Richard Alan Miller

from Jeff Rense: